Thankful Thursday: iOS7 and Rudeness – Venting Among Friends


Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it! Howdy everyone! Thanks for all the purrs and well wishes, I am still having my share of problems and I’m sure hoping to kick this thing out of here soon.  I am overwhelmed with the love and support you’ve sent my way.  Thank you all so very much.

This post was actually scheduled before I started feeling poorly…

Today I want to do something that I don’t do too often, no matter what my Sister tell you. Today I want to vent, and it’s a mixed vent, a little about techy stuff and a little about rudeness.

First the techy stuff.  I am a mobile kind of kitty and as such I am almost always on my iPad.  Actually I have two iPads, an iPad 3rd Generation and an iPad Mini.  We post our blogs from our iPads, we read blogs on our iPad and we comment on blogs from our iPad, at least we used to do all of those.

Then, along came iOS7, a brand new update from Apple.  Now I know in saying this that lots and lots of you have not had any difficulty at all.  But seriously, our productivity on the iPad has come almost to a screeching hault.  When you try to keep up with 420+ blogs you really need to be productive.  Couple that with Google Reader shutting down a while back and we’ve got a mess on our paws.  We started using Feedly as our reader and we got used to it and were doing just fine.  Thanks to that iOS7 thing, we are getting nowhere fast.  Feedly uses it’s own browser and we can read your blogs just fine, most of the time, but it is not unusual to have to reload the blogs 3 or 4 times before the comment box shows up.  Then, when we go to type our comment, the keyboard disappears and the typing stops.  We may have to touch in the comment area 6 or 7 times before we can actually finish our comment.  It takes us a long, long time to read and comment on your blogs these days, but we are trying our best.  Some blogs we can’t get to load at all and we end up emailing ourselves the link so we can comment when we turn the Macbook on.  Sometimes we just copy the link to your blog and then open a browser and paste the link in the browser.  It still takes forever, maybe 2 to 3 minutes for the page to load and we still have the problem trying to type the comments.  Then, when we actually get to submit a comment sometimes we are then presented with a pretty white blank page.  These problems happen for us no matter which iPad we’re using. It takes us almost 10 minutes to get though with one blog.   We don’t have these issues using Feedly on the Macbook, but it just isn’t mobile enough for us.  So, that’s my vent on the techy side.  Hopefully things will straighten out after a while. If you’re seeing less comments from us, that would be why.

Then, my second vent is about rudeness, a trait that some humans seem to be proud to display.  I was totally appalled with the way a very popular online pet food company treated our dear friends from Manx Mnews.  The humans at that online pet food company were just plain rude and there is no excuse for that kind of behavior.  They did not like the review that was done.  We were buying things from that online company and were just about to start buying everything from them.  With seven of us, that’s a lot of stuff.  We even had an Auto Ship order already in place.  We don’t like companies that treat our friends badly.  Blogging is supposed to be fun.  We’ve canceled our Auto Ship Order and started buying from another online pet food company, and we told them why, not that they care, but we told them anyways.

So, today I’m thankful for the opportunity to vent among friends.  Thank you so much for listening!!!.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip!  Later!

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70 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: iOS7 and Rudeness – Venting Among Friends

  1. Whisppy

    We were beyond disgusted by how that online company treated our friends at Manx Mews too. All the good reviews on that company flushed down the drain all because of some rude humans they employed. We hope the management will sit up, take notice and take action before all their hard work of marketing themselves comes to naught.

    We’re sorry the IOS7 is giving you so much trouble. We read that quite a few people are facing problems with the upgrade so hopefully they’ll get it fixed quickly.

    We’re glad you’re home, Brian, and we hope the full test results will give the vets a clearer picture on how to boot the UTI out of your system. Meanwhile, we’ll keep sending you purrs and keep you in our purrayers. Feel better soon, Brian!

  2. Sparkle

    I was disappointed by the way the ManxMnews kitties were treated too. 🙁

    Feel better soon, Brian! I do most of my “heavy lifting” on the MacBook Pro, so we haven’t had to deal with most of the problems iOS7 has been causing everyone else.

  3. Austin Towers

    Hi Brian, first of all I want tell you old buddy that I am purring up a storm that you start to feel your old self real soon! Secondly I was appalled at how that pet food company treated our good friends at Manx Mnews too. They don’t sell their stuff over here, but I would have stopped buying from them too if they did and tell all my friends.

