URGENT: We Need a Late Easter Miracle for Dear Panther Cat


Panther was in the Concerned Citizens for Animals program back in 2007
when he was a little kitten. A woman filled out an application for
kitties to be spayed/neutered through CCA. He was taken to Spartanburg
Humane Society and at the time microchipped to CCA. The woman named him
Panther because he is black and is big and has yellow eyes.

Please save Panther

Almost three weeks ago someone trapped him in a neighborhood that they
would not disclose and gave a ficticious address in Greenville, SC. ย This
person gave him to Greenville County Animal Care Services. Now is where
the story gets unbelievable. This kitty should have been kept for three
to five days and then if no one claimed him he would be put to sleep.
Panther was kept there almost two and one half weeks.

We don’t know why but there is the first or maybe second of his nine
lives used up. Then he was given a shot to put him to sleep and laid on
the table with an IV in him to put him to death, his next life passing
quickly. Before they could put the needle in his arm, one of the techs
decides to check him for a microchip, and low and behold he has one.
Panther is allowed to wake up. CCA is full and has no place for him and
was going to let him just be put down when a dear guardian angel tried
to step in, (YIKES).

The guardian angel did not think that, because she is not the owner,
that they would allow anyone to pull him. True. On Thursday he was
taken from his cage, given a needle and laid on the table to be put to
sleep a second time!!!!! Then one half hour before the shelter closes a
call comes in that the guardian angel wants to pull him, and they wake
him up once again.

Panther was taken to our Vet because he has an upper respiratory
infection due to being at the shelter so long and we also wanted him
retested for FIV and FeLeuk. He was given a convenia shot for the URI
and he tested negative for FIV and FeLeuk and was given his shots with a
three year rabies, and Revolution.

When he arrived at the vets office it was his first chance to flee. So
when the carrier was opened, out he ran. He was finally netted, a very
scary ordeal, and suffered the indignity of being swooped in the air
and twisted to keep him in the net, and then thrown back into the
carrier. That was life number four or five.

He is enormously scared, and no tvery happy. We cannot tell if he
is truly feral or just scared beyond all else or maybe a little of both.
I have a feeling he is just scared, who wouldn’t be?

We urgently need a place that someone could keep him in a cage or porch
or some place for some time and then let him be an outdoor kitty. This
has been a real faith journey for dear Panther and it seems that God,
for reasons only He knows, would not allow him to be put to death.

While Easter may be over, we are in need of an Easter miracle for dear
Panther. Is there another someone out there in the land of ultimate
kitty lovers who can take him in, not necessarily as a family pet, but
to allow him to live out his years well fed and happy in the outdoors
which he loves??? He is living in someone’s garage temporarily for a
week or so until he gets better from the URI, but after that???

Please help us help Panther. Email me at brian (at) brianshomeblog
(dot) com if you or anyone you know can help.

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40 thoughts on “URGENT: We Need a Late Easter Miracle for Dear Panther Cat

  1. Clooney

    Oh wow, what a heart-wrenching story, unbelievable really. Yes, this kitty is surely meant to live and be loved by someone. All of our purrs head in his direction for a miracle for him, for his health and for someone to come forth to give him a home, a chance and the love he deserves. Panther is in our prayers.

  2. Pat Hatt

    Wow one strong kitty, that net thing would be rather humiliating, sure hope he’s able to get back to the outdoors that he loves.

  3. Glogirly & Katie

    Now that’s an amazing kitty!!! We are so worried for him though…and hope someone comes through for him. We’re purring for an Easter miracle and will share this just in case. XOXO

    Happy Easter, friends. : )
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles TOO

  4. Old Kitty

    I cannot believe it is procedure to put down healthy animals and even before checking if they are microchipped or not. ๐Ÿ™ Or just putting a healthy animal to sleep full stop. And that netting thing. Is that even legal?!!? ๐Ÿ™ It’s like Panther is a thing to be tossed about and gotten rid of. He’s a living breathing creature who feels physical and emotional pain and who has every right to live out the rest of his life in peace!

    Poor precious Panther.

    We hope and pray someone beautiful gives him the love and freedom he so deserves.

    Take care

  5. Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    What an ordeal Panther has gone through! We hope that someone up in your area of the country can come through for him. We’ll be purring for him to find a safe place to get over the trauma of this experience.

  6. Colehaus Cats

    Oh, that is a terrible story and just awful to have gone through. Unbelievable! We’ll cross our fingers and paws that an angel in that area will read this and come through for him. Sending purrs….

  7. Linda

    Poor Panther, I hope he gets rescued soon. After all he has been through
    , he deserves to live!

  8. Dash Kitten

    OK Brian what do we need to do? Share this? Can we telephone anyone (even from NZ we can try). Can we get in touch with any local rescues to find a foster? Please – let us know how we can help best.

    Marjorie and Dash

    1. Mary Sinacore

      Greenville S.C. I have rescued 6 cats from this shelter – I had them transported here – please somebody it doesn’t matter where you live – he needs help and he should remain inside – why does he have to live outdoors just to be trapped again???

