Two Tabby Tuesday

      39 Comments on Two Tabby Tuesday can I say?  This is what it is like when two alpha cats get together.  We were having a Roll Off to see which one of us alpha cats could make the best use of our catnip quilt.  Well let me tell you, but don’t tell Sister Zoe, I was impressed with how that little girl could roll.  But I wasn’t about to give up, I was going to show her that I could roll just as long as she could.  I was starting to wonder though just how long she could keep it up.  But I had a secret weapon of sorts, Dad.  Yep, he just happened to bring out the evil Dyson to do some fur sucking up and Sister Zoe ran.  Hehehe!  Some alpha cat!  Oh crap, her it comes…later!

Before I duck n’ run, there are two special Birthdays today and we would all like to say Happy Birthday to…

Jan from Jan’s Funny Farm


KC from the Sherwood Bunch & the Cat Blogosphere

We hope your special day is very special!!!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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39 thoughts on “Two Tabby Tuesday

  1. Marg

    You two are doing such a good job of Rolling around. And that Quilt looks like a terrific place to have a good roll. That is something our Donkeys love to do, roll around in the dirt, not the grass, the dirt. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Katie Isabella

    Ah…rolling. I love rolling and mom loves seeing any kitty roll. It’s all good. Xox

  3. Old Kitty

    Awwww beautiful Brian and adorable Sister Zoe!! Me and Charlie think you are both wonderful alpha kitties!! Yay!! Happy birthday to gorgeous Jan and lovely KC! Take care

  4. Kat

    Another great idea! A catnip quilt. I bet Spontaneous would love that idea.
    As always, I enjoy reading about your escapades. Nice to be able to catch up a little.
    Enjoy your lovely day.

  5. KimT

    Smart maneuver there, Brian…gotta keep that one in mind for future reference! Big birthday wishes to the honorees!!

  6. melody

    Hey Brian and Sister Zoe!! So nice to see you guys. Been too long. Looks like you two had a nice roll off together. I just wonder who won?? I think I already know!
    We’ve had a lot of life changing events going on in our lives lately..but we’re happy to say we are back to blogging once again.
    We love you guys,
    jude,poo,babybella,piper & marley

  7. CCL Wendy

    You are only slightly braver than your sister Zoey, Brian! Though when it comes to rolling you are definitely equals. I think there’s room for both an alpha male and an alpha female in the house — as long as all your sisters aren’t “A” types, that is!

  8. Mollie

    Hay Brian, You need another roll off, that wasn’t fair on sister Zoe 🙂 Take the plug off the dyson and yoooos gotta do it again. It looks so much fun. 🙂
    Big licks Mollie x

  9. Savannah NanaMo

    ah you guys! I just don’t get the nip thingy…sorry…it just grabs my attention for a couple of minutes, then nuttin’! Mom has orderd some silvervine…hoping I can find something that gets me acting wild and crazy!! MOL

  10. Abby

    Alright Brian you did fabulous and well Sister Zoe was a real trouper until the dreaded vroom machine came out.


  11. Devoted to Willow

    Brian you are not scared of the Dyson those machines would send most of us running that is good that you got the quilt through it was big to each take an edge of it for enjoyment.

  12. meowmeowmans

    Rolling sure is great, isn’t it Brian and Zoe? That evil Dyson always puts an end to the fun though, doesn’t it?

    We love Jan and KC, and went by to wish them both wonderful days full of happiness. 🙂

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