    Thirdly, The Staff has pretty well stopped using ipad, as since google reader stopped she has had real problems accessing the elebenty billion blogs we follow. So now she uses the Macbook. Makes life easier. Have to say that she reads quite a lot on her iphone, but doesn’t use it for comments. Perhaps Apple will do a patch or something to sort it out if enough people complain! She has very slow broadband too and nothing much is happening about that in spite of the promises made by the provider 🙁


  4. angelswhisper2011

    Mollie and Alfie told me you don’t feeling so well, Brian, so here I am bringing you Healing Pawkisses. Sincerely, Little Binky and Granny. Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  5. Marg

    Well we don’t know anything about all the I-pad stuff so no advice from us. We were sorry about the way that company treated the Manx Mews kitties too. That was awful
    Brian, we are glad you are at least home now and hope you can start to get a little better now. Sending tons and tons of purrs and prayers. Take care.

  6. Hilary

    Brian, Manx Mews wasn’t the only one who received a criticizing email from that online company. Lucy and I did too. I spoke to Debra about it off line and we forwarded each other the emails – they were incredibly similar. I am still floored about the situation… Seriously, they send us a can of food or so and we promote their company. Let’s face it, we are giving the totally free advertising. Rather than being thankful for the exposure they complain? But I am a firm believer in karma and what goes around comes around. They tried to take advantage of bloggers and their relationships to promote their company and products – but then their actions backfired due to their staff – and the same bloggers are now promoting how obnoxious they are…

    I hear you about blog productivity – I was able to read / comment perfectly with google reader -but now I just can’t stay current

    Sending you lots of love and healing purrs my friend

  7. Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    The head peep does a lot of blog reading on i-devices, though most of her commenting is on a whole computer. This is coming through the phone, though, with a bluetooth keyboard (looks funny, but it works). Feedly as a web service seems pretty stable, but the Feedly apps never stabilized for us, especially on older hardware. What the head peep did was switch to a different reader app that could pull data from Feedly. She uses Byline because she’s been using it since before Ashton was born (it used to be for Google Reader, now it’s for Feedly). But if you look on the feedly site, there’s a link that says something like “partners” that lists other apps that also work with Feedly. Might be worth a try to see if one of them works better for you for commenting.

    We hope you feel better soon.

  8. Jobi and Fisher

    About the tech stuff, which I really don’t understand – I have a conspiracy theory. Methinks it is a counter-revolution to mess up the huge popularity of cats and dogs on the net. My official statement to all who are changing everything daily and making us miserable: “No wonder we don’t have world peace.”

  9. Molly The Wally

    We are techy phobes so no help from here I am afraid. How stupid to be so rude. They just lost business. Not clever at all.
    Brian we are thinking of you. Please get well soon buddy.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Madi and Mom



  11. The Florida Furkids

    We’re hoping you’re feeling better this morning.

    My updated her iPad and hasn’t had problems yet but she does all of our posting and most of our reading and commenting with her regular computer.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Pat Hatt

    Yuck to the tech problems indeed. That would have me saying some no so very nice words at my feed haha and if rude they are, hit them with a car

  13. Catherine

    Banjo and I are sending lots of good thoughts and purrs that you get feeling better sweetie!!

    And I totally agree with you on the techy problems as I am experiencing the same thing now that I have done my ipad updates. Why oh why do they take a good thing and make it bad!!!! Rude people will eventually get their karma I think.

    Sending hugs and kisses!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  14. Laila and Minchie

    Keeping you in our purrs, Brian! We also were getting ready to place our first order with that company, but now we aren’t going to.

    Take care of yourself and get better soon buddy! (((hugs)))

  15. melody

    Brian me and my kitties are sending lots of Healing Purrs your way. So sorry you are having problems with your tech stuff. Good news though. I did read on FB that Apple is coming out with a better Upgrade this week. I think its called 7.3 and they said that most of bugs should be cleared up when you upgrade to this one.
    As for those Rude people….Good for you! Its always good to give this Bad companies feedback! Shame on them!!!!!

    Have a Treat Filled Day!

  16. Kizzie

    Sorry to hear about the pet food company. We have an I-pad, but use the desktop for updating the blogs, and sympathise with you as it all sounds rather inconvenient.

    Anyway, I have heard from the Tabby Cat Club that you are now home again, and hope you are definitely on the mend now.

