T.G.I.F. Two Gather


Before I start, how about a good read for a great price?  My Sister-In-Law, and author, Hilary Grossman from Feeling Beachie is celebrating her 40th Birthday on Sunday, November 10th.  In honor of this occasion, you can get her wonderful book, the digital version, for just $0.99 between today and Monday, November 11th.

Dangled Carat is wonderful read and will be one of the best deals you’ll ever get for just $0.99.  Help make her 40th Birthday a special one and grab her book today!  Get the Dangled Carat HERE.

Several of you commented on our cat tree last week and we think it is lots of fun.  You just never know who is going to end up in the tree next.  It is such a fun place to play or just to hang out and watch the others.  Sometimes, as with other places, the good spot is taken.  So my T.G.I.F. for today is Two Gather In Fun!!!

Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!
Sister Dolly has the fun spot and Sister Zoe is having fun trying to entice here down out of the cat tree.  Did it work?  Nope, not this time, but they were both really having some fun.

Speaking of fun, I hope you all have a fun weekend.  Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Sister Saturday with Precious.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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10 years ago

That is a good deal for a book!
I am wondering if ever all the kitties are on the cat tree at once…hmmm…that would be fun!
xo Catherine

Molly The Wally
10 years ago

Looks like a great read. Love your tower of power. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

10 years ago

Happy early birthday to your sister-in-law Hilary. Her book looks great. I remember reading review somewhere. Sister Dolly has got very good spot in the tree! We have similar tree and one of my boys loves to nap in that spot 🙂 Happy Friday xoxo

10 years ago

Looks like you two are having a good tree time. We love our trees both inside and outside. Hope all of you have a super week end.

10 years ago

Thanks so much for Brian! I am so lucky that thanks to Alex’s great choice in a wife I have such a wonderful and supportive family!

I love the shot of the sisters!

Helen, Darcy and Bingley

books looks interesting. Love the faces on the beautiful felines… ready to pounce…
Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

Hannah and Lucy
10 years ago

It looks as though that new cat tree will be a big hit with you all.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Random Felines
10 years ago

that tree DOES look like fun!! we will be sure to wish Hilary a Happy Birthday

10 years ago

That fun spot is so comfy, we don’t think Sister Dolly will be moving anytime soon. 🙂

Miss Kitty
10 years ago

What a deal 99 cent! I love your tree Brian…Mum broke my tree moving it to another spot! She patched it but not the same. She says wait for your brother to come home to fix…I don’t like the new spot either…changes…meow! Have a good weekend to everyone!
Miss Kitty

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
10 years ago

ya noe what wood bee even better…TWELVE cats treez…one for everee one plus a spare ore two in case ya wnana change oh sceen a ree 🙂 !!! haza grate week oh end !~

easy rider
10 years ago

I love Zoe’s face! And your cat tree is really a fabulous thingy, wish I had one too, but sadly a dog tree has another purpose hehe

Francesca Villa
10 years ago

Sounds like a fun read! I hope your sister in law sells tons of copies for her birthday!! 🙂
That cat tree looks like fun! By the looks of it Dolly isn’t going to let her sister move her around!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Francesca

Ann Staub
10 years ago

Your tower does look pretty fun. And your furs always look so perfect in you photos!

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
10 years ago

Um, Sister Dolly, did you notice that someone is patiently waiting? xoxoxo

Angel Abby
10 years ago

oh we will have to get Momma to down load it to our Kindle app!
we hope you ladies have a fun time on your cat tree….weeeeeeeee that looks like such fun.
Happy Friday.

Pat Hatt
10 years ago

The big tower is grand, love ours in our land

Rascal and Rocco
10 years ago

Awesome tree! If only our humans would get us one! So jealous!

Katnip Lounge
10 years ago

hee hee…Zoe has wild eyes!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

Think you all LOVE that new cattree ♡
0,99 for a book sure is a bargain 🙂

10 years ago

I wish I had a fun cat tree like yours! I am still stuck with my ratty old thing.

10 years ago

That tree does look like lots of fun.

Dip Bridge & Elliot
10 years ago

Ooooh, fancy having a famous sister in law 🙂
That is some cat tree – more like a 5 star hotel!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Austin Towers
10 years ago

Oh, I didn’t know you were related!!! The human has downloaded the book and it is on her must read list!! That tree is stupendous!!

Caren Gittleman
10 years ago

that’s funny cuz Hilary’s b-day (your sister-in-law) is born the SAME DAY as my real-life sister-in-law 🙂

The Island Cats
10 years ago

That cat tree was made for fun! 🙂

Oui Oui
10 years ago

The best place is the place another kitty occupies!

10 years ago

The sisters look so pretty on the tree.
What a good supportive family you have- I’ll go check out the book.

Sue Brandes
Sue Brandes
10 years ago

That is a great picture of them. Have a great weekend.

Cathy Keisha
10 years ago

That tree does look like fun! Good for Sister Dolly. I can’t wait to see Precious tomorrow!

Devoted to Willow
10 years ago

Nice apartment no wonder Sister Zoe wanted a turn in the tree. Ooh that is exciting for SIL with the book.

10 years ago

Check out my fb page today (will be posting soon)…see who is in our cat tree 🙂 Happy 40th to your sister in law, mom says she is just a youngster!

mollie and alfie
10 years ago

Just look at you two super gorgeous furballs 🙂 xxooxxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Jan K
10 years ago

That is a really awesome cat tree!!

Sailor Edgar
10 years ago

I hope her book is very successful!

I’ll bet the kitties have a lot of fun on that tree!

Timmy Tomcat
10 years ago

Nice tree and you ladies seem to love it. We got our new tree and seems only Fitz uses it now.
Hmmmmm Dad is trying to figure this one out

10 years ago

We want a tree ….. mummmmmmmmmm