    2. Mary Sinacore

      Sounds like he is or was in S.C. not sure where the person is that rescued him from the shelter?

  9. Lisa Salerno

    I live in Illinois, where is Panther?? I would love to help this poor baby! I don’t understand how ppl can be so mean and treat these babies so cruel??!! Please email me and tell me where he is…thanks

  10. Belinda Wolff

    Has Panther found a home yet? I live in the lovely New England area and feel as though I may be able to give him an outdoor home here. I have 3 other wonderful cats here and he might even learn to like me, and even come insode eventually. I’d need to make arrangements to get him here, but if any soul has cried out for a rescue his certaainly has…

  11. Christine

    Please update if he gets adopted if no one comes ill take him he deserves to be loved..just wish I had a good area for an outdoor cat

  12. Peggy Lee Rose Hooten

    I live in a area that would be just great for a outdoor cat. I let my cats run outdoors in the daytime when it is nice or they stay in the house when it is not. I have a shed that I can fix up as a outdoor place for cats to sleep in at night or to get in out of the weather during the day. There is also another lady that lives in the little community that loves cats and takes care of others besides her own. I live away from traffic and humans that would cause harm to them, but I live in Washington state and I don’t know where you are at. I would take him in a heartbeat. He deserves a place to live without being afraid for his life. God has a plan for him for Panther to cheat death as many times as he has. A guardian angel has been with him. I pray some one comes forth and gives him a forever home, a forever place to live for the rest of his life and feed and take care of him and keep him warm and safe. God Bless who ever adopts him. And thank you.

  13. laurie hamer

    beautiful panther is always welcome at my house in ct. i can handle scared and aggressive. he’d be indoor only and spoiled rotten.

    1. Dawn

      I am hoping Panther can get a home like yours. He would be so much better off than getting just a outdoor home risking the chance of him taking off , getting attacked or lost.

  14. Tenna

    I understand that Panther wants to be an out side kitty, However with everything this poor soul has been through I think its only right if he become and indoor ONLY Kitty, sure he might not like it at first but I know from experience that an out door only can come to love the indoors just as much, Please Please DO NOT put Panther back out side to only God knows what he may face the next time, Maybe hit by a car, or a dog get him, or depending on the area a coyotes dinner, The great out doors hold many Mystery’s for Kitties, Yet the Dangers for out door kitties are far worse than some can imagine. Love him inside for a very long time, Not out side for maybe only a short time. God be with your Panther.

  15. Elizabeth

    I live in Lexington, SC. I have lots of property (8.1 acres) that Panther could be free to roam, and a barn he could live in. If he is not adopted or fostered, please let me know. I will pick him up in Greenville (unless someone can meet me in Newberry). The ONLY reason I am not in Greenville right now to pick him up is that I have three cats (two indoor and one outdoor) already, and just adopted an at-risk 10-week-old Chihuahua, so I don’t know how Panther will deal with Pina until he can go outside. But, I am willing to love him and care for him, if no one else will. It breaks my heart that someone would take this sweet thing to a shelter to be killed. I know there is a reason for everything — and there is a reason Panther is still on Earth! He is meant to do something.

  16. Angie

    Hope you find a colony or home to go to soon, Panther. You truly are a miracle kitty and so handsome!

  17. DaraLynn

    Please update with Panther’s status. Sounds like several folks are offering to take him in. I would be glad to take him as well. I live in a small town outside Austin and already have about 10 indoor & outdoor cats. He’d fit in well here as most of them have been homeless in the past for one reason or another. We could get him here, or to whoever takes him in, by way of the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network. See their Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/URRKN/

  18. Teresa Moore

    I am in aggreement with those people who say Panther should be an indoor cat. I had a feral that lived with me indoors for 4 years, I let him come and go as he pleased and never got in his space. he was a wonderful cat and loved to sleep curled up on the couch. he was never a lap cat and I never petted him, but he was a good copanion cat.
    I still miss him (he died)

  19. Cara Petricca

    If a home is not found for him, I would be happy to give him a home. I have a heated barn with a chicken door he could come and go as he pleased. I also have rescue farm animals like donkeys who keep the predators away..please let me know if this baby still needs his miracle. I also have a big heated indoor sun porch until he adjusted to his surroundings..

  20. adriel kash

    adoption in the works.i am honored to help panther out,he will have the best of care as long as he lives.i am having a safe outdoor enclosure built so he and my other kitties can go outside in good weather,and they will spend the rest of the time inside.much love and prayer to all who are concerned about his welfare,and all who have helped him,especially brian and jenna.i will cherish panther,and regard being his forever gardian,as a great priveledge.thank u to all!

  21. Christine Zois

    Brian, we understand that the adopter did not work out and we have made arrangements for Panther to join our family at Whiskers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are trying to coordinate the transport arrangements with another cat from that area, is Jenna the contact person ? Thank you, Christine Whiskers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

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