Blog Blast for Peace 2012 #blogblast4peace

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Blog Blast for Peace 2012

There are many things that occupy our thoughts as we go through life on planet Earth.  Unfortunately, it seems as though we don’t think about Peace as often as we should.  There is simply too much conflict in our world.  I don’t believe we were born to make each other miserable and to fight among ourselves.   I do believe we are here to live life to it’s fullest and to help one another through the daily challenges of life.

Each of us are unique and we should celebrate those differences in a harmonious and peaceful existence.  Simply put, our survival depends upon it.  Peace is our only REAL option.


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58 thoughts on “Blog Blast for Peace 2012 #blogblast4peace

  1. Suka

    Dear Brian and Family,

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by Suka’s blog and write such kind words of sympathy after Suka’s passing. It meant a lot to me. Knowing that others care and understand, and reading your thoughtful words, help me in my grief.

    I am sorry Suka did not know Brian. I know Suka would have loved having such a fun, smart, and handsome kitty-cat as a friend.


    K (Suka’s human)

  2. Glogirly & Katie

    Brian we missed coming here yesterday…
    but are we ever glad we came today. Your words and your graphic are absolutely beautiful. So eloquently put.
    Peace to you, sweet friend.

  3. Annelisa

    Sorry to arrive so late here, but here I am at last 🙂 I love both your peace globe, and what you say…you are right…it is the only way!

    I’ll put a link to your peace post in the blog “Peace Bloggers Unite” later

    Peace to you and yours

  4. Mimi Lenox

    How did I miss this beautiful peace globe? I found it via Rumpy Dog’s. Soooo lovely. Thank you so much for posting it. It is truly inspiring.

    Peace to you and yours,
    #2608 in the Peace Globe Gallery @

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