Tummy Thursday


We all had a great time at Meow Like A Pirate Day yesterday! It was fun to see all you pirates out n’ about. Sister Sascha had a terrific time with her Mancat Dante. I asked her if she had any message for Dante today and she said yes……

Thanks big guy…this tum is for you, you are one handsome pirate! I told Sascha she needed her tummy furs brushed, but she said Dante wouldn’t mind!

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11 years ago

That’s probably because she’s waiting for Dante to do the brushing!

Feeling Beachie - Hilary

Ok, I am a girl and not a cat… but if dante is anything like me he wont be able to resist that belly bell bell!


Sacha’s tummy would make a comfy pillow:)

11 years ago

Oh Sascha, shame on you showing off your belly furs to that handsome Dante. That is a mighty good picture. Hope all of you have a great day and get some of those good window wiffins. Take care.

The Island Cats
11 years ago

That is one floofy belly, Sascha. You should flaunt it more often!

Hannah and Lucy
11 years ago

We bet Dante is all of a quiver looking at your tummy floofs Sascha.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

11 years ago

That is one beautiful tum tum!

Whisker Patrol
11 years ago

I completely missed meow like a pirate day yesterday.Thankfully, everyday is meow day.

Michelle Pennington (@ShellePenn on Twitter)

What a great tummy, Sasha!! 🙂
We’d like to snuggle up with you!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

Random Felines
11 years ago

great tummy shot – she is just nicely rumpled is all!! 🙂

11 years ago

Wez bet Dante’s run to the fridge to coolz down 🙂 xx00xx MOL

Speedy Rabbit
11 years ago


Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
11 years ago

Sister Sascha, Dante is one lucky mancat!!!

11 years ago

What a lovely tummy, Sister Sascha! Not brushed tummy fur…we don’t mind either 🙂

11 years ago

It’s time for a snorgle!!!

Clarissa & Co.
11 years ago

Oh my! *sounding like George Takai* What a magnificent belly! Our mom is impressed! She wants to know Sascha enjoys tummy rubs! Our tummy raspberries! PFFFFFTTTT!!!

Glogirly & Katie
11 years ago

Oh the floof!!!!
The mancats are swooning!
xo, Katie & Glogirly

Great Granny
Great Granny
11 years ago

Pretty Sascha, you’re a lovely color with a beootiful floofy tummy.
xoxo Kassey

Eric and Flynn
11 years ago

That is a lovely tummy Sascha. We bet Dante likes the tousled look.

Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

We love Bailey!

Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

And Sascha’s lovley tummy 🙂 it’s so floffy!

11 years ago

Sascha we are sending you belly rubs.

Devoted to Willow
11 years ago

Sister Sascha knows that the power of the fluffy mussed tummy, Dante has probably fainted from the exposed tum,

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Tummy furs don’t need brushed, they need snorgled!

11 years ago

Sasha you make me feel seriously underdressed!! >^,,^<

11 years ago

That’s a great tummy!

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
11 years ago

Me and Charlie are too blinded by Sister Sascha’s golden beauty!! We have to go and lie down now!!
🙂 Take care

caren gittleman
11 years ago

ohhhh what a FLIRT she is! Look at that face and that tummy!! xoxo

Mr. Puddy
11 years ago

Dante is a very lucky furry boy !!!!
I bet he swoon badly ; )

prancer pie
11 years ago

Thanks fur the bellah shot, we needed it! *snorgle, snorgle*

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble)

Wow, I bet Dante completely swooned over that picture!


Noir the Texas Tabby
11 years ago

Uh, Sister Sascha….I’m a lonley boycat here in Texas….


Mark's Mews
11 years ago

Thats quite a tum! Dante is a lucky mancat…

Oui Oui
11 years ago

Meow Like a Pirate day is great fun, but we are glad to be back to our normal meows!

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101.com)

Dante is one lucky mancat!

11 years ago

A belly just waiting for a rub I think! 🙂
xo Catherine

Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie
11 years ago

HI Sascha! We think it was awfully nice of you to go up and say heoo to Precious when she ventured down the stairs. Maybe soon she won’t hiss and growl…?

Texas, a cat in New York

My human touched the screen to scratch Sascha’s tummy… this is SO embarrassing…