Mancat Monday: I think we will spring into the New Year


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Hey friends, take a look at this spring!  This is one of the fun toys that Santa brought us and it is very whapable and fun to chase around the living room.  It’s like the jumbo version of those little springs we love so much, except this one is covered with a soft cloth that’s almost as soft as I am.

Speaking of Spring, we’re more than ready, how about you?  The seasons can be confusing around here, seriously confusing.  It appears that we no longer have four seasons in our neck of the woods, we now have five.  This year where we live we added Monsoon Season.  Our friend Marg, who lives about an hour south of us, has had her Ark out and ready to float our way to pick us up.  The good news is that the temps haven’t been in the snowy or freezing range or we would all have a real mess on our paws.  We are happy that our ferals have been keeping dry in the shelters we have for them and have been showing up for their breakfast and dinner meals.

Hey, tomorrow, as 2013 comes to a close, I’m going to share several pictures of us enjoying our Christmas, so please do stop by.  We enjoyed all of our goodies, some goodies we enjoyed more than others, but we did have a wonderful Christmas.  Have a great Monday everyone!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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Marks Mews
10 years ago

Thats a great spring Brian. BOING!

The Florida Furkids
10 years ago

We’d like to SPRING into 2014 too….2013 wasn’t such a good one.

The Florida Furkids

Ann Staub
10 years ago

What a cool toy Brian! The weather sure can be crazy around here too. It got much colder tonight. So glad we don’t see snow here either.

10 years ago

What a fun toy! Wow, the year has just zoomed by, hasn’t it?

Molly The Wally
10 years ago

We have been having very mild weather so it sure feels like Spring is already here. Looking forward to it and glad the days are getting longer.
Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

10 years ago

We like the looks of that Spring Brian. Looks like great fun. The ark is all loaded up and we are all loaded up and ready to go. We have plenty of water here to get us on our way. Thanks for the shout out.
All of you take care and have a great day.

10 years ago

I can’t believe that 2013 is almost over… where does time go?

Hannah and Lucy
10 years ago

We are ready for Spring too – we hate the dark nights of winter and the cold – we can’t wait for Mr Sun to get out of bed and Mr Rain to dry up and take a long vacation.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Laila and Minchie
10 years ago

Looks like you can really “spring” into action chasing and batting that toy around!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

We are ready to close the books on 2013 and spring into 2014, too. We even have some pawesome springs from our secret paw package we can chase to welcome the new year, but they aren’t nearly as big as that one!

Sailor Edgar
10 years ago

That’s a very interesting toy. I wonder if our kitties would play with it. We too are ready for spring. We have a light snow right now, after temperatures up to about 50 yesterday. (sigh)

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
10 years ago

dood…if ya ever knead ta spring outta jail…that shuld due de trik !!! hope everee one rememburrs thiz two morrow nite when ya iz looopy frum grazz & nip !!

Pat Hatt
10 years ago

That looks like a fun one to play with, really spring into action, yes winter should go

10 years ago

I love springs! Where did your human find that one?

Katie Isabella
10 years ago

Happy New Year all of you precious sweethearts and your mommy and daddy as well. Love you.

Angel Abby
10 years ago

Brian looks like you are ready to “spring” away from Monsoon Season and into actual Spring. Our winter will continue here for another 2 months or more. But it’s been very mild again this year. No long term freezes just yet, maybe none this year. We look forward to your post on opening your prezzies tomorrow! Only a few more hours until 2014!

10 years ago

Wow that spring is huge! And looks so much fun!
We did have lots of lots of rain this year, too. I hope to see more sun in 2014.
Enjoy the rest of 2013 and have a wonderful new year!

Team Tabby
10 years ago

Brian, we are ready to ‘spring’ into better weather ourselves. Enough of this snow, snow mixed with rain, then of course it all freezes! At least we did not lose our power like many others.

We love your ‘spring’, looks fun.

Caren Gittleman
10 years ago

WOW!! I love that! I am a fan of the little springs thanks to you, I have to make sure my Mom sees this one! Love, Cody

10 years ago

That is one GIANT spring! We love our little springs too and Mommy has to keep retrieving them from under the fridge. 😉
We’ve been having lots of rain too though we don’t need an Ark rescue….yet.

we three doxies
10 years ago

Oh dears, I is gonna scream if I sees anymore rain…our yard looks like a river.

I likes your new toy…it always fun to whap them.


10 years ago

That spring sure looks like fun to play with.

Miss Kitty
10 years ago

I like it Brian…I have spring but not so big. Brian my Sister are neat…we play all day and roll on the floor. I am so glad mum bring my sisters! I’ll be back to see you tomorrow Brian. Say hello to everyone from all of us okay…
Miss Kitty

10 years ago

Spring? You kitties are crazy! We are having a blast in our snow and don’t want that to end yet!

10 years ago

That spring looks like fun! I want to spring away from all the wind and rain we are having.

Austin Towers
10 years ago

We’ve had plenty of rain too … and wind!! Keep safe, buddy xox

10 years ago

WOAH!! How cool is that spring!!

Happy New Year, my friends. I hope you have a wonderful 2014.

The Island Cats
10 years ago

Brian, that spring looks like it would be so much fun to play with! Stay dry!! 🙂

Sue Brandes
Sue Brandes
10 years ago

What a cool toy Brian. We are going through our cold season. Was 20 below zero this morning. Next a snow storm is coming. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

The OP Pack
10 years ago

Mom says she is more than ready for Spring, but we sibes love the cold. Now if only we had our snow back. It all melted in a day, and now it is bitterly cold. We are hoping for some snow on New Year’s Day. We will try not to send it your way:)

Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Devoted to Willow
10 years ago

What a purrfectly whappable toy you’ve got it looks like tons of fun and I know what you mean by weird seasons as Winter here has been really messed up with COLD then warm with rain. It makes our heads turn round. Happy Mew Year to all.

10 years ago

Yes, we wouldn’t mind springing straight into spring, either! 🙂

10 years ago

So sorry about all your rain down there. For us it’s been snow and bitter cold – like 5 degrees for a high and -10 at night with a wind chill of -35. I am very thankful I have a nice warm house to live in.

Kitties Blue
10 years ago

That looks like a really fun toy. We’ve never seen any like it. Mom got us some pipe cleaners and tried wrapping them into corkscrew shapes, but they didn’t appeal to us! Have fun, Brian. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Elvira Mistress of Felinity

Very fun looking toy!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

Woo hoo that spring looks like lot of FUN to play with 🙂

Ginger Jasper
10 years ago

I came by to say Happy New Year with love x

Dogs N Pawz
10 years ago

Hope you guys have a happy New Year!

Cathy Keisha
10 years ago

You’re lucky it’s just rain. We’re expecting a “significant snow event” later this week. Eek!

Sherri-Ellen T-D.
10 years ago

Yow Brian where did ya get dat SPRING?? Oh me wantz one….a purrty blue one or a hot pink one….MUM me wantz a SPRING like Brian haz!!!
A kitteh can neber haz too many toyz 😉
As fer weather ya haz monsoonz!!??! Dat iz pawfull…we iz deep in Winter…it bin snowin since seckond week of Novemburr n it may neber stop….*FLOUNDER* Me hopez to bee here in da Spring so me can go out in Condo!!!!
glad ya did not have to sail ond a Ark.
Lub Nylablue xxxxxxx