  17. Joan Ryan

    We know nothing about i-pads but we understand RUDE. We are not familiar with that pet food company but we’re going to check them out.
    We are so glad you are home. Get well soon sweet boy.
    Praying and purring for you big time,
    Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  18. Sue Brandes

    I am not good with tech stuff and I hate when they change it and it makes things worse. Frustrating. If companies cannot take any kind of review then they should not be in business. I will take my business elsewhere is something like that bothers me. Even in a walk in store if I get treated bad more than once or if the once was really bad I will not shop there. Brian I really hope you get to feeling better soon. I really hate to see my friends sick.

  19. easy rider

    I cross my paws that you will kick that thing out very soon. I think you did right and I feel sorry for your friends that they weare treated so bad.

  20. Everycat

    Better out than in Brian I say. A good vent clears the custard (or the UTI preferably)

    Brian, me and The Ape are still sending you a heap of rumbly purrs and love and all our paws are crossed that you will soon be well

    That rude pet food company is going to go out of business if it continues treating those who help them out so badly.

    Get well soon Brian!

    Luff Mungo & The Ape xx

  21. savannah

    Be better Brian. I am so sad seeing you not well. And Mom and I dislike the new iOS7 We use iPad and iPhone lots. The latest patch cleared up the slow key board problems for us. But the fonts are small. It is clunky to use. Mom hasn’t put it on her iPhone yet but she knows she has to. dad did and he had to go to iTunes and reload all his music etc I am so out of touch I did not know about Manx Mnewz. I will zip over to learn about it. Purrs, Savvy

  22. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood…if thiz companee canna take crit a sizm, ree gardless oh how ore what bee said, they knead ta ree view there selves… az thatz how buzinezz grows ore failz….listen ta de customer N ya got it made….don’t N ya can cloze de doorz….

    hope ewe iz feelin way soooper better two day; did yur mom ore dad try de apple cider vinegar…if they can get it organic itz best but regular will werk two

    mor blessings oh st francis two ewe az all wayz !!


  23. Ann Paws

    Well I hope that you kick your sickies out the door very soon Brian! I don’t use a Mac, but I think I remember reading someone else saying they didn’t like some updates or something. Sounds extremely frustrating and I admire your dedication to comment on your furriend’s blogs. I think it’s definitely understandable if you don’t! I read a comment somewhere else from someone saying that if they can’t leave comments, sometimes they will tweet a reply about the post or go comment on their facebook page. And boo to that rude company! 🙁

  24. Cheysuli

    Well that makes us glad that the woman is such a contrarian she started using a PC about two years ago after always being on a Mac (although to be fair she was on Windows on Bootcamp for most stuff for a few years before). We don’t have that problem with tech stuff.

    We were disappointed in the letter Manx Mnews got. We have seen some strange requests by people who want stuff reviewed when we read the stuff over at Cat Lady Coalition and sometimes it seems like the people wanting reviews forget that we have our own blogs, opinions and words and want things just so. I think one place, before sending, even tried to tell the person what words to optimize for when writing the review!

    We’ve been on vacation but are starting to look around for another place to purchase our food online. Weruva is not that easy to find unfortunately.

  25. Zoolatry

    Be well, Brian dear!
    As for so-called-“friends” at “that” food company, phooey on them! Our blogger friends are the real ones, fur sure.
    As for ipads, ipods, and anything with an “i” in front … well, here we sit at our awfully old 2005 desktop, totally not up to date, with “i-nothing”, so cannot share your

  26. thecatguy

    technology, ugh! necessary evil. kitties have it right, keep it simple. mouses. nip. string. feathers. stoopid apples and androids and windows… well the windows where you can watch birdies are good.

    420+ blogs, wowza! That’s a lotza. you should get metal or special prize for that. I hope you get the bugs worked out, maybe retire Feedly to litter box and find something else that plays more friendly.

  27. Emma and Buster

    Oh we don’t know what happened to the Manx Mnews kitties. I think we were off sleeping when things happen we’ll go check it out.

    Oh Brian so much techy stuff that mom’s head was spinning while reading, MOL, humans!

    We continue our purr brigade for you dear pal.

  28. prancer pie

    We were sorry to hear how Manx Mnews was treated too. We turned them away for a review and hope efurrybody else does the same.

    All of us are sending big get better wishes, purrs, and purrayers. Happy Thursday! XOXO

  29. Maggie

    I’m feeling grateful that you’re getting better, Brian, and also that with all the gazllion blogs you watch over, you always comment on mine.
    The online pet food company is getting a lot of free advertising for a free bag of food or treats. It always seemed like they were taking advantage of pet bloggers to me. Sorry to hear that Manx Mnews had such a nasty experience with them.
    Please rest and recover, Brian!

