Thankful Thursday: B.O.D. Makes for a Happy Me


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

When Sister Kit came to live with us in January she was confined to the big bedroom in order to give her time to adjust to us, like we are difficult or something!  Anyways, that was a bit of a problem in that the big bedroom is attached to the big bathroom which is where the coveted brushing perch is located.  So, while Sister Kit was adjusting, the brushing perch was off limits.  Oh sure, we still had brushing available, but it just wasn’t the same and we had no big interest in brushing.

I am thankful that Sister Kit is now everywhere, and finally the real brushing has resumed.  Today I am most thankful for B.O.D., which is Brushing On Demand!  Seriously, it is wonderful!  As soon as Dad or Mom even think about heading that way I am hauling butt in to the brushing perch.  I love, love, love the brush and so does Sisters Dolly and Zoe.  I don’t actually know how many times I get brushed each day, so let’s just say it’s a bunch.  Do you know what makes me even happier?  Dad and Mom always stop what they are doing, or were about to do, just to accommodate the Brushing On Demand request.  I am so thankful not only for the brushing, but I am super thankful that Dad and Mom pay such wonderful attention to our needs.  A happy me they love to see!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Marks Mews
10 years ago

Hurray for the B.O.D spot! Back for you to enjoy…

10 years ago

Whoohoooo for Sister Kit, I loves to be brushed too.. You girls looked beautiful yesterday xx00xxx

Mollie and Alfie

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

It’s great that you’re back to getting BOD again! And we’re soooo glad that Sister Kit has acclimated well to the household.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

Me too LOVE to be brushed !
My servant´s are NOT so good as your´s to do it though.

10 years ago

That brushing spot sounds like a great idea. I perch on the arm of Dad’s chair if I want to be brushed, but I am very particular about which parts I will permit brushing on. You have such great attentive parents!

10 years ago

Oh you kitties just have that Mom and Dad totally wound around your paws. You sure knew what you were doing when you chose your family. What a super Mom and Dad to brush you when ever necessary. We are so glad that all of you have a fantastic home. Take care.

10 years ago

Brushing on demand… sounds great! Alex loved to get brushed. We haven’t brushed ms lucy yet…

Katie Isabella
10 years ago

Oh Brian, I love to read your posts. Knowing about BOD just makes us happy here in my home. I get brushies but I haven’t asked for them. I WILL come when I see the brush or the comb when mom holds them up for me to see. I like both. But I haven’t yet asked for them. I think I will one day. xox

Fuzzy Tales
10 years ago

We love to be brushed too, but our human doesn’t do it enough. We need to pack our bags and head to your place!

Laila and Minchie
10 years ago

Laila is always making a pest out of herself wanting Mom to brush her all day long.

10 years ago

They stop whatever they are doing to make you happy? Isn’t that how it is always supposed to be with cats and humans? I know it is with me and Thunder.

Pat Hatt
10 years ago

You have the humans good and trained, we aren’t too fond of brushing though

Bugsy and Knuckles
10 years ago

Oh Man… we want a brushing perch. We will talk with HH about that tonight. It sounds like a wonderful idea.

Have a great day.

hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
10 years ago

dood…brushin on dee mand iz even way better N mewvies on demand….what wood bee reeeeely grate is brushin on demand followed by garfield on demand anda snak tray on demand, then like naps on demand….

brian; we think you haz come up with de next grate eye dea…kinda like….TOAST !!

easy rider
10 years ago

I’m so glad, sister Kit is a part of your fabulous family. I dislike the brush-thingy and if you want I can send you my brushing-time :o) Have a wonderful thursday :o)

Angel and Kirby
10 years ago

We are not too fond of the brush!

Miss Kitty
10 years ago

Oh wow, that must be some good brushing station…I think I would love it too, especially getting brushed on demand! I guess I better start ‘dema’…I mean, asking for it and often too! Thanks Brian for a useful tip!
Kitty xx

10 years ago

What great parents you have! Nobody here wants BOD but Annie will tolerate it. Lucy loved it. I think it’s so nice that you get brushed whenever you want.

