The Mr. Pip Bucket Tour: Pip Puddles Monday

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Everybody loves our pal Mr. Pip and we were thrilled to selected for his Bucket List Tour!  We are thankful to the wonderful Nurse Puddles for offering to be the designated driver for this tour.  I don’t know about you, but I would totally trust Puddles driving!


We love you Mr. Pip
Imagine my excitement when I heard the roar to the engine, and I ran to the window to see Mr. Pip and Puddles arriving.  Even though Puddles pulled into the yard instead of the driveway, I was still happy to see them.  Hey sisters, we’ve got company!!!

We love you Mr. Pip
Well, I wasn’t able to wake up everyone, but Sisters Dolly, Gracie and Sascha came out to greet the famous ones.  I don’t know where they got it, but Mr. Pip and Puddles brought some primo catnip.   Puddles says they got it at the Hardy’s drive-thru but I’m not too sure about that.  I think the sisters were a bit miffed, but I had to tell them that Mr. Pip, Puddles and I were going to head out and tour the town.  Hey, it’s a small car and we all wouldn’t fit.

We love you Mr. Pip
First stop in downtown Greenville, SC was the Peace Center for the Performing Arts.  I guess we got here a bit early because all of the doors were locked.  Wait a minute, you don’t think they heard we were stopping by do you?  Well, I think maybe we will head down to the Reedy River and see if any of my pals are around.

We love you Mr. Pip
At least some of my friends were around.  Even though it is a bit colder this time of year, my duck pals Fred and Ethel were out n’ about and welcomed us with open wings.

We love you Mr. Pip
One of my other good friends is the Michelin Man who hangs out at Michelin on Main in our historic West End.  I always stop by to see him when I’m downtown.  Greenville is the home of Michelin’s North American Headquarters.

We love you Mr. Pip
The Reedy River is one of the highlights of downtown Greenville and the falls are quite pretty.  It is the Hub of activity and many festivals are held in downtown Greenville throughout the year.  We just had to stop at the entrance to the Falls for a group photo.

We love you Mr. Pip
Of course we just had to stop by City Hall because that’s where all of the famous ones go.  Mr. Pip was presented with the Key to the City Treat Jar and of course he knew how to use that key!

We love you Mr. Pip
Downtown Greenville has lots and lots of statues and this fine gentleman was kind enough to share his bench with Mr. Pip while he rested his paws just a bit.  We’ve been doing our share of walking down here.

We love you Mr. PipI’m not real sure where these two are off two, but they didn’t seem to mind that we stopped by to give them a howdy.

We love you Mr. Pip

This it the fountain at the Hyatt Hotel at the top of Main Street.  It was a bit cool, but it’s also a great place to stop for a photo op.  Actually the water is pretty tasty too, for city water that is.  We thought we best have a sip and then head on home.

We love you Mr. PipWe got back to my place and Puddles broke out the beer, cheetos and cheeseburgers so we could all chow down after a very busy day.

I want to thank Mr. Pip for visiting with us, and Puddles for doing the driving.  It really was a dream come true for all of us at Brian’s Home.  We have loved you Mr. Pip ever since we met you and we wish you tons of fun on the rest of your Bucket List Tour.  And even though Puddles lives somewhat close to us, we’ve never actually met and that made the day extra wonderful.  Make sure you follow along on the rest of the tour!

We love you Mr. Pip

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77 thoughts on “The Mr. Pip Bucket Tour: Pip Puddles Monday

  1. Old Kitty

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww!! How CUTE is this visit!??! LOL! Awwww it’s adorable!! Handsome Brian – what a great job showing your purrfect pals Pip and Puddles the tour of your amazing city!!! You even got them to meet your feathered pals Fred and Ethel! Yay!!!

    Take care

  2. we three doxies

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA…Oh dat was such a FUN trip…I laughed da whole time! I just LOVES downtown, always sumtpin’ goin’ on down theres. And I loves all da statues they has now, and them little mouse ones is too cute. I knows you not show them but I was just thinkin’ bout ’em.
    I was very surprised at how good dat water tasted.
    Oh and tells your dad sorry bouts da parkin’…my bad…hehehehe.


  3. Max the Quilt Cat

    What a wonderful day you had…. And that’s a super car they are touring in. Thanks for sharing… I love it when you take us around town with those statues….

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  4. Marg

    Oh what fun, to have those two come visit. We are expecting those two to come here in Feb. and we can’t wait. That was such a good tour of Greenville. Hope you two got home safely. Puddles, you be sure to drive that precious cargo safely. Take care.

  5. Bobbi and Gracie

    Looks like you all had loads of fun!! Mr. Pip and Puddles will be here to visit with Gracie in February and we are so excited! I’m glad Puddles is not taking the Pinto. I just don’t know how much longer that car will be able to handle these long trips… besides, she and the Pipster look dashing in the flashy red ride!