  30. Old Kitty

    Awwww lovely Brian! Please continue to get better! And rest! Yay!

    Thanks for the info re: ipads and macs! We are eager to get our paws on an ipad solely to keep up with the blog so it’s so interesting to read about the problems you are encountering! Definitely food for thought!

    We visited wonderful Manx Mnews to catch up on this product review thing and the review done for this certain company’s product was really quite nice. We don’t understand the company’s objection to such a favourable review! 🙁

    Take care

  31. Random Felines

    feel better Brian….

    we don’t know anything about appless – sorry. 🙂

    As for rude, we don’t get it either. if you send out stuff and ask for an honest opinion, don’t be mad when you get it.

  32. Mags Corner

    Hi, sweet Brian we do hope you are feeling better today and are well on the way to being all well. We are keeping the prayers going for you sweetie. We are sorry about all the trouble you are having with commenting on blogs hope that get all ironed out for you very soon.We had not yet heard about what happened to our friends at Manx Mnews but there is never any excuse for rudeness and we are so sorry they were treated badly. Get all well very soon! Hugs and nose kisses

  33. Kitties Blue

    We read Debra’s comment about what happened with that company. With the number of bloggers who use that company, you’d think that C***y would realize their behavior toward the review on Manx Mnews would be shared. Whoever at the company did this should be facing a pink slip because we know that you won’t be the only ones who find another supplier.
    Mom only has the iPad 2, but she hates using it for posting and especially for commenting, even when she sets up the keyboard she has for it. She drags her MacBook Air everywhere.
    As she told Debra after her venting post, vent away! If you can’t do that among your blogging friends, who care about the same things you do, where else are you going to do it.
    We almost forgot what we wanted to tell you while putting in our 2 cents worth: We have nominated you an award. Please drop by our Thankful Thursday post to pick it up. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    P.S. You remain in our prayers Brian!

  34. Bev Green

    Brian ..first continue to get better..big hugs and purrs and woofs and..baa’s ..second we don’t have an Ipad but i am having Windows 8 portal to doom problems..doesn’t help i’m a computer spud,so i can’t help but can sympathise..and thirdly..rude indeed..yet funny their review of Manx cats review has done them no favours! in fact more harm publicity wise..and i was unaware of Manx cats so..i shall pop over and their bad review of the review has actually given Manx cats a new follower…ironic huh Brian 😉 hugs Fozziemum and gang xx

  35. GrammyMouseTails

    First hope you are the mend PDQ! @. I am so with you on the techy stuffins, I do not have any mobile things, just an old desktop and a internet connection that likes to creep & crawl (not fun when trying to read & catch up, esp since I get the blogs I like in my email). 3. How totally unprofessional of that online retailer rudeness to Manx Mnews. If they have ever done any business with bloggers before or read their terms, they KNOW that giving a product to review and maybe giveaway does not guarantee a positive review. Not every thing, food, product if perfect or right for every person or animal. the blog is entitled to their honest review. and that is what I want to read, not just another commercial. I think & hope they lost some business over this, it is not correct behavior. healing purrs to you!

  36. Quill and Greyson

    Hope you still feel better every minute buddy!! I think it’s carzy to have a company upset with the way you review them. You take a chance – and the review was positive. Seriously!

  37. Caren Gittleman

    As for iOS7 I had TON of trouble when I downloaded it on my iPhone. My touch key calibration was completely OFF, which meant I couldn’t text or anything for almost 2 days (as long as it took me to get to the Sprint store)
    Then, I was unable to email photos to myself because my settings were all screwed up. I have held off downloading it on the iPad but I know I am going to have to.
    As for the “rude” company, what they did to our furiend is deplorable, and GUESS WHAT? For the past 2 months I have sent them emails about another issue that to this day NO ONE has answered.
    I even told them I am going to take their badge off of my blog………which reminds me, I am on my way to do that right now

  38. The Island Cats

    Brian, we hope your feeling better real soon. We use the ipad and iphone and we’re not having any problem with the new upgrade. We know, you didn’t want to hear that. But one thing we will say, even before iOS7, we hated the Feedly app on the ipad. We would never use it. Now Feedly on our computer works just fine…better than fine, really.

    As for that online company…we just don’t understand them. We wonder if they might be going through some changes or something. But what they did to Manx Mnews was not right at all.

