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We’re back from the Emergency Clinic.  Last night and still today, Brian is going to the litter box constantly, often just sitting there for 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  He does get something out.  While we were in the exam room waiting for the emergency Vet he did a nice big pee on a puppy pad so there is not any blockage.  The Vet checked him out and his bladder is empty.  She feels it is sterile cystitis especially since his vitals are excellent and his previous urinalysis showed no bacteria and xrays revealed no stones.  We are continuing his pain meds and a med to help with the inflammation of the urethra which instead of twice daily she increased to every 8 hours.

So, that’s where we are, and Brian is still in the litter box.  Thanks for all the purrs and well wishes.

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81 thoughts on “Another Brian Update

  1. Joan Ryan

    Poor Brian. He must be so uncomfortable for him :(((. Wishing for a speedy recovery.
    Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  2. Connie

    I have dealt with this with two of my cats. If you are interested in learning how I keep my boys crystal free, I’m happy to talk to you about it. I don’t want to be a pain if you aren’t interested in alternative treatments, so I’ll just leave the offer open.. if you ever want to chat, you know where I am 🙂

    Purrs that Brian feels better soon!!

  3. Oui Oui

    Oh, poor Brian! If he is in the litter box that often, he isn’t feeling very comfortable. We are purring he will be better soon, and those meds kick in quickly. He has our sympathy and our prayers.

  4. Nerissa's Life

    Brian, you takin’ that pregn…predni… predne… That hormone for the inflammation? Several of us have been on that for various reasons and once it kicks in, it always works wonders.

    Still purrin’ for you.


  5. Katie Isabella

    Dearest Brian, I am so so grateful that your body chemistry stats are good and that gives me great hope that this will be over for you before too much more.

    Feel better quickly dearest Brian. Lots of huggles and smoochies to you. xxxooxoxoxox

  6. Gin and Bailey

    Dear Brian, we believe you’ll come through just fine! Stay strong & we send send hugs & paw hugs to you….get well little pal!

  7. Fuzzy Tales

    Ugh! Continued purrs from us, Brian. Most bouts will clear up after a handful of days…paws crossed. We’re glad there’s no blockage, though.


  8. Whisppy

    Poor Brian. It must be so exhausting having to keep going in and out of the box. We hope the higher frequency of the meds will help kick the UTI out. We’re sending you lots of purrs and keeping you in our purrayers, Brian!

  9. deb

    We’re so sorry to hear Brian is still not feeling well. 🙁 It’s good news that everything looks good, though. We will be praying, and purrrrrring that he is back to normal very soon! Sending you all hugs!

  10. Sparkle

    Poor Brian. 🙁 I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must be. I really hope this clears up soon. I am sending him lots and lots of purrs.

  11. mariodacat

    Oh buddy, it breaks our hearts that you are having all these problems. Sure hope the meds help you. I’m purring like crazy and M has you in her prayers. You just HAVE to get better pal – YOU JUST HAVE TO!

  12. Cheysuli

    Oh poor Brian! Our purrs. This does not seem like any fun! And just when we thought you were starting to feel a bit better you have this. Purrs and more purrs from all of us. We had a cat who had that problem. Sigh.

  13. Old Kitty

    Oh noes! Brian! What’s going on? Awwwwww you poor sweetie – please please please be ok! Take care

  14. Sammy

    Oh Brian we’re so sorry to hear you’re still having pee problems…..I’m happy that your vitals are good though – you’re a strong guy. I sure hope your pain meds help – and you will have a permanent spot on our prayer list (until you say you’re 100% FINE!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  15. Angel Abby

    Brian we are still sending healing purrs to you.
    We know you are not comfortable, and your Mom and Dad have done everything they can for you. We hope you have a better night.

  16. Clooney

    Oh dear buddy Brian, we love you! Sending you our biggest purrs and prayers for everything to resolve and for you to be feeling your best again.

  17. Spitty the Kitty

    Brian, Buddy, I’m so sorry you are still having the pee problems. I hope the new pain meds and other stuff kicks in soon and you are able to have at least *some* easy in your Sunday. I’m sending you purrs, and purrs and more purrs for more comfortable peeing VERY soon, my furiend. The Human adds her purrayers too, for you AND your Dad, ’cause she knows how hard it is for our Humans when we are not feeling well. XOXOXOXO

  18. Sue Brandes

    Big hugs and purrs Brian. I am so sorry this is happening. I hope you get better real soon.
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

  19. meowmeowmans

    Oh Brian, we are so sad that you’re still having issues and pain. We sure hope the vets can figure things out, and get you all better. We love you, pal, and are purring real hard. Hugs!

  20. A few Good Cats

    It’s good that you know it’s not a blockage, because that can mean surgery. What he has ought to be treatable with medication. We send healing vibes and purrayers Brian’s way!

