Sister Saturday Chatting with Dolly and She is Curious About Savannah’s Plans



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Hello everyone, its me Dolly and I always enjoy when it’s my Saturday to do a post.  It’s a lot of fun to do and even more fun to see Brian sitting here wondering what I’m going to write about and if I’m going to say something about him.

It has been somewhat of a busy week and Kitten-TV has been going strong.  I like watching the kittens too but in the last couple of days I’ve been a little preoccupied.  You see, Brian told me the other day that my BFF Savannah from Savannah’s Paw Tracks is up to something and he was trying to figure out what was going on.  That’s not unusual that Brian couldn’t figure out what’s happening, he’s a boy after all.

You may not know this about me but I have some pretty keen investigative skills.  Brian, what?  Brian!  Brian says they aren’t investigative skills, he said I’m just nosey.  So, I decided I’d do a little snooping and see if I could figure out what Savannah is doing.  I went to her blog and sniffed around, but there really wasn’t anything unusual there.  So what’s an investigative kitty to do?  Of course, a Google search.  WRONG!

I did a search for Savannah’s Secret, well, that sure wasn’t it, and apparently that Savannah has a sister named Victoria, who also has some secrets, and some strange looking clothes.  Maybe she is moving because the next search I did took me some place in Georgia.  No, that’s likely not it, I don’t think Savannah would be moving, although she is a mover and a shaker when it comes to helping other critters.

savvyteaser01Savannah is up to something and it’s happening October 1st.  You would sure think there would be some catnip crumbs and some clues around somewhere.  Hey, maybe the kittens know!!!  I’m going to go ask them.  Catch ya soon!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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Oh, I want to know what is going on at Savannah’s too!

Bev Green

Sweet Dolly you sure have been busy investigating..we are all very curious to know what Savvy is up to..and we still have a bit of a wait…hmmmm what could it be?? even my roos know something is up 😉 whatever it is I bet it will be very interesting and keep us all on our toes 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx

Molly The Wally

Sounds very mysterious. LOL her sister Victoria wit the funny clothes. Nice one. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly


Guess we will all find out what Savannah is doing on Oct. 1st. Wonder if she is moving. Maybe a new sister or brother. But good job investigating Sister Dolly. Happy Saturday to all of you.

Mr Puddy

Sister Dolly,
My dad is always say girls do the best job for investigation !
This post proved the point !!!
Happy weekend 🙂


I have no clue, you kitties always baffle us dogs!


Dolly I’m curious too… do you have any idea what Savvy and The Kid plan for the best month of the year?

Fur Everywhere

That Savannah is really good at keeping secrets if you couldn’t even sniff out a clue, Dolly!! It won’t be long until we all find out what she’s up to 🙂

Sailor Edgar

This probably doesn’t have anything to do with Savannah’s plans, but here is a list of “Historical Events on 1st October”.

Ron & I have been to Savannah, GA.


We don’t know what’s going on – fancy Brian saying you are nosy Dolly when he wants to know what Savvy is keeping a secret!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marty the Manx

Dolly all of us here can’t wait to see what Savvy is up to on Oct. 1st either! Brian wasn’t very nice for calling you nosy though!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Can’t wait to hear about Oct 1!

Pat Hatt

lol yeah lord google sure gave you nothing there. Although I bet the clotthes would be fun to chew up.


Heh…heh…Sister Dolly…you are indeed a very investigative ladycat…Brian doesn’t realize how snoopy, I…ahem…mean inquisitive we ladycats are…*whispers in Sister Dolly’s ear…hop in your teleport tunnel…come on over midnight Sept 29 and I will tell you first *

Llayla (cat wisdom 101)

Savvy won our last giveaway so I do know she’s on a vacay but that’s all. I can’t wait to find out out!

Angel AbbyGrace

Let’s all get snooping to figure out what happens on OCT 1st.


Wow Dolly! Yous is a super star sleuth!! Mes has a job for yous…Mes likes to plays with socks and they keeps disappearing in the dryer…does yous thinks that yous can find out where they goes?

Deztinee High

Yous be so purretty Dolly. Weez been a wunnewin’ what dat Savannah is up to owselves. Hope y’all hav a pawsum day.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

madi and mom

MOL MOL WTG Dolly and Savannah…keeping the Brian Guy guessing. You deserve salmon for this accomplishment. Brian is a purrty sharp man cat too.
Hugs madi your bfff

The OP Pack
The OP Pack

HI Sister Dolly, we too are wondering what Savannah is up to, but we are pretty sure it has nothing to do with Victoria:)

Happy Saturday.

Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


I’m late reading this. Guess I’d better run over and now see if I can figure out what Savvy’s mystery is all about. Knowing her, I’m sure it’s something big.

Austin Towers

What is that Savvy up to!! We are agog!!

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella

OH my goodness! First however, Sister Dolly you are gorgeous but I think I told you that before. I will see if I can guess Savannah’s secret and let you know.

Cathy Keisha

Dolly, I CANNOT believe that Savvy hasn’t even told her BFGF, me! She knows I can keep a secret but, no, she apparently doesn’t trust me. I may have to strip her of BFGF privileges.

The Island Cats

Now you got us wondering what’s going on with Savannah.

Mark's Mews

Mebbe new sister?

Glogirly & Katie

Are you sure it’s Savannah and not Kid Sage that’s *up* to something???
; )


You have me Savannah curious now.

Kitties Blue

Dolly, we must say that you obviouly have not asked the right kitties. Just saying…you might know a certain eight cats who could know something. Mol! Mom has told us we better keep our lips zipped. XO, Kitties Blue

Sherri-Ellen T-D.

Yow Sister Dolly yer lookin furabuluss as ushusall….
We haz not a clue what Savannah iz up to…butt we nose it will bee sumfing guud….
Lub Nylablue xxx

Kitty Cat Chronicles

Hmmm… what could she be up to?! We will anxiously be awaiting October 1st.