Gracie Remembers Her True Love Alex

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Remembering Alex
Hello friends. This is somewhat of a sad day for me today. Two years ago my beloved Alex made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Remembering Alex
This is my dear Alex, and his Mom has the very popular blog When we get new blog readers they almost always ask me who was Alex, because they always see me with your heart.  So, for those new readers, Alex was my HusbandCat, and I loved him so very much.  Alex was doing poorly, and because of some cancer he had to have his tail amputated.  I loved him just the same, and he loved me.  Then, it was time for him to make his final journey without me.

Alex, my dear, I tried my best to join you at the Bridge when I was so sick at Thanksgiving.  But you would have no part of that, you said it just wasn’t my time.  I am so thankful for the protection you gave me while I was in the hospital for 10 long days.  I am also thankful that you have been able to help steer your Mom towards her dream of becoming a successful author.  I know you have a special surprise lined up for her later this month too.  I love you and miss you dear Alex and there is not a day that I am not thinking of you.

Dear Alex, I want to share with you the most wonderful thing that happened.  Our friends Mollie and Alfie were having an auction to raise money for a dear woofie friend. Brian bid on and won a Pet Playmat that was made by FozzieMum from All Fur One and One Fur All.  The PetPlaymat looked so wonderful and when it arrived, not only was it wonderful, but FozzieMum included the most wonderful gift just for me.

Remembering Alex
She handmade me a very, very special Alex heart, and it is beautiful.

Remembering Alex

Here, let me lean it up a bit so you can see it better.

Remembering Alex

I’m going to take this special Alex Heart and go to the Play Mat.

Remembering Alex

Almost there.

Remembering Alex

I shall love you always my dear Alex.

Thank you so much FozzieMum for the most wonderful gift.  Alex, I love you my sweets, and I shall see you again some day.  I know, you said not too soon, so okay.  You are always in my heart, and I shall always have your heart.

Please stop by and drop off some hugs and love for Alex’s Mom and Dad Hilary and Marc, they are missing their boy so very much.


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48 thoughts on “Gracie Remembers Her True Love Alex

  1. Ann Staub

    You are just the sweetest kitty Gracie! And that was definitely nice that you got that special heart made just for you. It’s purrfect 🙂

  2. Bev Green

    Sweet Gracie ..we send all our loves today as you think of Alex…it is so hard when we lose our sweethearts..and it never gets easier..we are sure Alex kept you safe over Thanksgiving as you were so very sick..we will pop over and give hugs to Alex’s Mum and I am sure today s a heart heavy day..and we also are so very happy that you love your mat and little Alex heart..we hoped you would play with it and remember the joy of being a kitty ..even when you miss your Alex …Hugs and loves Fozziemum xxxx

  3. Hilary

    Oh Gracie…. I love you… Your father-in-law loves you, Lucy loves you… But most of all Alex loves you… Just as we can’t go a day without thinking of our little man, I know he feels the same way about you. You have no idea how happy your love made him. He was always on cloud nine when he was with you…. You were his true love…

    I am sorry if i am a little babbling but your beautiful post made me all teary (Marc too).

    I still can’t believe that for two years, every time you post your picture you have your Alex heart with you. Mere words can’t express how much that means to me… We loved Alex so much, and knowing we weren’t alone with our affection for him means the world to me. Just as new readers of yours discovering that amazing little guy because of your heart. I am so glad you have a real heart.

    It is a very sad day, but Alex gave us a sign that he is OK and happy although he does miss you and us. He arranged for his favorite musician, James Taylor, to play a concert tonight, which we are going to. When James plays “going to carolina…” which I am sure he will, I know that is Alex arranging a special hug for you.

    Love you all!

  4. Marg

    What a great tribute to Alex. I didn’t realize it has been 2 years already. That was such a sad day. And that Alex heart is just great. We love that. How nice of those people to make that for you. You all have a great day.

  5. easy rider

    I remember this day, Gracie. And I always remember your Alex when I see a picture of you with this little heart. I think it was my first comment on your blog and I remember how my tears were running while I read about your BFF.