  21. Bev Green

    Poor guy 🙁 it is awful to see how distressed it clearly makes them..i hope the meds kick in soon and that Brian is off that tray and doing much more pleasant being a happy kitty 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  22. Jenna

    We are glad to hear Brian has no blockage but sad to hear he’s still spending so much time in the litter box. We’re sending purrs and hugs.

  23. Tillie and Georgia

    Oh Brian, you poor thing 🙁
    We are really going to purr extra hard for you to be free of this nasty problem and feel better soon!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  24. The Island Cats

    Poor Brian! We hope the medicines help him feel better. Zoey had a few bouts of cystitis and now the mom gives her only canned foods and mixes in lots of water. She hasn’t had any issues since. *knocking wood*

  25. Catherine

    Oh gosh ~ poor kitty! We are hoping that the medicine kicks in soon. No fun to sit in the little box all day! Get better Brian!
    xo Catherine

  26. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Stupid question: has Brian been checked for a blocked Urethra?? this is hard to diagnose & usually happens to male cats….
    Cystitis is no picnic..that is what nylablue first had…
    Poor darling Brian…I have no suggestions as your Vet covered it all…I am so sorry he is going thru this…
    Time to increase the praying!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  27. Cathy Keisha

    *SOB SOB SOB SOB* Sniffle. I’m crying cos Brian is so sick. Could it be nerves? Has something changed in the household? Is there any blood in his urine? TW has that cystitis thing and it’s no fun. It must be terrible to know Brian is going through this and you can’t do anything to help him except wait for the meds to work.

  28. Adan * Lego

    Oah Brain!!
    We are so sorry to learn this news about you,
    Michico is too busy to help us visiting blogs!!!
    Sending our best purrs and prayers,
    we are keeping your condition in our thoughts!!!!!

    Hope you feel better and turn better~!
    Big hugs!!!!!!!

  29. Elvira Mistress of Felinity

    While I think Litter Boxes are cool (Well, OK, maybe cool isn’t the right word. How about just “useful”? Hee, hee!), I hope whatever is bothering you clears up so you don’t have to spend so much time in yours!

  30. Ms. Stella O Houligan

    oh that’s awful. Miss Stella can completely relate to Brian’s misery. That opening gets so inflamed that even when the infection is gone or the crystals have moved or whatever, she does the same squat for minutes on end.

    We send our love & purrs for Mr. B. Sounds like he’s on the mend from the infection at least.

    Ms. Stella O’houligan

  31. Dip Bridge & Elliot

    Poor Brian
    We are so sorry that he is trapped in the litterbox. We hope the problem is sorted out soon, it can’t be nice feeling like you need to pee all the time.
    Take care Brian.
    Dip Bridge and Elliotx

  32. CatonsvilleCats

    We have a sterile cystitis cat at our house. That’s where the Cosequin for Cats came into our lives. Now I soften all their kibble by putting some in a plastic tub with water and keeping it in the fridge, it gets all soft and wet. I give that, mixed with wet food and water so it’s like oatmeal, and once a day a capsule of Cosequin sprinkled in. It’s helped us. No more dry kibble. That stuff blows up to four times its size when you soak it!

  33. Caren Gittleman

    Mom and I hurried over as fast as we could since we were gone most of yesterday.
    Poor Brian!!!
    I think it is great there is no blockage though, hoping they are able to clear this up once and for all! It’s NO FUN sitting in a litter box!
    Poor baby!!!
    Love, Cody and “Mom”

  34. Cats of wildcat woods

    Oh dear. I had hoped this was over. Have they given Brian an antibiotic? Yoko had these symptoms and she did not show any bacteria or stones or crystals – she had a kidney infection. It took 4 weeks on antibiotics but she is fine now. I will find the link that explains how this can happen.

  35. Judy & C.A.T.S.

    This iz the first time we have been here. We iz so sorry to hear that Brian is sick. We send prayers and good thoughts. Andy sends special hugs. He had the same problem a few years ago. He said this is very painful for boy catz. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  36. Judi

    I sure hope Brian starts feeling better, soon. Thunder had a couple cystitis incidents a few years ago, so I know how distressing it is to both the patient and those that love him. Poor little guy. Is he getting the proper amount of naps?

  37. Kitties Blue

    Brian buddy, You need to get yourself well. Hope whatever your getting for the inflammation will do a better job now that you are getting it more frequently. We’re all purring and praying for you. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  38. Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    Hopefully as we make our way through our list, we will see a good update on Brian. All paws crossed here for much improvement.

    Sorry to be in absentia, but Mom says there is little time with all the commotion at the house.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  39. Timmy Tomcat

    Well we are glad to hear there is no blockage. Sounds very unusual though. Dad knows a bit about cats (More about peeps) and feels there was a big crystal that passed through and scratched up the walls. But that should be better by now so…
    We will keep the purrs coming

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