T.G.I.F. Two Girls

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Well, welcome to the first Friday of 2014.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve had so many different word associations for T.G.I.F., but we sure have.  Since we’re always happy to see Friday, we are continuing our tradition this year too.  Our T.G.I.F. for today is Two Girls Imagining Food!!!

Sisters Sascha and Gracie imagining food! Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!
At least at our place, and probably your place too, when the food bowls go up that usually means they are coming back down with fresh food.  Sisters Sascha and Gracie are doing their best to be patient while Dad fixes the food bowls.  Sometimes waiting isn’t easy, but they sure handled it like pros.

So, let me ask you, are you patient while you are waiting for your food to be prepared? Me?  Dad just gives me a shout when it is ready and then I go in for my food.  Most of the others are there to snoopervise the preparation anyways.  Hey, the Sisters seem to enjoy helping Dad do the cooking.

Y’all got any big plans for the weekend?  We do, since it is the New Year we might just have a double feature, a NipFest and a SnoozeFest.  See you tomorrow for Sister Saturday with Precious.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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54 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. Two Girls

  1. Fern Reed

    I have 3 cats in my way as i am trying to get their food down for them!!! They do not just sit there like yours do!!! You would think they never got feed, but the vets says they are all needing to lose a pound!!!! Circle a couple!!! I have cut way back on their treats too!!!

  2. Bev Green

    Laughing at Fern above….oh no my four girls have zero tolerance for slowness..i have them leaping around me over counters on island benches singing..it’s like being attacked by squirrel monkeys..one day I will break my neck…meanwhile it’s keeping me on my toes…doesn’t help with different diet restrictions,meds,etc…..Have a super weekend Brian and love the pictures ..such pretty GOOD girls 😉 Fozziemum hugs xxx

  3. Whisppy

    We will shout encouragements at Mommy from where we usually eat when she’s preparing our food bowls. 🙂 Mommy says we are generally very well behaved at meal times.

  4. Sparkle

    Binga starts asking for food a couple of hours before dinner time! And she is a big nag! Then she tries to steal my food! And she will try to steal the humans’ food too. Mealtimes are an adventure around here.

  5. Marg

    You ladies are doing such a good job snoooopervising the Dad. Glad you are keeping your eye on him/
    You all stay warm, it is really cold out there. Take care.

  6. Catherine

    Banjo is not patient for his timed food dish. He starts hanging around it about 30 minutes before it opens. You kitties are so funny.
    xo Catherine

  7. Hilary

    Patient? Not Lucy! Half the time I have to nudge her off the counter as I prepare her food because otherwise she starts to eat as I empty the can into her bowl….

  8. Hannah and Lucy

    Mum won’t let us on the work tops when she is getting our food ready – all we hear is a very loud GET DOWN NOW. We’ve tried pretending we’re deaf but that didn’t work – sighs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Laila and Minchie

    We are quite the nuisances when it comes time for filling our bowls. Minchie usually has his nose in the can of stinky goodness while Mom is dishing it out and Laila is on the floor pacing and meowing.

  10. Fuzzy Tales

    Nicki and Derry are both overweight by 2 – 3 pounds, but you’d think they never got food, by the way they carry on–Nicki being the worst. 😛

    Happy Friday to you all!

  11. Sailor Edgar

    Millie expects to have the food bowl filled (an Iams dry food) by 5 pm, and lets us know when she wants it filled! 🙂 Our Gracie is a bit more patient.

    It’s too cold here for big plans!

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    guys…if ya ever run outta fry day eye deaz dont forget:


    heerz two a grate week oh end…we plan on watchin snow fall N stayin
    warm…enjoy !! 🙂

  13. Oz the Terrier

    I feel it is necessary to supervise the preparation of ALL food in this house, whether it is mine or Ma and Daddy-dog’s! BOL I hope you have a great weekend, Brian.

  14. Judy & C.A.T.S

    Sascha and Gracie look like they are very patient. In our house Tater dances around and meows really loud. Dad calls it her “song and dance.” He will ask her if she is singing for her supper. The rest of us circle around him like sharks. We are not very patient when it comes to getting fed. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  15. Angel Abby

    We think you are both very polite Sisters and patiently waiting on your food! We do a lot of chirping in our house when the food starts getting dished up! Happy Friday dear Sisters!!

  16. HH and the Boys

    Let’s see now… we’re gonna snooze and play with nip….then we’ll snooze and play with some more nip…. then we’ll snooze a little more. That’s about it.

