Thankful Thursday: Being a cool cat is a good thing

Scuttles Needs a Home – Please Share Her

Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!

I’ve been sitting up on the top of my cat tree lately because, well, just because I can.  Hey, we’re cats, we really don’t need a reason.  But I do like it up here, it makes it easy for me to keep an eye on things.

It sure has been getting warmer in our neck of the woods, even downright hot, or so I hear.  Being inside cats, we only know what the outside feral kitties tell us, and they tell us it has been dang hot.  Our weather guessers may not know if it is going to storm or not, if fact they usually don’t have a clue.  But they do seem to get the temperature thing right and when they say hot then it usually is hot.

So today we’re very thankful that we have lots of those vents that blow that cool air on us. We like to think we’re cool cats, but this time of year we really don’t mind the help!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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43 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Being a cool cat is a good thing

  1. Whisppy

    We totally understand getting help to stay cool cats because we are all camped out in Mommy’s room since she’s got the cool air blowing thing on.

  2. Sparkle

    We indoor kitties are very lucky indeed, even if my human complains that her boyfriend keeps the downstairs too cold! She needs a fur coat, like we kitties have!

  3. Marg

    Brian, you look so handsome up on top of that tree. Glad you are enjoying your inside cool temps. It is very hot outside. We all sit in the nice shady woods behind us. Sure hope you all have a really nice day.

  4. Bev Green

    Goodness Brian what is the temp there? we have the fire gong tonight which I am so glad or as RAIN yes at last is falling…in summer we place shallow water for the native animals under trees and also cut fruit on very hot days…poor things fall from the trees with hear stroke…people forget animals feel heat and cold and fear and stress like us. Hugs and stay cool up there Fozziemum xxx

  5. Mag's Corner

    And you look very handsome up there keeping an eye on things sweet Brian. You all have a wonderful day! We hope sweet Scuttles goes to her loving forever home today. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. easy rider

    It’s great to sit on a cat tree, it looks like being the TOP CAT :o) Have a good thursday and enjoy the fresh air from the vent :o)

  7. Maggie

    It’s still a bit cool here in CT today, but we’ll be joining you in the AC soon. Nice to see handsome Brian is snoopervising his kingdom today.

  8. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….ewe N de crew R a bunch oh kewl catz…hope de temperaturez come down a wee bit & de ferals can find sum shade ta chillax in ♥

  9. noodle

    Lately its been a very comfortable 70’s throughout most of May and June but this summer we will get into the 100’s and then its time to cool off…


  10. Kitties Blue

    Brian, you are so handsome in this photo. And, oh those toes…Mom wants to kiss them. Are you and your sisters going to Show Us Your Paws tomorrow? We sure hope so. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. Gin and Bailey

    Just forgot your shades Brian, but you are one cool cat! We’re dodging the heat here too at 105 this past week……..

  12. CindyLu

    I’m just very thankful I know such a wonderful cat as you, Brian! You rock 🙂

    I shared the story of Scuttles – sure hope she gets a home! She reminds us of our Rascal <3

    Keep cool, my man!

  13. Sue Brandes

    We are glad for the central air at our place too. I hope the feral kitties can keep cool. Have a great day.

  14. The Poupounette Gang

    You are looking very relaxed up there, Brian!

    It has finally warmed up here too, but nothing like hot yet. Our cat run faces north so it’s a very cool place to hang out in the hammocks in the afternoon!

    The Chans

  15. Flynn

    Yup, it’s good to keep cool, but I wouldn’t mind trying a bit of the hots now and again. The weather people keep saying we are having a heatwave but it is always about 15 degrees lower where we live than it is around London.

  16. Ann Staub

    I am also thankful that I have some of those air vents around here too. It is VERY hot in Texas. For the last few years, I did not have AC in my living room and kitchen. I finally got someone to put in a window unit when summer was almost over last year -.-

  17. PepiSmartDog

    Stunning photo of you Brian!! You look awesome in your cat tree.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again. Love reading your posts and look forward to reading more from you. *waves paw* :=o)

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