Layla Morgan Wilde
10 years ago

OMC you are lucky! We brush every night before bed.

Random Felines
10 years ago

YEAH!! You got your spot back and Kit is a part of the family. BTW – mom wants to know if you can talk to us about enjoying brushing? MOL

10 years ago

We are so glad that Kit is totally a part of the family now, and that the B.O.D. has resumed! 🙂

Clarissa & Co.
10 years ago

1. We are extremely happy that Kit has adjusted to her new life with your family.
2. YAY!!! We love brushies at my house! Glad you guys and gals are back to getting B.O.D.s!!!

10 years ago

We like to be brushed to, feels so nice. 🙂

Madi and Mom
10 years ago

Brian I love a good brush too. However, being the diva that I am…I am brushed by mom. MOL I sit by the table where the brush lives…let out a big MEOW and wala..out comes the brush for my instant gratification.
Hugs madi your BFFF

10 years ago

You´re so cute!

Caren Gittleman
10 years ago

YAY Sister Kit and YAY “brushing on demand!!!”

10 years ago

Oh we are all in on B.O.D’s!

10 years ago

B.O.D. should be a requisite in every household!

10 years ago

You guys are so lucky to have such a nice mom and dad to give you all B.O.D. 🙂

10 years ago

You and me both, Brian. Ize luv a brush!! >^,.^<

10 years ago

Glad you are all integrated…nothing worse than segregating pets in the house, no one is really happy, especially cats since you want to be everywhere!

10 years ago

Brian, We can’t believe your happiness at getting brushed. Giulietta is the main kitty to get brushed here ’cause her extreme floofiness, and at three years old she is just warming up to it. If our humans did anything on demand from us, we’d fall over in a faint. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

10 years ago

I’m just starting to enjoy Brushing. I guess I need to up my game…

Tillie and Georgia
10 years ago

Yay for sister Kit for being out and about!
Double yay for BOD 🙂 That sounds pawsome!
We know it feels great too 😉
You must have had a big session because you look super handsome!

Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Cathy Keisha
10 years ago

Better rethink Brian or you gonna be one bald cat. MOL! I love my FURminator.

10 years ago

the idea of BOD makes me happy

Ann Paws
10 years ago

Well your coat does look amazing Brian! So glad you have wonderful humans to take care of all you kitties.

Spitty the Kitty
10 years ago

Well, I wish your Mom and Dad would teach the Human about this BOD dealio. I’ve got the D part down, but the Human slacks on the B. How did you train them?

Oui Oui
10 years ago

BOD is very sweet and something to be thankful for! We don’t care for brushing, unless its on our backs, but sides and tummies annoy us.

Adan & Lego
10 years ago

We love B.O.D., too!

And I am also very glad about Sister Kit!!!

Cat's Cats
10 years ago

My goodness I have been away for a long time, I didn’t even know you had an addition to your family!!!! Welcome sister Kit, you have hit the kitty jackpot and landed in a wonderful forever home 🙂

I just wanted to pop by and thank you for visiting with birthday wishes for Casper and Kip. xoxo

Dogs N Pawz
10 years ago

Your mommy and daddy are such nice peoples! We love to be brushed too but I don’t think we get brushed as much as you do! We are jealous!!!!!

Emma and Buster
10 years ago

You are one solid family unit now. Yay!

Molly The Wally
10 years ago

So glad BOD is back Brian and that you enjoy it so much. If my peeps gets out the furminator I run and hide. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly


Awww… human folks seem purrfect. Have a great weekend.

Chancy and his cats
10 years ago

Oh, sweet Brian that is cool that you have a brushing post and it is now back in service. BOD wow, how nice is that. When we see the brush come out we all come running we love brushing too. You all have a super great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

Julia Williams
10 years ago

Brushing on Demand?? Wow, I think you must have the best pawrents ever!!

My girl kitty Annabelle would love to be brushed 24/7, but my two boy kitties only seem to tolerate it.

Timmy Tomcat
10 years ago

Hoo Cat Brian that sounds wonderfur.
We need one of those here at the Tomcat home. Now where to put it. Hmmmm