URGENT: Dumped Kitty Jamie, A Lamb Among Wolves – Greenville, SC


Please Help JamieJamie was dumped at the base of a dog shelter and looked confused and was just crying for his owners.  The president of the shelter picked him up and took him in.  The trouble is it is a total dog shelter with lots and lots of dogs, some feral and they often have had up to 90 at one time!  If he ever got loose, it would be curtains for him.  The shelter owner has no resources for kitties other than the Greenville Animal Care Services and since they have pooled with Spartanburg, well needless to say his chances would be next to zero.  He is extremely unhappy in his confines but that is the only way to keep him safe.

Little Jamie is facing a true emergency.  This is a horrible environment for a kitty, but the only choice is quickly looking like a local shelter, which will more than likely euthanize him.

Jamie is the sweetest love muffin and adores being loved and petted.  Jamie is very easy going, adaptable, neutered, FIV & FELEUK Negative and up-to-date on all of his shots. Please, can you open your heart and home to Jamie?  We are running out of options.

If you can help, please contact me Brian at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) come or Jenna Gutierrez at tomjeng (at) charter (dot) net or call Jenna at (864) 801-3177

We can transport anywhere.


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40 thoughts on “URGENT: Dumped Kitty Jamie, A Lamb Among Wolves – Greenville, SC

  1. Nerissa's Life

    What a horrible thing to happen to this darling cat. Of course he’s gonna be scared, surrounded by all those dogs. I’m not used to dogs barking, myself (‘cept for the yappa-doodle next door) so when I go to the doctors’ and there are lots of big dogs around, I get really nervous. Poor Jamie must be terrified. I sure do hope someone takes him into their hearts and home, real soon. purrs

  2. mariodacat

    That poor sweet baby. I’ll advertise a little on Twitter – at least he’ll get attention Wish I knew of someone who was currently seeking a kitty – he’d be a good one,

  3. Katie Isabella

    OH this just makes mom and I super sad. WHY do people do this? Thoughtless and cruel to an innocent. But all the anguishing I can do is not helping this baby.

  4. Catherine

    Such a sweetie! What a horrible way to be treated. Sending lots of good thoughts that this little survivor finds a new loving home!
    xo Catherine

  5. GreatGranny

    He is a handsome mancat and anyone would be blessed to have him. I do hope and pray that he gets a forever home soon.
    xxooKassey and her Mom

  6. brandi and Carol

    Crossed paws for little Jamie. We hope someone will open their hearts and homes. We are glad the word is going out on the internet. We wish we could help, but at least we can purrray hard.
    Many purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

  7. Katie Isabella

    Shaggy and Scout said it for me.

    Admiral and Katie Tweeted it and I put it in my blog and FB.


  8. thecatguy

    Such a sweet kitty. Sure hope he finds new peoples soon who treasure him. I’m guessing that if Brian had become ruler of the world then sweet Jamie would not be in this situation.

  9. easy rider

    I’m so sorry for Jamie and I hope he will find a furever home soon. Sometimes I can’t understand humans….That’s so mean and cruelty, to dump an animal…We are PETS not trash :o(

  10. Dash Kitten

    We are not going to wring our hands and say Oh Dear, we are going to blog about this, and tweet and Facebook until this guy as a HOME? Are you ALL going to join me??

  11. Dash Kitten

    Mum and I will tweet and share until Brian tells us Jamie is safe. Everyone else DO THE SAME!!

  12. Susan

    Transport options are available out there – from a group of volunteers here to groups like this:


    URRKN requires time, so if someone can keep this little one for a few weeks to arrange transport they should be able to help.

    Bottom line, don’t let distance stop you from taking this sweet guy.

  13. Dorian @ Your Daily Cute

    We’re going to help get Jamie to his new home in Hollywood, FL! I’m helping organize transport!

    If anyone is along the route — Columbus, Savannah, anywhere along I-95 in Florida, please, please sign up here to help! It’s just basic info with where you live and how far you’d drive. Let’s get Jamie home!

    Here’s the form: https://bit.ly/cutetransport

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