  39. Cathy Keisha

    Still sending many healing purrz. We’ve never been able to comment from our ipawd cos we have the first one ever made and TW can’t type on that keypad. She almost killed our big computer today too!
    As for that online company, we won’t use them cos they’ve sent every one of our fellow bloggers freebies to review but us. For that we say $h!t on them. Don’t they know that we run those FTC disclaimers cos the reviews are in our own words? I’ve been trying to find a way to have more reviews and giveaways but it’s not really worth it. I’d rather have readers that like my blog instead of readers who just come by to win stuff.

  40. Katie Isabella

    Dearest Brian, I am SO thankful that you are back and I pray that they will find the right way to help you and knock this booger out of you. Poor boy. kisses! And as for Mr C…., THANK you so much for telling it like it was and is. You are such a good friend and what Mr C…. said was inexcusable.

  41. Katie Isabella

    Oh and seems I so all my blogging with the iMac. I read blogs on the iPad and respond to comments and make comments with my iPad 2. My iPhone 5S too. No problems so far but I hate that you are having them. xoxoxo

  42. GreatGranny

    Sweet Brian, I hope you bounce back real soon. You’re in my prayers, sweet boy. I have my usual Internet problems, still can’t comment on many.

  43. Timmy Tomcat

    Thanks so much Brian
    That the purrs from us continue goes without saying. Wow you buy online. I do not know what you eat but Dad thinks he can get a better deal going to pet super stores and his local grocer, when there are sales of course.
    We do not use any A products so cannot comment. On the tech news sites we peruse there does seem to be some issues.
    Now to Rudeness! Hissssssssssssssssss! Dad is helping a poor feral kitten and the back story has neighbors and landlords lining up in the Who is the Biggest Ass.
    Ah well
    So it goes, On and On

  44. Tillie and Georgia

    Sorry about the tech troubles! We purr they get resolved.
    We are also upset that that stupid company “went off” on our friends at Manx Mnews!
    We have received e-mails from them and now we will ignore them!
    Brian, we purr very hard that you are feeling better!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  45. Oui Oui

    Brain, first I want to say how glad I am you are dong better. It may take some time to be 100%, but at least you are mending at home. And God bless your dad for going through as much as he does to read and comment. I think the mom would give up if she had to go through all that.

    I am really sorry for what happened at MN. I like them and the company involved as well. I enjoy doing the reviews, because it is a challenge to see if Oui Oui will eat any of their products. Its a running joke with them. I’ve never had a problem, and I don’t worry much about how I mention them. I’ve even almost forgotten to show a photo of the product.

    I left a message at CB about a year ago, trying to point out some transitional problems that made the site hard to work with (after ML left and before the current folks) thinking it would be helpful for them to know, and took pains to make sure it was friendly (even telling them what a good job they were doing), still they jumped all over me, to the point where others felt it was necessary to write back to them vouching for me. So I can’t help but wonder if the letter sounded harsher than they intended. Tone is hard to judge when words are written.

    Anyway, I’m just really sorry this situation happened.

  46. Texas, a cat in... Austin

    I hope the iPad problems will end soon, maybe when all apps have come up with updates to go with iOS7. My human has been waiting for that very reason, before downloading the update on her iPhone.
    As for the Internet pet company you are mentioning, we were shocked too when we read the post at MN. They might not care about you stopping shopping with them now. They will care when more do just like you. Honestly, my human never shopped with them before but since you were all using it, she was considering shopping there. Not really anymore.
    Get well soon, Brian! We send some more purrs!

  47. Annie

    This is such a sweet picture of you. I jsut love. I am really, really hoping you get better very soon. I have only an iPhone and didn’t have problems with the operating system but I’m sure the iPads are different. Also, yes, I felt so bad for Manx News. They are the nicest–both mom and kitties. I don’t get it. I had reread her review when I saw her post about that and it seemed like a really good review.

  48. deb

    I am so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well, and that you’re having all the tech issues. I hope you feel better soon, and everything gets worked out soon, too!
    Sending you good thoughts and purrrrrrs!
    Deb, Rudy, Bailey, Riley, and GusGus

  49. haopee

    We’ve heard a lot from our friends about your health problem. We are glad that you’re okay now. For the CSA to treat your friends that way just because their faces aren’t visible is just too awful. I agree, they don’t deserve customers if they don’t know how to treat them well.

