Walkin’ In a Kitty Wonderland Purina Photo Contest Results

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Thank you to everyone that submitted a photo to our Walkin' in a Kitty Wonderland Contest. We are one of several Purina Bloggers participating in this contest and each participating blogger will feature their winner and 4 runners-up. The results were determined by a panel of non-participating kitty loving humans who are not part of the blogging world. The entries were all terrific and the judges really had a difficult time making the selections.

The winner will be included in Petco's Holiday Album on Facebook, which can be found here: (4) Walkin' in a Kitty Wonderland – from Purina

The winner and 4 runners-up will receive small prizes direct from our wonderful friends at Purina. Thanks for playing everyone!!! Now, the results…

The Winner

TommieTommie Submitted by Maggie at Shelter Cats

The 4 Runners-up (in Alphabetical Order)

DanteDante Submitted by Wendy at Wendy's 3-D Cats

DominoDomino Submitted by Wendy at Wendy's 3-D Cats

KatieKatie Submitted by Debbie at Glogirly.com

KiKiKiKi Submitted by Kirstin, Photograph by Tiffany

Once again, on behalf of Brian's Home and Purina, thanks for participating and we wish you the most joyous holiday season! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


Non-Affiliate Disclosure: We do not use affiliate advertising nor do we do product reviews for any form of compensation. If you see a product or service mentioned in any post, we purchased such good or service at our own expense and opted to tell you about it. No compensation was exchanged and the FTC can kiss my furry butt.
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CCL Wendy
11 years ago

Thanks, Brian — and Purina! That is wonderful! And conCats to the winner, Tommie.

11 years ago

Great entries!

Emma and Buster
11 years ago

concats to all the winners. what beautiful entries.

pity our mama cannot get us to don any piece of clothing at all. happy holidays.

Old Kitty
Old Kitty
11 years ago

Awwwwww beautiful!! All worthy and wonderful winners! Take care

11 years ago

Tommie and I are thrilled.
Thank you Brian!

Maggie and Tommie

11 years ago

Those are super festive kitties!

11 years ago

Concats to all of those who entered and to the winner!

Glogirly & Katie
11 years ago

So exciting!!!
Big congrats to our dear friends Tommie & Maggie!
All the photos (and KITTIES) are wonderful.

Thank you!!!
xo, Katie & Glogirly

Pat Hatt
11 years ago

Awesome photos indeed, showing off many a fine feline.

Eric and Flynn
11 years ago

Concats to Tommie and to the runners up.

caren gittleman
11 years ago

Fantastic photos!!!!! Love that Katie won TWICE!!! MOL!! That’s ok, she deserves it!

Glogirly & Katie
11 years ago

haha, Caren!
…things have been stressful for Katie lately, what with the Waffles Invasion.
; ) GG

sue brandes
sue brandes
11 years ago

Look at all those beautiful kitties. Wonderful pictures.

11 years ago

Oh, those were all so great! ConCATulations to Tommie, and to all the runners-up!

Mr. Black
11 years ago

Really cute photos. Congratulations to the winners.

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble)

Great pictures! Thanks for showing us Brian!

11 years ago

What great entries and winners! They are all beautiful pictures, what fun!

Mark's Mews
11 years ago

Great pictures, all of them!

Sweet Purrfections
11 years ago

Congratulations to the winners!

Cathy Keisha
11 years ago

Those are all incredible pictures. I’m glad I didn’t have to judge.

Fraidy Cats!
11 years ago

Concats to everybuddy! Those are great pictures!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

Yay, we love Tommy and Maggie and PAWs. We’re doing a giveaway for one of Maggie’s books.

Spitty the Kitty
11 years ago

Well, see, I woulda DQ’d at least three of those pictures for making some poor embarrassed kitty wear a Santa outfit. Those furry little things will spend years in therapy trying to get over the trauma.

the Cat Street Boyz
11 years ago

Great holiday photos, congratulations to the winner=^Y^=

Speedy Rabbit
11 years ago

congrats to all the winners great photos,xx Speedy

11 years ago

Me is sure glad me did not has to judge!


Sorry I haven’t visited but, I am full of sadness the weekend over the tragedy in CT. How very sad, tragic and difficult to understand. We live about 1.5 hours from Newtown:( No reading for me this weekend, nor much time on the computer).

Loved seeing all the photos though. Have a good week.

11 years ago

Aw, congratulations to all you cute Christmas kitties!