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Please Help Baby Doll Happy Dance Home

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!
Hello everyone!   Can you guess where I am right now?  I know, the logical guess is that I am in Brian’s Throne.  But that was really a trick question because I wrote my post yesterday and I’m really not here at all.

I got a surprise this morning, but I really wasn’t too excited about it.  The PTU came out and before I knew it the others had voted that it was my turn to go to the Vet.  I really thought we were going alphabetical so I wasn’t the least bit worried at all.  Apparently someone decided to change the order without consulting me.  Oh, I objected, but it didn’t do any good.

It’s time for all my annual stuff so mostly it will be a routine visit.  I’m still having a problem with “excessive grooming”, as Dad and Mom call it, but I really don’t think it’s excessive.  When you’re the floofiest cat in the house you do tend to spend a lot of time grooming.  So Dad is going to find out if there is something else going on or if there is something I can take to get me to lick a little less.  I already take an antihistamine and coconut oil and they seem to help a bit sometimes, and then other times not so much.  Maybe I’m just overly nervous since I’m the smallest one here.  Do you remember the saying “what goes up must come down”?  Well, what goes in must come out, and that applies to fur too.  So we’ll see what the Vet has to say.  I’ll make sure Brian gives you a brief update on Monday.

Hmmmmm, since I’m going to the Vet today, totally out of order, I wonder who will be next.  I’m sure they will be as surprised as I was!  See you soon.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip!  Later!

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39 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Zoe

  1. Marg

    Well that isn’t any fun, going to the vet. Hope all is good for you and they can figure out about your excessive grooming. We have some that do that too. Have a great day. We lost our electric all night last night.
    Thanks soooooooo much for telling everyone about Baby Doll.

  2. Katie Isabella

    Oh Zoe, I don’t like going either.. So far I am not screaming like the hounds of Baskerville were after me. But I do NOT like it.

    I feel so badly for Baby Doll and I so wish she could please find a forever home. I know she is afraid of the other cats there at her present home and so spends her days alone. I am grateful that she has a home where she is loved and cared for but to have her very own home where she is the only Queen…that would be so nice for her. xxoo

  3. Cat's Cats

    Good luck at the vet today Zoe!!!! Our Casper has the longest coat at our house and also has to expel furballs regularly despite daily brushing….it’s just a floof thing I think.

    Thanks for Jimmy’s birthday wishes, we’re returning to blogging next week and hope you’ll pop back for a visit 🙂

  4. Hannah and Lucy

    That’s a very nasty surprise Zoe – at a weekend too. We don’t like going to the vets either but at least your turn will have gone when Brian and your sisfurs are lining up for their “outings”! We are purring for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Kwee Cats

    Well, we’d demand a recount on that vote, Miss Zoe. We paws crossed, but are sure you will get a great report. You guys have a happy weekend 🙂

  6. Glogirly & Katie

    Oh Zoe… the Z’s are always as a disadvantage when it comes to the alphabet. ; )
    Sorry to hear about the over-grooming thing…I’ve been dealing with a little of that myself. I blame Waffles. I need a prescription to make him go away.
    ; ) Katie

    (seriously though…I’ve been getting better with Feliway diffusers and Spirit Essences Stress Stopper)

  7. mariodacat

    Awww Zoe, sure hope you can find some relief from the itches and grooming detail. It’s nice to be beautiful (and you are) but it’s better not to over due it.

  8. Madi and Mom

    Zoe 100% not fair…rules are rules and order is order…just who threw a wrench in the rules? We hope and purr you find a solution to your licking…maybe you just like the way you taste? Hugs Madi your bFFF

  9. Ann Paws

    Oh Zoe good luck at the veterinarian’s office! I’ve met a few kitties who liked to lick themselves a lot. Sometimes they licked so much that they had naked bellies!

  10. Katnip Lounge

    oh RATS. We hate it when “the Others” vote in a bloc! Zoe, you just groom all you want and hack up foot-long yaks like Mystery Cat does at our house. The peep’s reaction(s) are priceless!

  11. Clooney

    Oh Sister Zoe, you sure are pretty and we hope that all went well with the vet visit and that all is good. Huge purrs to Baby Doll for the right and perfect forever home to come forward soon. That was so wonderful of Marg to be fostering her all this time.

  12. Kitties Blue

    Hey Zoe, we hope you got a clean bill of health. Even if it is a routine visit, traveling in the PTU is no fun. That’s why our vet comes to our house and we all have one long appointment for our annual exams and vaccines. Less stress that way. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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