  6. Deztinee High

    Aaaaw Gracie that is so sweet. So glad yous still here as it wusn’t yous time tu go. Sowwy yous miss Alex but dat wus vewy sweet of Fozziemum tu make yous such a bootyful heart.

    Luv ya’


  7. Caren Gittleman

    This brought tears to my eyes. Fozzie Mum has to seriously be one of the sweetest people we have the pleasure of knowing and calling our furiend. She has a heart of gold, like YOU!

  8. Cathy Keisha

    We have leaky eyes over this heartfelt post. What a wonderful gift FozzieMum sent you. I’m so glad Alex wouldn’t let you join him yet cos I need to see your precious face at least once a week.

  9. JC

    So cool .. the special toy, play mate and the photo of you sitting there. So sorry though about your love.

  10. Whisppy

    We can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Alex left for the Bridge. We remember when the 2 of you got married.

    That is a very thoughtful gift from FozzieMom. We absolutely love it!

  11. Tamago

    Purrs to you, Gracie. You must miss Alex so much but he is happier if you stay here much much longer. The gift from FozzieMum is so sweet. What a lovely heart xoxo

  12. Angel AbbyGrace

    Gracie that is a beautiful tribute to sweet Alex who we miss so much too. Abby welcomed him to the manx club after he lost his tail and we are sure Alex welcomed Abby and my Gracie to the RB after they both slipped over to that beautiful meadow one year ago. We think that the pink heart that Fozzie’s Mom knitted for you is so purrfect and now you have that to hold onto until your forever reunited with Alex who is patiently waiting for you.

  13. Kitties Blue

    Gracie, Your dear Alex went to the RB just before we started blogging, and we had never seen a photo of him. He was so very handsome. We know how much you miss him since you always have his heart with you. The one Fozziemom made for you is really sweet and special. It is so good to have a guardian angel. It makes us happy to know Alex is looking out for you. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo

  14. meowmeowmans

    Oh my gosh, Gracie, that is SO sweet. We’re a little leaky eyed here, reading your beautiful post and seeing that thoughtful gift from Fozziemum. Hugs to you all.

  15. madi and mom

    BRIAN congrats YOU SCORED BIG TIME TODAY….we love the Alex heart….
    Mom said to tell you she thinks I like the hairball treats better than my Meow Luau treats. mol
    Hugs madi your bfff

  16. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    What a wonderful gift! That was very thoughtful of Fozziemom. Your Alex was a very handsome man-cat, Gracie. We know you must miss him very much. It sounds like you two were lucky to have each other and that Alex was a very special kitty. Sending you lots of purrs and love on this hard day!

  17. mariodacat

    Awww Grace, we’re happy you didn’t join Alex in November. Some day you will be together, but your humans just aren’t ready for you to leave for that bridge yet – and neither are we! What a wonderful heart you have there.

  18. Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    What a touching post. And the heart is such a thoughtful gift. we’ve seen it in post after post of your photos, and the way that you have it there to sit on your play mat with you is just wonderful!

  19. Clooney

    What a sweet and heart-felt post for your beloved Angel Alex, Gracie. Purrs to you today and big purrs to Hilary and Marc…we love the pink heart FozzieMum made for you, that is just the most thoughtful present ever.

  20. Hilary

    Gracie – as we thought last night James Taylor sang Going to Carolina and we looked at each other and knew Alex was sending love to you…

  21. Sherri-Ellen T-D

    *wipez teerz frum eyez*
    Oh Sister Gracie what a beeuteefull n touchin storey ’bout ya n Alex….he waz a reegal kitteh n me can seez why ya lubbed him….
    We iz so sowwy he went to Summerland 2 yeerz ago…we nose ya lubbed him n still lub him now. Me Mum iz like dat wif her hubby Paul; she lubz him to diz day n he bin gone 19 yeerz now…Lub neber diez Gracie….
    We fink yer matt iz pawsum n Aunti Bev iz DA BEST fer makin ya a speshell Alex heart!!!
    We sendz ya lub n ~~~head rubz~~~
    Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

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