Opt to Adopt: Rescue Jenna’s Swan Song – Saving Sampson and Delilah – Greenville, SC


My dear friend and rescue partner Jenna, whom I have mentioned frequently, is facing one of the cruel challenges of life, that of an unwell spouse. Jenna will be leaving behind the world of animal rescue in order to care for her spouse. On behalf of all critters everywhere, thank you for being there and for saving so many helpless animals. Our thoughts and prayers and with you and your husband.

This is Jenna’s swan song:

Sampson and Delilah. The call came in to Concerned Citizens For Animals of a mother who had not been seen and babies with their eyes still closed. Nothing more other than an approximate location was given. The emailer gave no information of themselves and when we tried to contact them we got a return mail response.

I rushed over to the church with the empty parking lot looking for a trash dumpster where the emailer said they would be found. A teeny orange kitty barely able to cry anymore, probably because he had been crying for a day now, was on the sidewalk. He was covered in blood with dried on sticky afterbirth. Mama had just given birth maybe a day ago. Looking through the bushes I found another, a tortie, very stiff unable to move, covered in blood. I thought she was dead, but their was still life in her. Further inspection lead me to two more. One was covered in maggots, rigor mortis had set in and still another that I thought was in that same condition, a tortie ,was found. When I picked her up she opened her mouth and tried to cry and she moved her arms, but I knew she was too far gone. The maggots were coming out of her mouth, they had already claimed their prize.

I rushed to the vet nearby. Euthanasia was what she told me to do. They have less than a 1% survival rate and the little tortie female will not make it through the night. They were covered in fleas and maggots everyone in every orifice possible. They also had never had the benefit of any time with mother in that the afterbirth on them indicated they had just been born and for whatever may have happened, mama was gone.

I wanted to try. The next morning even after Revolution was applied the ears on the little boy were pools of blood. I had a suspect of what it was and as I began to squeeze maggots, so many came out I thought he would never hear, and the vet confirmed it was a possibility. We all struggled those first weeks as would any person who has been through this knows, who has nursed but struggled because the insects on them and in their intestional tract had started their death toll. Enemas, and ever sort of thing we could do to keep them alive, a true struggle for these babies, and alive we did keep them.

Sampson & Delilah

We have reached five weeks now and my prayer through the feedings is for one more miracle. You see I have come to love them in a way that I cannot begin to tell you. But I cannot keep them. My 80 year old husband has some mental issues that are demanding more and more of my time as he progresses through this disease. I know I too will not outlive these kittens.

I have been doing rescue now for ten years and this is my swan song. I have seen some horrible things down south in my time and I have seen some beautiful things with animals who have been given a second chance at life. But this, this is so very difficult for me to do, that is to give these babies up. But I love them enough to do that, for I cannot give them the life they deserve. This is a fitting swan song for me because I have never, ever seen animals struggle to live more than Sampson and Delilah. They are extremely loving and affectionate, sweet and tender, and they are an attestation to the never ending will to live and the miracles of God.

Sampson & Delilah

Every night and day I am praying and praying for a very special home for them. They will be fully vetted when they weigh enough and have no special needs. Yes, Sampson can hear…………….

Let’s help Jenna, who has helped so many, find a home for these beautiful babies. Please share, share, share. Contact me at brian (at) brianshomeblog (dot) com if you can help.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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mollie and alfie
10 years ago

OMC they are gorgeous, hoping they find a forever loving home xx00xx
Mollie and Alfie


Jenna – you are special, what a beautiful story. I hope these little ones find perfect homes.

10 years ago

Oh gosh, we sure wish Jenna the very best. We also hope like crazy that those two kittens find a home. We will share and post about the kittens. Please give our very best to Jenna. Take care.

Sue at Talking Dogs
10 years ago

My heart goes out to your friend, Jenna. Sharing so that this rescue can become a success story.

Amber DaWeenie
10 years ago

Our prayers to Jenna and her husband….and also for those beautiful babies. I hope they find their 4-ever home….together.

Hannah and Lucy
10 years ago

We are so sorry for Jenna and her husband. Those kittens deserve a chance of life after surviving this bad start to their lives. We hope someone will adopt them both.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

10 years ago

I hope these sweet babies find their forever home together. I am so sorry to hear about your husband Jenna. I will keep the two of you and the kittehs in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you for all you have done.

