Sister Saturday with an Update from Zoe

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Brian's Home, adopt cats we deserve it!

Update from Dad:  Now Zoe is not wanting to eat again and we are feeding her.

Hello everyone. Let me tell you, I sure have had a time of it and I so appreciate all the purrs and well wishes you have sent my way. Brother Brian and Dad told me about each one of them.

I had my tummy cut open on October 10th, and they had to open up my stomach too.  The Vet told me that I had one huge furball in there and that is why I didn’t want to eat.  I know Brian told you, but that furball was almost as big as a baseball.  I had to go back on October 17th and get my stitches and staples removed.  The Vet said I healed up beautifully, so that’s a good thing.

Now I am supposed to start eating on my own again.  Well, I have, and it has been slow picking up the pace.  Some days I eat more than others.  Maybe I’m just out of practice. After I was done with my antibiotics and pain meds I did start to pull out my fur again. Yikes!  Dad had taken me off of the Atopica, which helps me not pull out my furs, because he thought maybe that was causing me to stop eating.  Since that “likely” wasn’t the case, it was my furbaseball, the Vet said to put me back on the Atopica.  Guess what happened?  I quit pulling out my furs and I quit eating again.

So, the Dad has decreased my daily dose and now I am to the point where I am eating again and not pulling out my furs.  I haven’t been eating a whole lot of any one food, but I have been eating some of a whole lot of different foods.  I’m pretty sure that Dad has bought just about every cat food ever made.  Well, not really, but let me tell you there are cans and cases of food everywhere.

So, that’s where I am as of today.  I have seemed more alert and I did discover that ham is really, really yummy.  This has been a slower healing process than I thought it would be, but I am sure trying my best.  I love you all.

Oh, one more thing, I’m going to be doing the Easy tomorrow and I’m going to try my paw at the selfie thing, if I feel up to it.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!



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46 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with an Update from Zoe

  1. Fuzzy Tales

    Poor sweetheart. Zoe, we’re sorry your recovery is taking so long and we hope and purray you’ll start eating again on your own. Lots of purrs and kitty kisses from us.

  2. Marg

    Oh Zoe, we are so sorry to hear this news. Poor Mom and Dad must be nuts by now. We sure send many many purrs that you will pick up your eating really soon. We will get a cheering squad going for you here. Hope you can hear them over there. Take care.

  3. Bev Green

    Sweet Zoe..what a time you have all had there..such worry..:( is your sense of smell a bit bad due to the meds..that can make you lose interest..maybe some slightly heated stinky goodness could entice used to work with my sickly fosters..we hope soon you are much better and that dad is ok too!! many in need of purrs in blogville lately..:( Loves Fozziemum xx

  4. Mag's Corner

    Sweet Zoe we are so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time getting well from all that has been going on with you. We have not stopped the prayers and we will sure continue to send up purrs and prayers for you sweetie. We will be looking forward to seeing your Easy and Selfie. Keep getting better and better. All of you have a nice weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Caren Gittleman

    Oh Zoe you poor thing, you MUST eat! Did Dad try buying Nutrish for Cats? I swear this is NOT a commercial. The lady at the Friends of Dearborn Shelter told me the kittens would eat NOTHING until they were sent Nutrish, they gobble it up!

  6. Katie Isabella

    Zoe, I was thinking of you this very morning as mom was rushing around in the kitchen. PLEASE feel better darling girl. I know you want to feel better and your Dad and Mom are very worried about you. xxooox

  7. Emma

    Uff da, that is bad! I think my kitty with long hair has a fur ball as she has been tossing her food up on and off lately, but hopefully nothing that large! Hope you start getting back to normally now finally.

  8. savannah

    I know you get lots of suggestions…but…when we had Cuzin Leo, we bought mackerel in a can, tuna, anything fishie and stinky to get him to eat. Some of it worked. We also used Royal Canin Recovery which can be served as a dish or used to feed with a syringe. His first bites of food on his own were, however, kibble! We are keeping our healing purr motors going for you Zoe

  9. Gin & Bailey

    We’re so sorry dear Zoe, please try to eat little girl! Bailey & me send woofs & prayers for you today!

  10. Sage

    It’s hard to understand why you have to eat, Zoe, but it’s really a good thing. Honest! Our Thailing has eating problems too and has been down to around 5 lbs before. Mom has a hard time getting her to eat at times.

  11. The Poupounette Gang

    We hat to think that you’re not back to 100% again, Zoe, so we’re sending you lots and lots of our rumbliest purrs. And congrats on discovering the yumminess of ham! That is really good stuff!

    The Chans

  12. Clooney

    Oh sweet, beautiful Zoe, you sure have been through so much…we really hope that your appetite will increase and that you will start eating more again…huge purrs and prayers to you. We are so glad that all healed up so well on your tummy, that is wonderful news.

  13. Raven

    Zoe, we’re glad to hear that you and your dad are trying so hard to get you better. It can be a long journey sometimes but we know you’ll figure it out.

    When Smokey was sick and didn’t want to eat, the vet gave us an appetite stimulant, but it tasted disgusting and didn’t work. What sometimes worked for Smokey was to get fresh catnip plant from the store and cut it into teeny tiny pieces and sprinkle it on top of her food. Maybe just 10 tiny little pieces – like if you took the piece of paper from a hole punch and cut it into 5-6 smaller pieces. She’d be interested in the scent of it, and then she’d start eating. Maybe that might help you get a little more interested in food.