  6. Madi and Mom

    MOL MOL MOL Brian!!
    You are one great host!! Dang you have one fine looking city and Mom and I enjoyed all of the tour we have never been to Greenville,SC!!
    Oh dear me Puddles might need to head back to driving school. I hope your yard will
    recover. You will never ever believe where she parked when she came to Raleigh.
    PS you and Pip and I have something in common…
    you are Brian, Pip’s papa is Brian and my Dad is Bryan!!
    Hugs Madi

  7. Pip

    Bawahahahhaa! Hope Puddles didn’t scare Fred and Ethel too much …she is quite the huntress even among friends. Oh, and hope that nice police officer didn’t mind that I took a dip in the fountain. I do like to swim!

    Thank you so much for hosting us! We love meeting you and your sister and seeing Greenville. You are a wonderful friend and did such an AMAZING JOB!!!

    Thank you!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Pip

    OK, now that we have seen the sights of your beautiful city …let’s have ourselves a snack. The first burger, hot off the grill, is for you Brian. Cheers!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Pat Hatt

    Wow that looks like quite the fun adventure, I guess dogs aren’t half bad. Although trying to sniff their butt in that first pic, oh the shame haha

  10. Goose

    Oh you helped start off the tour in grand fashion! What a great time. I hope I fit in that little car they got. I may have to run along side to lead the way when they come to my town. I am sure the back seat was filled with beer cans and empty Cheeto bags..

  11. Gin and Bailey

    Ha! Bailey loved this tour, Brian……more so since there was two adorable woofies included……

  12. Genghis Khat

    I just loved all the pictures of your neat city.

    Maybe someday – I’ll have to do a guided tour of my town – but it’s too darn cold right now. and going to get colder – so I’m staying inside.


  13. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    OH BRIAN you certainly showed PIP and Puddles a FINE time…
    That was so nice of Greenville to bestow Pip with the Key to the City’s Treat Jar.
    And so nice that your DUCKY furends came out to greet P & P.
    OMD they got to see the FUR REAL Michelin MAN????? OMD THAT is astounding. HE is SOOOOO famous.. butt then So are Pip and Puddles, so pawhaps it was HIS honor.

  14. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood..we wuz reddy ta say…say it iznt sew…knot meedium sized BURDS, but then yur cheeze burger beer fest made up fir it…quik like ! 🙂

  15. CCL Wendy

    Wow, those woofies sure are good sports, bringing nip and efurrything! You sure gave them a good tour of your area. It must be a little cold, though, ’cause even those ducks weren’t taking to water!

  16. Milo

    Hello there I’m Milo 🙂 It looks like you had a FANTASTIC time with Puddles and Pip!! Them cheese burgers and beers and stuffs are making my mouth water!
    Love Milo 🙂

  17. Pip

    Psst Brian, do you know where I might find some treats to refill the the City Treat Jar …Puddles and I got a little carried away and finished everything off.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  18. Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

    Mowzers guys! What a great #1 stop on yoru bucket list, Pip! And what a cool tour too! *raises paw* We’d be happy to take that key to the treat jar off your paws…it must get tiring carrying it everywhere. Just meowin’.

  19. Roo

    What a fabulous tour of Greenville you took them on! Paw UP to yaz! Ya’ll kicked off the tour beautifully! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  20. we three doxies

    Dat Pip is gonna makes us use our Get Out Of Jail Free card already…must print more…hehehe.

    Thank you Brian and family fur hostin’ Pip and me, and thanks fur a most fab Furst Day of da tour.


  21. Sasha

    OMD what a wonderful visit. I am a little surprised that you trusted Puddles to drive, with her past history and all, but it seems she did ok. I am looking forward to having them visit me in a few weeks. What a beautiful town you live in.

    Loveys Sasha

  22. KB

    What a great time!!! But, I thought that Puddles was partly a chaperone, to keep things under control. With all that beer for three small furry ones, I imagine that everyone got tipsy 🙂

    Thanks for hosting our friend Mr. Pip!

  23. Katie Isabella

    OH what a TOUR and HOW I LOVE it. How wonderful for all of you! What great furriends too. xoxoxo

  24. Daisy

    We’re sceptics when it comes to trusting Puddles’ driving. She has a history of unfortunate accidents…..and of drinking beer. Glad you could show them around without incident. Lots of great things to see.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    Well, What an adventure! I loved seeing the parts of your city, and WHAT A COOL CAR!
    If and when you go on another adventure let me know!

  26. Sarge

    Wow, what a great tour of your territory! I can tell that Pip and Puddles had a great time. I bet that river park was really pretty and had fabulous peemail to read.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

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