    As for the iOS7 thing, my brother in law just got his at 7.0.2… perhaps you guys should do the update as well. It seems to resolve a lot of issues. I never use my tablet to post on pages because we end up with a lot of issues like how you did.

  50. Miranda Kitten

    Woah hang on a minit – what have I missed. Mum has not been 100% on the ball and has missed this. I need to go find this and we will stop using their food if its supplied over here.


  51. Dip Bridge & Elliot

    It seems the more technology advances, the greater the problems and bugs we encounter in it. My son has an i-phone which is a total mystery to me.

    Rudeness seems to be the default setting for some people these days and companies are even worse. They give you the minimum shoddy treatment and if you rightly complain they couldn’t give a you-know-what! It is a stressful world Brian.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  52. emma

    Venting now and then is a good thing 🙂 We don’t use our ipad too much and did upgrade with no issues…but then again since we don’t do much with it, not much can go wrong. Hope your issues there are soon resolved. Hopefully that pet food company will feel some damage for treating your friend poorly. Unbelievable!

  53. Angel Abby

    Brian we were not able to comment yesterday because our head DaddyCat was having a major operation and Mom was not able to get online to comment on blogs yesterday. She barely was coherent yesterday — ha! We are glad her thumbs operated but our food was super late! But she fed us!! Thank you for the support regarding the internet company that “done us wrong”! WE did receive quite by surprise a very nice apology from them. I do accept their apology but…I still won’t be doing anymore business with them. It’s good to know where their stripes are. I’m just sayin!

    Thank you again my friend.
    I do have to say I was disheartened to see that others too were criticized. Just hope this is a lesson learned for them in how to handle customers better. I hope.

    I also have to tell you I too experienced the slow lag you were talking about with Feedly on the iPad after the update to the new iOs. After we got home last night I was going to try and relax and comment on some blogs but I could only get to one to leave a comment. NONE of the others would even load in that app. *sigh* Beyond frustrating. I will look into the BYLINE app that was mentioned and see if I can find an alternative.

    THANK YOU again. We have a post up today linking back to you.
    We hope you are feeling better very soon too Brian, we love you and want you to be completely well.
    ((healing hugs))

  54. Nerissa's Life

    Hey there Brian!

    Sure am glad you’re startin’ to feel a bit better. You’ll feel better and better every day now until you’re your ol’ self once more.

    You have IT issues too, huh? Yours seem to be different from mine. Yours are bein’ caused by the technology itself. Mine are all caused by a lack of understandin’ of the technology by my peep. Seriously, I have GOT to get an upgrade on the peep!

    A company complained ’bout the review it got from our pals? I missed all that but let me tell you, a review is a review is a review. You get what you get. That’s what reviewin’ is all about! Sounds to me like some of their staff deserves a super-duper rotten review. Think about restaurants and plays and the reviews they get. It’s not always gonna be good. That’s life, I’m afraid. That’s life…

    YOU were so great to go to bat for our pals. Clearly, you know the score. Cats 1, rude peeps, 0. That’s the score, for sure.


  55. mariodacat

    Whoa – that is a company that I want no part of then. They should be able to accept honest criticism. If not, then it’s not a company I want to deal with. Thanks for posting this pal.

  56. Penelope

    Brian, me has been reading and not posting comments, but mes just has to say Chewy blew it!
    And mes hopes yous is top form soonest!!! Wes is purraying for yous!

  57. Flynn

    Glad to hear you are home Brian and hope you are soon feeling much better.
    I was disgusted by C****s attitude to Manx Mnews too. I read the review and thought it was good and positive. I can’t see where they found a problem apart from using the old name which was not much different anyway. They have emailed me a few times to do a review and I told them I am in the UK so it was pointless asking me, but still they keep sending. I certainly wouldn’t do it now if I did live in the US.

  58. Diane@BibliophilebytheSea

    Glad you are getting better Brian and sorry about all the IOS7 issues. We’ve been managing okay, but I’m not entirely pleased with it either.

    Just as an FYI – I tried to view your blog this am and within a one hour period it was unavailable?? Glad things seem back to normal now.

  59. Marks Mews

    We are sorry (and surprised) ta hear about the rudeness from At first we suspected it was a negative review and it took us some looking to find it. It was a very enthusiastic review! And even if it hadnt been, tough toesies!!! We only smiled when we saw the older company name (we’ve done that ourselves). We would unnerstand if Chewy sent a short note pointing out the newer name, but to be rude about it makes no sense.

    We like the company’s service, but we will have to rethink that now.

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