Mancat Monday: A little bit of miscellaneous on Monday



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Happy Monday everyone! Yea, right, I know, I know, Monday is not a favorite day around these parts either.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on a few things going on around here.  Goodness, it seems like there sure has been a lot going on too.

First, let me update you on Sister Zoe.  Most of you will recall that all of her blood work came back as normal  So, we’ve done a couple of things to help her to NOT pull out her fur, and these are interim measures.  We’ve upped the dose of her prednisone and we’ve added a twice daily itty bitty dose of prozac to keep her calm.  Yes, she is a little spaced out at the moment, but right now we just can’t have her pulling out all of her fur and being furless.  We’ve also been switching her away from food with chicken in it (we were already grain free).  Sister Zoe has an appointment with a Vet Dermatologist on July 9th, so hopefully they will be able to offer some suggestions.  Please keep Sister Zoe in your purrs and prayers list.

Then, there’s most handsome Milo.  If you missed his story it is HERE.

Help Milo
We’ve got a really wonderful potential adopter out there and the vetting process in ongoing.  I really can’t say too much more about that yet, so y’all keep your paws crossed for this gentle and handsome mancat.

Then there is Scuttles, sweet, sweet Scuttles.  She is still looking for that special place to call her own.  You can read about Scuttles HERE.

Adopt Scuttles
We have had two folks come forward but for varying reasons it might not be the best choice for the adopters at this point in time. So please keep sharing this dear girl.

Oh, and last but not least, come by tomorrow.  It is not only Opt to Adopt Day, but it is also a Gotcha Day for one of my Sisters.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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47 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: A little bit of miscellaneous on Monday

  1. Sparkle

    I’m sending lots of purrs to Zoe – I hope the dermatologist can figure something out! And I am purring for Scuttles to find a home and keeping my paws crossed for Scuttles! Wow, that’s a lot of purring and paw crossing for one post!

  2. hannahandlucy

    Lots of purrs are flying across the ocean for Zoe – we hope dermatologist can find out what is happening and make her feel better. We are keeping up our purrs for Scuttles too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Fur Everywhere

    Poor Zoe! We sure hope the vet dermatologist can help her. Please give her some hugs and cuddles from us.

    We hope that Milo and Scuttles can both find great homes! We sure hope some nice people come forward soon for these deserving kitties.

  4. Hilary

    Poor Zoe – Sending her a ton of love..

    Yeah for Milo – paws crossed. That guy has been in my thoughts all day and night

    Wishing a forever home for Scuttles….

  5. Bev Green

    Sending lots of purrs and love to Zoe..we do hope that you can find a solution..did you eliminate chicken as it is grain fed ? or is there a possible problem with it ..and we are so happy that Milo may have a home soon keeping paws crossed and still Scuttles is waiting….will share again …sending all hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx

  6. Marg

    Oh so glad to hear that Milo might have a home. Hope that all works out. Sure hope someone turns up for Scuttles.
    And Zoe, we hope that the new vet finds out what is wrong with you. We really don’t want a bald Zoe. Take care all of you.

  7. easy rider

    It’s always not easy to fix a dermatologic problem, think cats, dogs and humans have that in common. I cross my paws for 7/9 and I hope the vet dermatologist has a good idea how you can help Zoe. I will share this post of course and I hope for an happy end for Scuttles and Milo.

  8. Caren Gittleman

    poor Zoe, I am interested to hear what the Dermatologist has to say….could be helpful to us too! Which sister is having a Gotcha Day??? HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO THE MYSTERY SISTER! xoxo

  9. Pat Hatt

    She must give you a few weird looks being spaced out haha chicken we are fine with, fish, no way, too much mercury in it and that gives us a bad day.

  10. da tabbies o trout towne

    de best oh best best fishes all ways two ewe scuttles & milo….N dood…dare we even bring up de …BURD…..izzue…ya wonta catch a chikn in thiz houz……guarantee 🙂 heerz hopin thiz plan oh actshun werks zoe ♥♥♥

  11. Old Kitty

    Awwwww poor poor sister Zoe!! We send her many many purrs and kisses and hope that the dermatologist finds out why she’s doing that to her poor furrs!!

    Wishing sweet Milo and Scuttles all the best in finding loving forever homes! Take care

  12. Tamago

    I hope dermatologist can help identify what is going on with Zoe. Continued purrs for her.
    It’s great Milo has already got petential adopter…paws crossed everything will go well for him. And I hope Scuttle will find her forever home!

    Have a great week!

  13. Angel AbbyGrace

    We hope that the dermatologist is able to come up with a plan to help Sister Zoe. We shall purr on this. We’re still purring for Scuttles and oh we hope things work out really well for Milo!

  14. fern reed

    Thank you for your visit and YES that coleslaw is to die for! If you try it and get too much almond milk in it add more cabbage. !! LOL

  15. Whisppy

    We hope the vet dermatologist is able to help Sister Zoe. It must be so difficult to watch her pull our her furs and not know how to help her.

