Run Free My Dear Pal Dash Kitten

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We will love you forever Dash

We are sad and in shock this morning to learn that our dear friend Dash Kitten was forced to cross the Bridge after being killed by dogs.  Dash was truly a Twitter legend and worked tirelessly to help others, seriously, non-stop.

Please, please, please stop by his blog HERE and leave words of comfort for Mom Marjorie.  Run free my friend.  The world truly is a better place because you were here.  I will be looking for your star tonight.

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43 thoughts on “Run Free My Dear Pal Dash Kitten

  1. Marg

    We were very sad about Dash too. We didn’t know him very well since we haven’t figured out how to do Twitter. That must have been horrible for Marjorie.

  2. Gin and Bailey

    Although we didn’t know Dash, we send our best prayers & thoughts to Dash’s family. We have a black cat with green eyes that comes to the door & meow’s every night so we give him food & milk….don’t know where he came from but, he’s pretty thin…..

  3. Sue Brandes

    So sad to hear another has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I did not know this sweet kitty but; I left hugs and purrs for his family.

  4. Valerie

    This is so sad, I learned the hard way that you absolutely MUST keep your cats safe indoors. I’ve lost EVERY SINGLE cat I’ve ever let roam outdoors. What a tragic way to go.

  5. Vlad & Barkly's Dee

    OMD! How awful for Dash’s family! I know that everyone that knows Dash in Twitter is going to miss Dash VERY much. This is almost too hard to wrap our minds around.

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