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Hello everyone, I sure hope your weekend is off to a fun start, mine is, but then again I think every day is fun. I have been very worried about my mother-in-law Hilary and my father-in-law Marc from Feeling Beachie. My Dad posted an update earlier this week and I know they are okay, I just worry about them. I hope they are keeping warm and are getting food and water. It sounds like the beach they live on in New York sure is a mess. We are all sending our best purrs to everyone affected by that terrible storm Sandy.

Otherwise, things have been fairly calm around these parts. I say fairly calm because that upstairs cat has been coming down to the lower landing and watching me. Well, she is actually watching all of us, but since we had a disagreement early on I get a little nervous with her watching me. I think she wants to come down with the rest of us and I’m not quite sure what to make of that. She has been very polite though so I will take that as a good sign.

On a not-so-good note, the evil Dyson has appeared again. That thing acts like it owns the place and it just goes anywhere and everywhere. I think my Dad needs to find it a new forever home! Okay, I gotta run, literally, take care everyone! Adopt cats, we deserve it!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrr! Zip! Later!


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38 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Gracie

  1. Marg

    We will NOT take that dyson here. We have enough animals and things here. We like a dirty house. We so hope that Hilary and Marc are all right too. It must really be tough for them. Let us know if we can contact them. Have a great week end.

  2. Hannah and Lucy

    Gracie we’re sad to hear that your Mother and Father in Law have been affected by the terrible storm Sandy – it must have been so frightening for everyone who live in New York. We hope you can kiss and make up with the upstairs cat as she must be over whelmed with all of you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Whisppy

    We’re glad your pawrents-in-law are okay. Sandy was really scary!
    We bet if the upstairs cat joined everyone downstairs, that would mean extra treats!

  4. Scylla, Socks & Fenris

    Hi Gracie,
    We are purring for Hilary and Marc we knows Hurricats are not fun, even if they are named Sandy. We also knows it takes a long time for things to get back to normal after they come for a visit.

    We are so happy the upstairs cat wants to join everyone. That is a good thing, you’ll see. You might even wind up being best friends.

  5. The Teacher's Pets

    How sweet of you to worry about your mother and father in law! I’m sure that even if they don’t have internet access due to the storm that they are thinking of you as well. Have a great day!

  6. Random Felines

    We hope Hilary and Marc and everyone are safe and getting home with power. just scary……

    Don’t worry about that girl upstairs – we hear she is nice just a little nervous. 🙂

  7. Spitty the Kitty

    I think you should give that Girl Upstairs another chance–she was new back then and probably a little freaked out!

    (P.S. We just wanted to say the kitties we pictured today are not in need of homes–they are the kitties of the Human’s furiends and frankly they are all spoiled rotten, ha ha meow!)

  8. Sage

    Ugh, I’m so far behind.

    It’s hard to know your friends are so affected by Sandy…what a mess it created. And lives will be disrupted for quite a long time because of it.

    On another note, I eat my Dyson. Do you need me to come over and give yours a chomp?

  9. jc

    You look so sweet !!!
    I bet your new kitty friend just wants to get to know you.
    We have the mean dyson too.
    Hiding under the bed works for Jasmine.
    Running to the window by the couch works for Meredith.
    The boys don’t seems to mind for some reason.
    Even Jodie, Collie, doesn’t like it.
    Maddy Jean, Golden Retreiver, doesn’t mind it.
    She’s usually on the bed with the boys.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  10. Sparkle

    Stupid Dyson! I think you kitties need to team up and kill it in its sleep!

    I think it is cool that Precious is spending more time on the lower landing.

  11. Grrreta

    We are very glad your pawrents-in-law are okay. We have a feeling that your Dyson is there to stay. We are pretty sure our vacuum is just as afraid of us as we are of it. It hides in the closet for days at a time.

  12. Timmy Tomcat

    Yes when new kitties come to the house it can be tough. We are still trying to adjust to our Rumpy and it has been over a year. Ah well. Glad you are safe from Sandy at least.

  13. Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie

    Allie: Oh no – *waves pink toenails* No room for Dyson over here – in case you were wondering!

    We’re sure thinking about Marc and Hilary too and wishing them a speedy cleanup – and just as they renovated their kitchen, too…!!

  14. Eric and Flynn

    We hope your in laws are okay Gracie. Maybe you should give the upstairs girl another chance and see if she will be friends. Oh and you can keep your evil Dyson, no room here for it!

  15. GreatGranny

    Sweet Gracie, we’re glad your pawrents-in-laws are OK. We still purray fur those hoomans and their furbabies.
    Precious will one day come down to visit, I hope. She’s just afraid.
    xoxo Kassey

  16. Oskar

    I hope your in-laws made it through the storm okay. From what I’ve seen on the internet it looks terrible for so many people & pets.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  17. Katie Isabella

    Gracie I love you. And I hope you find out about your in-laws very soon. Mom and I didn’t know that is where they live.

    The upstairs cat DOES probably want to come down and I am so delighted. I hope she does. Please forgive her early insecurities and fright. She went thru so much. xoxoxo

  18. Remy

    I hope that Hilary and Marc are doing okay after that terrible weather! And I hope the evil Dyson goes back to its hiding spot for a long time!

  19. Jet

    Hey Brian, Jet here. Hey Gracie…

    We sure hope your relatives are ok as well… we’ve been calling my human greataunt/great uncle each day to check on them as they are older (quite spunky though!) So far, no horrible damage, power out, and now they’re hanging out at a furiend’s house… so, getting better.

    Avoid the machine!!! Mom’s always wanted one of those thingies…. shhhh, don’t mention the “giving away” issue…

  20. Penelope

    Dear Gracie,
    Your evil Dyson is as bad as yours! Right now it is ensconced in the front hall as Mommy and Daddy has been putting in a new front door. Who knew a minor reno in a old house would take 3 weeks! NOTHING fits!

  21. Kwee Cats

    Hi pretty Gracie! We sure are glad your in-laws are okay up in NY. Yes, things sure are a mess up there. Yikes! We understand about that Dyson. There is a thing here that’s small size must not be underestimated. It’s one of the DustDevil breeds. Right there! In the name even, “Devil.” …’nough said.

  22. Savannah NanaMo

    well on Hoover Day I have two choices, be up when it is down and be down when it is up…works OK actually…paw pats For Sister Gracie and purrs for family in NY. Savannah

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