Rest in Peace Aunt Judi Bug

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Aunt Judi left this world today. Please visit SASS with Sir Andy, Shelly and Sierra: Mama/JudiBug News with hugs, love and prayers.

For you newer bloggers, Judi was much loved by all of us and was quite the cat blogger. She was famous for hatting so many of us and when she hatted me my icon was born. You will live in our hearts forever Aunt Judi and we are proud that you called us friends.

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22 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Aunt Judi Bug

  1. Oui Oui

    We saw the sad news earlier. We didn’t know her too well because she got sick a little after we started blogging, but we are still going to miss her. She had a special eye for knowing just what hat fitted a cat. Maybe a nice tribute would be for all kitties that were hatted to post themselves in their hats. We wish we had one.

  2. Karen Jo

    Great tribute post, Brian. I read about it earlier and have been by with my condolences. I still have and will always keep the headers she made for Herman’s Hideaway. Thank you for your kind words about Herman.

  3. Simba

    Nobody should have to endure such an illness so we must redouble our prayers for a cure for Cancer. Though her family and friends have experienced a deep loss, at least Judi no longer has to suffer.
    We were never hatted, but Judi did our banner for us and we love it!

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