Trio Tuesday

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I just had to share this picture with you today. Sisters Gracie, Dolly and Sascha having a nice early morning whiff! Sister Gracie was thrilled since she doesn’t get too many whiff opportunities due to her asthma. Best of all those is that Sisters Dolly and Sascha were just letting Gracie enjoy it. None of the ferals were around so there were some birds in the bird bath and a few squirrels running around. All in all I think they are having a pretty good day!

Adopt cats, we deserve it!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrr! Zip! Later!



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49 thoughts on “Trio Tuesday

  1. Marg

    It has been such perfect weather especially for those window whiffins. Glad you are doing all right Gracie. You all have a really fun day and give your Dad an extra head bump for us. He is pretty special.

  2. Katie Isabella

    Oh it was wonderful seeing you three girls! Enjoy. Too cold here but I will know you are enjoying your whiffies.

  3. Hannah and Lucy

    We love seeing you ladies altogether getting window whiffies. We are pleased you are doing well Sister Gracie and enjoying the bird and squirrel entertainment.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Penelope

    Dear Brian and Sisters!
    I wanted to thank you for coming to my party! I hope we get lots of comments!!
    I also want to let you know we are taking a blogging break, Mommy says we will probably read everybody but she is really busy. She said it is always polite to let people know and I am always polite.

  5. CCL Wendy

    Such a terrific trio they are, too (or should I say three?)! Whiffing is one of life’s little, but very fulfilling pleasures. Dante is happy to see Sascha isn’t sneezing.

  6. Karen Jo

    That’s a great photo. I am glad that Gracie got her whiffies without any interference from her sisters. Whiffies are getting rare around here as the weather gets colder.


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