A Few Updates from Us

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So many of you have been asking, so I wanted to give you a status Update. Dad is giving the blog back to me for Thankful Thursday as he says that is an appropriate day. We’ve been missing you!

Gracie is doing darn good, eating and taking her meds. Gracie is very happy to be home and we are all so happy to have her back with us. As I am dictating this, Gracie is snoozing under the Christmas Tree. I am doing good and so are the other sisters. Sister Precious and I are still taking medicine, but we are better if you ask me.

See you all on Thursday! Adopt cats, we deserve it!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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69 thoughts on “A Few Updates from Us

  1. Sparkle

    I am SO glad Gracie is back home and happy and everybody is getting better and back to normal. We were all so concerned over here! Even Binga.

  2. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Yow Brian we iz so happy to hear ya will bee back bloggin soon!!! Hurrah!!!!!
    Me n Mum bin doin *Power of da Paw* fer all of ya dere n we iz BERY happy ya all are feelin bettur…
    Guud fer Gracie taken her medz….whew we waz wurried to bitz….
    Mum waz cryin a few nitez ago n me asked her why….she said she cuud not bare if sumfing happined to ya or Gracie cause too many Kittehz bin sick n goin away to Summerland n she did not want either of ya to leeve…den she looked at me n more leeky eyez happined….poor sappy wet Mum…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hab a peacefull nite n give Gracie me purrz.
    Yerz Nylablue n Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  3. siku marie

    Woohoo! Dear Friends. It sounds as though things are finally back on track and everycat is nearing a return to full health. We are wiggy-waggy happy at this news.

  4. Spitty the Kitty

    Hey Brian, Thanks for making your Dad do an update. We figured everything was peachy back there, but it’s good to know. The fact that Gracie is home with her family & sleeping under the Christmas tree makes me all leaky again. I *am* a Manly ManCat. I *am* a Manly ManCat. I *am* a Manly ManCat…..

  5. Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

    Oh I’m so glad Gracie is home! I’m sorry I missed the post about that. She looks very bright eyed and happy to be home for sure! So very happy that you’re all on the mend! We love you all I hope you know! Sending purrs for good results on the upcoming tests!

  6. Jenna

    The human is a little behind in my blog reading. We are so happy to see all the good news from your house!

  7. Marg

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. That is great great news. We have missed all of you too. We will b glad to have you back. Take care and stay warm.

  8. Katie Isabella

    Brian, I have missed you terribly! I have purred my heart out for you and all of you. Thank goodness things are better. I wish I could give Grace a nice baff as a welcome home present. xxxoxoxox

  9. easy rider

    I’m so glad you all are on the way to recovery and you feel better. I hope till christmas you all will be well and you can celebrate a wonderful feast together.

  10. Cats of wildcat woods

    We are so happy all turned out well for all of you kitties! Thank you so much for your visits and kind words of sympathy for our dear Yoko. We appreciate your friendship and knowing you care helps us heal.

  11. da tabbies o trout towne

    see ya two morrow guys N way happee everee one iz on de road ta ree coveree…just due knot dee tour N by Christmas ewe will all bee singin for salmon…..pouncin on perch…N feastin on flounder !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Selina Carter

    Brian & DadKatt Terry & Gracie & everyone!

    This entry warms our hearts. We’re SO glad Gracie is back home & that you all are doing better!! Indeed, a great deal to be thankful for my furriend!

    Give your dad a headbonk from ME!


    PS – OK MomKatt sends a hug to him and beaucoup head scritchies to you kittehs!

  13. Bev Green

    What wonderful news Brian ..we hope that this is the beginning of a new season of well being and great health for all ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs to you all Fozziemum xx

  14. mariodacat

    Whew Brian – that is super good news. Hope everyone continues to improve. We sure were worried about you and Gracie, so now we can relax a little.

  15. Sue Brandes

    Welcome back Brian. So glad everyone is doing so much better. We were purring hard at our house. Love your Christmas card. Hope you got ours.

  16. Tammy Sexton

    Hi Brian!

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    Happy Holidays!
    Tammy Sexton
    Marketing Coordinator
    Tammy at TheUncommonDog dot com

  17. Mag's Corner

    We are so happy to hear that you all are doing so much better. Welcome back sweet Brian. We hope you all continue on the road to wellness and stay well. Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

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