Cats, Dogs and Southern Fried Green Tomatoes in Greenville, SC


This past Saturday we were invited to an adoption event here in Greenville, SC. However, since I had a previously scheduled NipFest and was unable to attend, I sent my Dad to represent us at the event. The adoption event was held at Southern Fried Green Tomatoes, a fine eating establishment, and featured not one, but two animal adoption groups located here in the Upsate of South Carolina. Let me take just a minute to tell you about both groups.

Foster Paws Rescue is a non-profit group of animal lovers that seek to protect and provide for homeless dogs and cats in Greenville and surrounding counties. They dedicate their time and hearts to helping animals find loving homes and loving families. They do not have a physical shelter, instead they rely on a network of experienced foster homes to give the animals the one-on-one attention they deserve. Thanks to Diana Riglet, President of Foster Paws Rescue for inviting us to the event.

Greenville County Animal Care Services operates a full service, open admission animal shelter facility that serves Greenville County residents and their pets. They do not turn anyone away. They take in over 20,000 homeless and forgotten pets every year and work with many local animal welfare agencies to provide intake, adoption, spay-neuter, pet wellness services, fostering and humane education. They also offer a low cost spay and neuter program to help those of us helping feral cats. Thanks to Susan Bufano, Community Relations Coordinator, for breaking away from the hectic pace to spend a few minutes explaining the wonderful services.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the crowds were consistant and filled with enthusiasm, and needless to say, the dogs and cats were purrfect!

Susan Bufano was quite busy making sure that everything was complete for the many adoptions taking place.

Here is one of the lucky pups that found that special forever home and is just waiting for the paperwork to be completed.

Local radio personality Bob Levy not only continually promoted the event, he came, he saw, he adopted…a puppy!


 This little one was stepping right up to make sure that everyone knew that a forever home was at the top of his wish list.


And look at these little ones, so cute and so hopeful that someone will be looking just for them. How can you not fall in love with those sweet faces?

The event was fabulous and thanks again for inviting us to be a part of it! Adopt cats and dogs, we deserve it!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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11 years ago

I do hope they all find forever homes, what a fantastic event..Those kitties are so cute 🙂 xx00xx
Mollie and Alfie

Feeling Beachie - Hilary

I am in love with those faces… I hope they find a forever home soon… What an amazing event… I am so happy for all the lucky cats and dogs that left that day with a family…

Speedy Rabbit
11 years ago

A good cause and a great day out,lets hope all will find forever homes

11 years ago

Great work, everyone! We think that it’s great how everyone is working together to help the animals. 🙂

11 years ago

That sure sounds like a wonderful event. How terrific that many dogs and cats found their forever homes. Good stuff. Take care.

11 years ago

Great jobs by both shelters. We’ll hope every cat and dog finds a new home this year.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
11 years ago

What a fab event!! Awwwww glad so many lucky little ones found homes and we hope hope hope hope these sweeties here find their own families soon too! Take care

11 years ago

What a fantastic event!! Good good stuff!
xo Catherine

Scylla, Socks & Fenris
11 years ago

The Mom fell in love through the computer screen. Good thing she couldn’t reach through it and catnap one.

Bossy Betty
11 years ago

What a great event! So many happy pets AND people too!

Hannah and Lucy
11 years ago

That looked to be a great event and we are delighted to hear many found their new furever homes.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

GREAT event !
Hope that many woffies and cats got new forever home <3

Cat's Cats
11 years ago

Looks like it was a great event!!! We hope lots of those lovely kitties found good homes 🙂

Clarissa & Co.
11 years ago

Kudos to all who adopted goggies and moggies and those who work with placing these animals in new homes!!! Our purrsonal dream is for all of them to find their forever homes.

Random Felines
11 years ago

YEAH!!!! We love it when businesses work with rescue groups to find forever homes!

easy rider
11 years ago

What a great event!!! Hope a lot of pets find a furever home!!! btw: the next to last pic was confusing me on the first look, I thought it’s the tail of the cinnamon tabby kitty on the right side :o)

Pat Hatt
11 years ago

Looks like a wonderful event and those cute faces should hopefully have them snapped up in no time to a great home.

11 years ago

I can only wish all of them good homes and happy endings.

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
11 years ago

I love them all. And those last sweet babies? Yes, I know mom is in love with them and I hope they found a momma.

11 years ago

Awww they are so cute! I hope there were many many fur babies who found forever homes!

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

We love these kinds of events. It’s good for the community and the animals 🙂

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
11 years ago

we hope everee pup N kitteh there finded a forever home….!!

11 years ago

That’s a blessed event and I hope they all find a forever home.

Ginger Jasper
11 years ago

Brilliant event and I am so glad tha many got forever homes. I hope the other one’s are all as lucky soon.. Hugs GJ xx

Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

A great cause that warmed our heats and made the mom (and us) smile when we saw all those kitty (and dog) faces! purrrs xx

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Yay for events like that! Hope tons and tons of kitties and doggies got adopted!

Laila and Minchie
11 years ago

What a great event! We are always so happy when cat and doggies find great furever homes!

11 years ago

Hey Brian, Jet here.

Thanks for giving well deserved exposure to those wonderful organizations, walking the talk and doing the work.

We’re going to do the same for our local area on Saturday. 🙂

Adan & Lego
11 years ago

Thanks for doing this awesome job!!!!

Cathy Keisha
11 years ago

Wow! 20,000! That’s a lot of strays who aren’t fixed or TNRed.

Oui Oui
11 years ago

Both of those groups sound wonderful. We hope they were successful in finding all the homes they wanted. Those are some lovely kitties. How sad they aren’t wanted yet.

Savannah NanaMo
11 years ago

wish we could take efurryone home with us…sigh

Glogirly & Katie
11 years ago

What a fun event!!!
We fall in fall in love over and over again with kitties (ok…even dogs!) like these. We hope that many found their forever families and those that didn’t, are adopted very soon!

…we’re all ready to go with a fun feature about you! Tune in tomorrow : )
xo, Katie & Glogirly

caren gittleman
11 years ago

ohhh what a fabulous event! In the last photo the middle kitty looks like Cody did when I adopted him! Cody was about the same age.
LOVE the Tiger tail in one of the photos! What fun!

11 years ago

We wish we could adopt all of them, but our house is full! Hopefully they all end up in good homes!

11 years ago

Such heartwarming stuff! I am sure these kind of events do a lot of good! 🙂


sweet! hope many found nice home. the little grey and white one looks like our Lily.

Texas, a cat in New York

“How can you not fall in love with those sweet faces?”
That’s the question my human asked!
Lovely organizations. Thanks for sharing!