SUPER URGENT: Pinky cat has one week left – Greenville, SC

Time is winding down, won’t someone please help dear Pinky?


Meet Mama Pinky.  She is semi-feral and right now she doesn’t want anyone to touch her.  She came from the colony where Ray Charles, Sister Rachael, and the little FIV positive kitten Peyton came from. Pinky was caught about 6 weeks ago and taken to see Dr. Anderson for a spay. She was pregnant her third litter this year and Dr. Anderson did not think she was that far along.

The kittens will be ready in about two weeks or and will go to a kitten rescue. The staff at the Vet Place have been picking them up and holding them since they were born and Pinky did not mind in the least.  The kittens are very sweet. Pinky looks like no other kitty at the colony. They are all either black or black and white or white and black. So we assume she was dumped at one time or wandered there pregnant looking for food.  So we do not know how feral she really is, our guess is that she is just scared to death.  She did find herself in one of the trailers some two weeks before we caught her, probably looking for a dry and safe place to have her babies.  We are hoping for a miracle for her, otherwise our the choices are PTS or to put her back at the trailer park, which will sooner or later mean her death.  We need somewhere safe for her and really would love someone used to dealing with feral kitties, just in case she is more feral than we think.

NOTE: We cannot return her to that evil trailer park. All the other cats that have been returned have been killed by the residents.

Can you please help Pinky?  Please contact if you can help her.  And please, please, please share her information.

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18 thoughts on “SUPER URGENT: Pinky cat has one week left – Greenville, SC

  1. Cathy Keisha

    Isn’t there a law in SC about killing animals? Seems there should be. Maybe someone should burn those trailers down and see how the people like it. Pffttt!

  2. Old Kitty

    Paws and fingers crossed someone will fall in love with gorgeous Mama Pinky (and Ash too!! ) Take care

  3. Miranda Kitten

    Post going up this evening our time will add your name to a couple of tweets. So you can see we are up and running OK.

    You feeling betetr Brianm, we are still worried about you.

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