    Smokey also thought ham was good. And buttery scrambled eggs. And canned tuna. And licking the cheese off Cheetos. And ice cream. Eddie Bear loved beef jerky.

    Purrs for you Zoe, and purrs for everyone in the family. We know it’s stressful for everyone when one of us isn’t feeling well.

  14. Kitties Blue

    Zoe, even if you aren’t quite back to eating as you should, you are looking quite beautiful. We would love to have you submit a selfie for the blog Hop tomorrow. We don’t know which one of us Mom is going to try to coerce this week. We are sending you purrs and prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. Mariodacat

    Oh sweetie! We are so sorry to hear all this news about you. It’s awful. We are so happy you are feeling better now and I’m purring you stay that way. Love you sweetie.

  16. Jan K

    Zoe, we hope you are headed in the right direction now, and things settle back down to normal. We are thinking of you and will continue to send warm thoughts and prayers for healing.

  17. Deztinee High

    Oh Bootyful Zoe, purrlease eat good fur yous mom and daddy. Yous might be a little outta purractice but yous can do it. Weez glad fings went well and yous healed up all nice and tidy like, but yous gotta keep on a fightin’, okay? weez’ll be purrayin’ fur ya’ to get all better weal soon.

    Luv ya’


  18. Flynn

    I am sorry you are not eating again Zoe. I know it is very hard when you haven’t been feeling well. Maybe eating makes your tummy hurt where it had to be cut open. I am sending purrs for you to get your appetite back and feel lots better very soon.

  19. Penelope

    Sometimes getting better takes a while. The healing trip can be slow.
    Wes will keeps remembering yous in our purrayers and your Daddy too!

  20. Katnip Lounge

    Zoe, we sure hope you start eating on your own again soon…after The Baby had her surgery the peeps tempted her with ham and deli turkey to kick start her appetite, and then they offered her stinky goodness for the main course. It took her a good three weeks to start feeling like her old self. Big purrs from all of us!

    Oh yes–has your Dad tried Fortiflora? You sprinkle it on food and most kitties find it irresistible.

  21. The OP Pack

    Zoe, it is so good to see you, but we do wish you were eating better. All that medicine and stress from surgery must have your tummy very confused. Relax, get on that Easy, and have a great dinner – do it for Dad.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Marty the Manx

    Sweet Zoe what a frustrating time you are all having with your fur pulling and your tummy 🙁 POTP going strong for you here. See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfie and Easy.
    Marty and Mom

  23. Linda Arthur Tejera

    Oh, Zoe, I’m so sorry to hear about your problems but so glad you are on the mend. You mind your Dad and do what he says and you’ll get better! You look a lot like my Nicky! 🙂

  24. Cathy Keisha

    Zoe, sweeties, I’m sending those mega healing purrz your way. Please eat some Fancy Feast or something. TW once said that Sheba had kitty crack in it but then I stopped eating it. Heh.

  25. Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

    Well, Zoe, pulling out one’s furs is not the best thing for you but not eating isn’t good either. We’re glad your mom & dad know how to balance everything carefully to make things the best they can possibly be for you. Paws crossed you continue to improve! Baseballs belong in the World Series not in your insides!

  26. meowmeowmans

    Oh, Zoe. We are purring and praying really hard for you, sweet girl. You have had a really tough time of things, and we hope that things will sort themselves out soon. Hugs!

  27. Raven

    My original comment isn’t showing up, so I’ll try again.
    I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. Sometimes it’s a long road but I’m sure you and your dad will figure it out.
    When my Smokey was sick, one thing that worked to stimulate her appetite was fresh catnip. I’d cut a piece of leaf into extremely tiny pieces and sprinkle it on top of her canned food. The aroma interested her and she’d eat a bit.

  28. KB

    Well, Zoe, I was really hoping that it would be a super good report. I wish you’d eat and stop pulling out the furs but I know it’s hard. My dog, K, had to have her stomach and intestines cut open to remove tons of bones from an elk carcass that she found. As I remember, it was a really slow process to get her back to eating normally. She had to eat something like 10 meals a day at first, to avoid putting too much in her tummy at once.

    I will keep on sending you the power of the paw – I really want you to heal soon, little girl!

  29. Fur Everywhere

    Poor Zoe! Maybe have your dad put a little ham on top of your noms since you like that? Whenever Jewel didn’t feel like eating, she would usually go for one of the Fancy Feast Classics.

    Maybe an appetite stimulant would be good until the vet can figure out why you don’t want to eat? It is no fun getting pilled, but they do help a lot.

    We are sending you lots of rumbly purrs and hugs and love!

  30. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    HAM>>>MMMMMMMMM…izn’t Ham da best Zoe?? Next to tuna-tuna….
    Yow dere must bee a happy balance tween da Atopica n keepin yer appytite up…
    Yer doin da bestest ya can we nose. Try all da differint foodz…ya neber nose what new nommie ya mite disk-cover rite???
    We will continue purrin n purrayin here….
    We lubz ya Zoe allwayz,
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xxxxxxx

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