Sister Saturday with Kit


Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!Yes, as a matter of fact I am comfy!  I do love this big bed, can you tell?  I even share it with the others too, but they did mention to me that it was their big bed first.  Well, it is big enough for all of us, and that’s a very good thing!  I even managed to catch a nice sunpuddle here too.

I seem to be getting along with everyone unless they happen to sneak up on me and surprise me.  But I suppose that is going to happen from time to time, especially since there are lots of them around here.  But that’s okay, I just give them a little hiss and they get the idea.

I do like those window whiffies though, but we’ve only had that one opportunity so far.  But the others tell me that it is a regular thing when the weather is warm.  You know what else I like?  I like to play.  My favorite play thing is a long red and white shoe lace.  I can chase and wrestle that thing for a long time, especially if Dad is wiggling it for me.  I also love to be petted and loved on, it makes me smile.

Some of you were wondering how I’m feeling.  Well, I think I am doing some better.  That antibiotic shot didn’t seem to help me that much.  However, the wonderful Vet, Dr. Anderson, sent me home with some prednisone tablets and they seem to be helping my wheezing spells.  I don’t even mind them since they are melt-away tablets that just disappear when Dad pops them in my mouth.  I have had very few wheezing spells so maybe we are on the right track.  Thanks for asking about me everyone, I sure appreciate all the purrs you’ve sent my way.

Looks like I’ve gotta go, the others are visiting and I don’t want to miss anything.  I shall see you next time!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!



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11 years ago

Glad you aren’t wheezing as much, Sister Kit. We’re really happy you’ve adjusted so well to your new brofur and sisfurs. 🙂

11 years ago

Sister Kit, we are glad things are going well there with all the siblings and that your wheezes are not too bad. You have the best home possible there with your new family!

11 years ago

Paws crossed that the current meds do the trick for you, Kit!

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
11 years ago

Sister Kit, I LOVE seeing you this morning. What a pleasure. And you are getting some better. Can’t beat that for great news pretty girl. xoxox

Zee and Zoey - Deb Barnes

What a wonderful update, Precious!! Seems like you are on track for a lovely weekend! xoxo

11 years ago

Hi there Kit, glad to hear that the pred pills are helping you. Also so glad to hear that you are beginning to be part of the family. It is supposed to be warm today so maybe you will get some window whiffins. Hope all have a great day.

Feeling Beachie - Hilary

oh kit, I hope you feel all purrfect soon.

Hannah and Lucy
11 years ago

We are delighted that you have settled in well Kit and already are starting to feel you are part of the family and playing with your red and white shoe lace. We know that your Mom and Dad will make sure that you get your medication and feel well.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Random Felines
11 years ago

you look very comfy….we are glad you are feeling better and hope you get a chance to get some window whiffies in today

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

We’re glad to hear you’re feeling better. You look soooo comfy on the bed, and it’s so good to see you settled in and becoming part of the family.

Pat Hatt
11 years ago

Sure looks comfy and we hate those pills, fight em every time. But is nice when we get better.

11 years ago

keep getting better Kit and you look very comfy laid out like that

easy rider
11 years ago

I hope you will chase the wheezing-gremlins away soon, Kit ;o) A big bed and a sunpuddle – that’s the perfect caturday – enjoy it ;o)

11 years ago

Awww sweetie, you are so adorable there. I’m so happy you are starting to fit in now and don’t mind the other kitties too much. We hope you continue to feel better every day too.

11 years ago

You are soo precious, and we’re happy that the meds are doing their job. It might have taken a bit of time, but glad you have settled in…you have a nice family and that big bed is big enough for all!
Purrs, Kitty

11 years ago

Well enjoy the bed. What a perfect size!

Ginger Jasper
11 years ago

So glad you have settled so well.. You look so adorable on that huge bed.. Hugs GJ xx

Layla Morgan Wilde
11 years ago

Let’s hope melt away tablets melts away all illness.

Ann Paws
11 years ago

Glad you are feeling better Kit! I’ve never heard of melt away tablets for kitties – very neat idea.

caren gittleman
11 years ago

Kit! I take a form of prednisone too for my itchies! I don’t have the “melt-away” kind…I may have to ask “Dr.Smiley” about those!
I gotta tell ya Kit, I don’t like being “surprised” much either…nor does my Mom.
Have a great weekend!
Love, Cody

Texas, a cat in New York

I say you should claim the bed all to yourself!
Hope you’re back to completely better soon!

Derby and Ducky
11 years ago

You look nice and comfy. Glad those pills are helping your wheeziness.

Karen Jo
11 years ago

I am very glad that you are fitting in so well and that your melt away tablets are helping your wheezing.

The Island Cats
11 years ago

Kit, we’re so glad you are doing well in your new home.

Laila and Minchie
11 years ago

It’s pretty obvious you are loving your new home, Sister Kit.

Eric and Flynn
11 years ago

We are glad those tablets are helping you with your wheezing sister Kit. It sounds like you are settling in nicely.

Random Felines
11 years ago

Brian: thanks for the comment. We have checked with URKKN before but they say the cat has to come from a “rescue” and be in a foster home for a certain period of time. Chrystal has had some contact with Daily Cute, but I don’t know if anything will come of it.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and getting to know everyone! Sounds like you’re doing very well!

Savannah NanaMo
11 years ago

oh Sister Kit..I have been gone so long I did not know you were feeling poorly. I am embarrassed to not have been here to comfort you. I so hope you are feeling better and that you soon many more wiffies of the fresh air…I got lots today! Pawsome!!

Callie (a.k.a Trouble)
11 years ago

So glad you are doing good Kit. Pretty soon you will have all of those other kitties in line!

Cathy Keisha
11 years ago

Kit, what a pleasant surprise! Glad you’re adapting and that they’re getting those wheezing spells under control. Maybe you guys are all allergic to each other since Gracie has asthma too.

11 years ago

I would love to get THAT comfortable once in a while! Must be nice…

11 years ago

Dear Kit,
Me is so happy that yous is fitting in with the others so well. Life is good!

11 years ago

Your cute face says it all, Kit! I am really glad that you are starting to feel at home and happy 🙂 And I hope those melty medicines keeps helping your wheezies!

The Chair Speaks
11 years ago

We’re so happy you are feeling better. Purring for you to completely recover!

Molly The Wally
11 years ago

Kit sweetie we hope you are getting better. All of you have a super easy Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

11 years ago

Resting is important for your health, especially when your under the weather. It looks as if you have that part under control. It’s nice that everyone can share what does appear to be a cat comfy spot. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

11 years ago

Can we join you xxx

11 years ago

Glad to hear you’re doing better. That bed does look nice and comfy.

11 years ago

I’m so glad you got something to help your wheezies, Kit. Just tell Dad to keep that shoelace wiggling!

11 years ago

Hooray for feeling better!
You are cute!
xo Catherine

Scylla, Socks, Tuiren & Fenris

Well Kit we are very sorry it has taken us so long to meet you. We know you will love your new home and we are sending lots of healing purrs. Better late then never right. Tuiren takes prednisone (we will have to ask about the melt away tablets) and it seems to help her breathing a lot.