    Hope you have a great weekend and stay warm.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  17. Miss Kitty

    Sounds like a nice time for Saturday…we plan to snuggle in tightly because of the cold. Sisters Sascha & Gracie are very patient, but Miss Kitty is the only one who demands her food along with Lovey. I like that the three other girls are so patient and don’t mind waiting for us to get those two out of the way! Brian we had no doubt that feeding time had to be announced to you. Why, it couldn’t be any other way! See you all Saturday. Hello too Mom & Dad!
    The Girls

  18. Jobi and Fisher

    We now have quite a routine. Alice from the Palace has declared under the bed as her girl cave. She sleeps a lot in the afternoon and will not come out for anything except my call to “Snack Time!” (3 to 4 pm) Scooter and Russell watch intently to make sure she is making her appearance and not holding everything up. She always does. After that, the cats play and then get dinner at whenever, but always before 7 pm.

  19. Katie Isabella

    Brian, I headbutt momma’s hand while she is trying to open the can and while she tries to spoon it into the bowl.

  20. Sage

    Trust me, there is no ‘waiting patiently’ for food in this house with Ms. Thailing. Since she’s been on prednisone for her IBS, she would be happy to eat 24/7 and lets you know it! Unfortunately (for her), she’s not fed 24/7 and is slowly gaining some weight. Then we’ll cut back the prednisone and things will get back to some normalcy.

  21. The OP Pack

    Great question, pretty girls. Phantom is never terribly interested in food prep or food, and Ciara is very patient, always a lady. But Mr. Lightning is a whole different story – he whines and howls and woos all the while Mom is preparing the bowls. Then she makes us sit and wait for the release command with our bowls right there under our snooters. The humans sure do have some odd requests:

    Happy weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Flynn

    I am not allowed on the worktop, so I stand as tall as I can and reach up mum’s leg and keep tapping her until she has put my food on the floor.

  23. Kitties Blue

    Brian, will you ask Dad Terry if he can help Mom turn comments back on on our current post? All the settings seem to be correct, and we don’t know if it is something West Host has done again. Mom is beginning to hate them as well as WordPress whenever they have an update. Anyway, if your dad can help, would you ask him to e-mail us.

    We know when it is time to eat because our stomach clocks go off and usually right about the same time (8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.) we hear the clink of the glass bowls on the quartz countertops. Most of us are very impatient, but Giulietta and Fiona could care less. They only pick at their food and prefer dry food.

    Have a great weekend all. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Caren Gittleman

    I’m not patient at ALL!! Especially when I get my 11pm snack. I circle and circle and whine and whine and then I get excited because at 11pm I get coconut oil on top of my kibble!!!! Mom says I am so vocal at 11pm the second she says “coconut” I go nuts!
    We are expecting close to another foot of snow on top of the 6 inches we have already. Going to be a cozy weekend!

  25. Cathy Keisha

    I’ll tell you, Brian, it depends which meal. I’m always hanging around for my FF Tuna but not so much for the Soulistic. We’re gonna hope to spend the weekend not breathing in CO like we did this morning.

  26. Spitty the Kitty

    I didn’t used to care too much about fuudz, but now I am pretty alert to when the new stuff is coming! Our plans for the weekend are to watch the Niners lose big to Green Bay.

  27. Glogirly & Katie

    Are we patient at food time?
    Well it all depends what’s on the menu.
    When Gloman gives us our 4am snack (a few pieces of kitty crack…I mean kibble) we both go NUTS. Waffles is grabbing at the spoon, often sending the pieces flying before they even hit his dish.
    But then Glogirly gets up and we have our real breakfast. Canned Turkey something… and we are both very patient. I watch her every move though.
    ; ) Katie

  28. Kitties Blue

    Hi all again, We forgot to tell you that we nominated you for an award. You can pick it up from our most recent post! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  29. emma

    My cat bro Bert would fit right in because he is so food crazy. I like to eat, but I’m not crazy about it and I like to take my time. Have a fun day…watch the nip!

  30. Sue Brandes

    They sure are sitting looking pretty. We are trying to get all of our running around done before the really cold comes Sunday/Monday. Have a great weekend.

  31. Timmy Tomcat

    The sisfurs look very patient Brian
    We all gather around and wait by our dishes. Einstein was not allowed to eat when he was feral and that was why he was sick and so tiny. He growls a bit so Dad sets a dish aside for him and now is feeding me an Fitz up on the old ice box. (a real ice box from the 20’s)
    Have a great Mew Year!

  32. mariodacat

    I wait patiently for supper, but then my peeps only have one kitty to fix it for. I do insist on eating before they do tho. It’s a rule!!!

  33. Dogs N Pawz

    The dogs aren’t patient at all! Scout turns in circles until he gets fed and Teddy and Ash run back and forth in anticipation of being fed. Diesel eats his food so fast that I’m afraid he is going to choke on it but he hasn’t yet!

  34. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Yow Sisterz Sascha n Gracie when me feelz guud me iz impawshent bout da food gettin down to me ASAP!!! me will tippytoe dance n meeeoww n head butt Mum in her calvez!! MOL….
    Mum sayz me can be *bossy*!!
    Who me?? MOL
    Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx

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