    We will continue to purr for Scuttles to find her furrever family and for Milo’s potential adopter to work out.

  16. Sherri-Ellen T-D

    So much newz frum all of ya! Okayz ferst Miss Zoey….cuud she be given Depomedrl instead of da Pred? me askz ’cause me waz pullin fur out when me waz on Pred tabz. Now wif Depo hardlee any pullin….
    Poor kittehgurl takin Prozac…me wif da Mirt iz simmylar! Me comez home spaced out butt eatin up a storm, MOL….
    We hopez da Speshellist can figure out what iz wrong wif Zoey n help her!
    Now on to dear milo; pawz n fingurz crossed here fer da adopshun to go thru’. he iz such a cutie! Mum said she wuud take him under differint sircumstancez….liek we live closer n me nott bee wif her…Mum haz a HUGE softie spot fer Orinche boyz 😉
    On to Scuttlez…2 maybee homez…best da rite one is found fer diz beeutee where she will bee inside fer da rest of her life! She deeservez a fureber home aftur what she went thru’ 😉
    Wishin all of ya a guud Monday n sendin **paw kissez**
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum <3 <3
    Pee Ess: We just met a little black kitteh at da Vet'z fer adopshun called J.J. Scuttlebutt…so dere are 2 Scuttlez lookin fer homez now!

  17. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    P.S. We saw your comment about having to fill in your name, email, and website every time you visit our blog. We’ve had several people comment about that, and we have contacted Weebly (our hosting site) about it, but they said there was nothing they or I could do about it, that it has to do with the visitors’ web browser settings. I have a hard time believing that, as everyone else has their info remembered on everyone else’s blogs, so their settings must be right. In short, I have no idea why my blog doesn’t remember your info. My hosting site is slacking I suppose. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  18. Kitties Blue

    We are purring and praying for both Milo and Scuttles. We are so shocked that no one has adopted Scuttles. If only we could. Our old Vet, Jeanmarie (the lady of the flags) is just finishing a two-year specialized training in dermatology. If the dermatologist Zoe sees can’t help her, let us know. Maybe Jeanmarie will have some suggestions. Seems like our lovely Nylablue has some ideas. We went through this with both our angel Steamer (short hair) and angel Daphne (long hair), and they both had to have steroid shots once a month. Keeping all three kitties at the top of our prayer list. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  19. Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    We’re glad to hear that Milo has a potential adopter, and we’re purring for Scuttles to find the right one, soon. We’re also purring that Sister Zoe feels better soon. Itchies are no fun.

  20. Oui Oui

    We started MMM on Buspar and she seems to be doing well. It takes about a month for it to fully get in her system, it hasn’t been that long but she isn’t doing so much licking and fur removal. If Zoe has allergies, it probably won’t work, but if not . . .

  21. Cathy Keisha

    Sending purrz for Sister Zoe. Do you ever pat her down with a damp towel to get any pollent, etc, off her? Hope she’ll be OK on prozac and let her fur grow back.

  22. Ann Staub

    Glad Zoey is going to the dermatologist! Maybe you guys can get the mystery solved. Good luck to both the kitties too on finding their new homes.

  23. Deztinee High

    Meweek Brian meez not know ifin it will help sweet Zoey or not but meez just has tu mention it just in case. Meez not know ifin yous heard of Barley Cat or not, but is all natural and is good fur a lot dat ails yous. Wees owiginally got it fur sis Lexi’s awfur-itis, but it has dun so much mowe fuw hers. And fur meez…….it has made meez coat much shiniew and not itchy. Since it be all natuwal it wuldn’t huwt hers or any of da kittys and there’s no side effects or dwug innewactions.—/dp/B000S802NO/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1404201138&sr=1-1&keywords=barley+cat
    Dis be just one of da places yoous can get it. Of course yous not hav tu twy it, wees just fawt wees wuld offew it as so many people not heard of it and all of its wunnewful benefits. Wes not paid by them, wees can’t even get them tu giv us a bottle fuw fwee. MOL But is good nuff wees keep buyin’ it. Sis Lexi be 15 years old and acts like a 3 year old kitty and meez is healffy as a howse (accordin’ tu da VET). MOL 🙂

    Luv ya’


  24. Clooney

    Prayers for Milo and for sweet Scuttles for finding the right forever homes soon and lots of healing purrs to Zoe, we will be keeping her in our thoughts for you to get some help and answers from the next appointment.

  25. Jobi and Fisher

    OMC, Brian. We are behind and so sorry we missed your posts (but we do always save them so not to miss everything. What a week! Heart wrenching. You are so wonderful to keep us all aware. So, from this day forward, I will check your post FIRST!
    Many purrs to Zoe, Milo, and Scuttles and may they all find loving resolutions! And to you my friend, love, hugs, and many purrs as well.

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