Molly The Wally
10 years ago

Firstly a big bravo to Jenna and all the good work she has done. We pray for her and her husband. God bless you both.
Best wishes Molly

10 years ago

How wonderful Jenna was able to save these two. I’, sure they will get the loving forever home they need and deserve. I pray for Jenna and her husband. What a caring woman she must be!

Dogs N Pawz
10 years ago

We hope these kitties find their forever home and we are keeping Jenna and her husband in our thoughts and prayers. Paws crossed for those beautiful babies, Jenna and her husband. Sharing.

Pat Hatt
10 years ago

Is awesome how they pulled through and hope a great home is found soon.

Cats of wildcat woods
10 years ago

We will share and if need be post on BW page on FB!

Pam | Words With Wieners

Oh, my heart hurts for Jenna. It is clear that she was very dedicated to rescue. I’ll bet she’s saved many, many sweet ones over the years; and was determined to fight for these babies’ lives. It looks like her spirit paid off for these two. I will Jenna and her husband in my thoughts and prayers, and pray these two little fighters find a very special home.
Will definitely share!

10 years ago

A big THANK YOU to Jenna for all that you’ve done over the years!
We’re purring these kittens get adopted soon. They’ve gone through so much!

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
10 years ago

God’s blessings two ewe Jenna & yur husband….
St Francis’ blessings two ewe Sampson & Delilah…

all R purayers two everee one….


10 years ago

My heart goes out to Jenna for all the good she’s done. I know how hard it must be to stop. What an amazing story of rescue.

Marks Mews
10 years ago

How can a post be so heart-breaking and hope-filled at the same time? I am so sad for the pain and confusion all 4 kittens must have felt. I am astonished and relieved that the 2 survived due to Jenna’s extreme efforts and may now have long happy lives. I am sad for Jenna’s husband and the difficulties that Jenna is facing. She is truly an amazing person.

10 years ago

Brian we are sure gonna be purr and pray really hard that help can be had for these sweet babies. And also we pray for Jenna as she becomes a caregiver for her husband. I am a caregiver myself and I know that it can be challenging. Forever in our prayers

Scylla, Socks, Tuiren & Fenris

We all has our paws crossed that they find the purrfect forever home. We are sharing, sharing, sharing.

Wish we could do more, they have really touched our hearts.

Kitties Blue
10 years ago

What an incredible story. These two kittens will definitely be Jenna’s legacy. That they survived is truly amazing, and they should have a truly amazing home. We hope they find just the right pawrents very soon. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Caren Gittleman
10 years ago

what a beautiful soul Jenna is. We pray these babies find their furever home. We tweeted. We also send prayers for her husband

Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

Bless Jenna & all her hard work & love. Here is praying for a fast forever home to be found for this cute pair. and prayers for her hubby’s health, I am so familiar with the trials that come from being in poor health along with my spouse.

Ginger Jasper
10 years ago

They are so lovely and I have everything crossed that they get loving homes.. Hugs GJ xx

10 years ago

Sending good thoughts to those sweet babies

Cathy Keisha
Cathy Keisha
10 years ago

Those poor babies. I’ll start sharing. They shall find the home that Jenna prays for.

10 years ago

Oh, what a miracle those sweet babies are alive! And what a wonder Jenna is! We will share this and try to help find these little ones a wonderful furever family.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

They are so adorable! We hope they can find a very special forever home. They certainly deserve one to do Jenna proud.

Sweet Purrfections
10 years ago

We hope someone can give these two the wonderful forever home they deserve. Our special purrs for Jenna.

Oui Oui
10 years ago

That story in heartrending and so hard to read. God bless Jenna, she is so special. We hope she is able to find a good home for those adorable kittens she stole from death.

Ann Paws
10 years ago

That is quite a story. I hate maggots! I am glad these kittens were strong and are still alive. I hope Sampson and Delilah can find great homes for themselves!

Spitty the Kitty
10 years ago

Many purrayers for Jenna & her spouse and for these sweet kittens. XOXOXO

Dip Bridge and Elliot
10 years ago

Oh my gosh, that was one of the most heartwrenching stories I have ever read. I am so glad Jenna was able to save these poor little babies. I hope they find the best home possible after their ordeal, it is a miracle they survived. What a wonderful person Jenna is. Good luck finding them a home.
Lynne x

10 years ago

what little cuties,hope they find forever homes soon,xx Speedy

10 years ago

So tiny hope they get a home real soon x