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Hello everyone, tis me, little Zoe and it’s my turn for the Saturday update.  I hope your weekend is going good and that you are all getting plenty of naps and plenty of treats!

I don’t mind telling you that today I’m a bit worried.  Strange things are going on around our place.  I’m just not sure what to think of the whole thing.  You see, Dad and Mom are having a Yard Sale.  Seriously, I overheard them talking about it.  Talk about upsetting!  If they sale our yard what are we supposed to watch all day?  What will our squirrels do?  What about the feral kitties?  I don’t see a thing wrong with our yard and I think we need to keep it.  What a silly thing for them to do.  Maybe I need to see if Brian can talk to them about it before it’s too late.

That’s all I’ve got to say today, I’ve got to go look out and see if it is gone yet!  I will see you next time it’s my turn and hopefully we will still have a yard.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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37 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Zoe

  1. Marg

    Oh no, they are selling the Yard. That is just awful. But I betcha, Zoe it will still be there tomorrow morning and there will be less stuff in the house. Our Mom should drive up there and see what there is. Hope the sale is very successful and that the yard is still there. Take care.

  2. Zee and Zoey - Deb Barnes

    Oh no!! This is terrible news!! I think we need to rally ALL the kitties of the world to tell your humans to leave your yard alone and not sell it… We will go over to Katie’s and ask if Waffles can arrange a protest!!!

  3. Speedy Rabbit

    it will be ok you’ll see Zoe.Me I’m peeved,I had to go to the vets today because my left eye was hurting me,now I have to have eye drops 4 times a day and pain killer too!xx a cheesed off Speedy

  4. Father Tom

    Hey, Zoe, our Mom tried sell our garage..geez, I don’t know what gets into our humans sometimes! I think you’ll be all right, tho. I think it’s just when people come to your yard and buy what’s in it or something like that..:)

    Thanks fur coming by and helping us celebrate our Gotchas!


  5. Nerissa's Life

    That was my first question, too. How can your peeps sell your yard? Maybe they’re gonna sell it TO the squirrels and birds and whatnot, huh? May the purrs be with you.

  6. Jet

    Hey Brian, Jet here.

    Hey, dude, can you assure Zoe that all is well. Perhaps you can tell her that a yard sale will lead to more BISCUIT $$ for toys and treats!!!

  7. mariodacat

    Crazy oomans. I don’t know where they get some of these silly ideas. Yard sale!!! That’s a good one., My peeps had better not well our yard cuz I’ll be really really mad!

  8. Fraidy Cats!

    YoW! Zoe, that is a bit scary! you know, we’ve watched the neighbor house across the street have a garage sale, yet the garage never went anywhere…maybe nobuddy bought it? maybe no one will buy your yard, Zoe, and everything will be ok 🙂 have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  9. Penelope

    Whoa! Be careful! We had a yard sale and there was little peoples chasing mes! They wanted to pets mes, nut me would has nothing to do with that!

  10. Remy

    Why on earth would they sell something as wonderful as a yard?!? There must be some mistake. Maybe they are bringing the yard on a sailboat, just for a little vacation?

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