T.G.I.F. Tired Girls



We are always glad when you show up Sir Friday, and I know that just about everyone feels the same way.  I was planning on some bench time today, but it didn’t work out. Why?  Well, I went to check out the bench, and my T.G.I.F. was there…Tired Girls I Find!

Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!
Sisters Gracie and Dolly were helping Sister Zoe catch up on her naps, so I wasn’t about to interrupt that group. It’s no problem though, I’ll just go stretch out on the couch for a while.

I hope you all have a very nice Friday and even a better weekend!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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Ann Staub
9 years ago

Look at all those lovely ladies sitting on that bench!

9 years ago

Oh yeah, that bench was completely occupied!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

Well I´m glad you have a couch to stretch out on 🙂

Happy Friday !


9 years ago

What a pawfect photo, love it 🙂 xxoxxx

Mollie and Alfie

9 years ago

Sorry Brian there isn’t room for you on the Bench, but we think it is too cute, all the girls lined up on the bench. Good to see Zoe.
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful purrs and prayers for Mew Mew. They sure did work. She is much better and started eating last night. She is still coughing and sneezing but well on her way to being better.
Have a great Friday.

9 years ago

Nice to see the girls catching up on their zzzzz’s. Have a great weekend.

9 years ago

smart man… don’t want to interrupt tired girls… If you do you get cranky girls!

Pat Hatt
9 years ago

That is one full cozy looking bench, but at least you get the couch to yourself

9 years ago

Too bad you can’t move that bench to a bus stop because it looks like you all are waiting for a bus or something 🙂

Austin Towers
9 years ago

That’s a nice bunch on the bench!! have a great weekend! 🙂

9 years ago

Thank goodness you didn’t have to squeeze on there too Brian!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

Lovely tired girls!!

Laila and Minchie
9 years ago

What a cute traffic jam on the bench!

Fur Everywhere
9 years ago

The bench is quite the popular spot! We are glad your sisters are helping sweet Zoe catch up on her sleepies.

Sailor Edgar
9 years ago

Lol! It looks like they have claimed the bench for themselves. 🙂

Gin & Bailey
Gin & Bailey
9 years ago

We love that pic,ladies taking charge today but love you too Brian……

Katie Kat and Molly
9 years ago

Looks like you girls are having a wonderful snooze!!! Purrz and stuffs… Katie Kat.

9 years ago

Awww…what a great thing to see. Three pretty lady kitties enjoying that bench. Brian, looks like this is one time where you snooze and you don’t lose! Happy Friday!

The OP Pack
The OP Pack
9 years ago

such a very considerate brother you are, Brian! Hope you found the sofa open for you.

Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightnong

9 years ago

Wow the couch looks quite popular and furry today 🙂
You are very kind not no interrupt them. You are very good brother, Brian.
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Angel AbbyGrace
9 years ago

Girls you found a lovely place to nap! Happy Friday.

9 years ago

What a beautiful floofy group! Having the couch all to yourself isn’t too bad, Brian.

madi and mom
9 years ago

Brian when the are 3 girls to one guy…a smart guy flies under the radar
Hugs madi your bfff

9 years ago

A cozy bench and friends to share it… what else does one need?

Noodle and crew

9 years ago

WOW, that must be the primeo napping spot. You girls sure look comfy. Sorry Brian, you can come over here and nap cuz I don’t have any ladycats to share with.

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

Brian dood, you’re very thoughtful to let the GURLZ catch up on their beauty sleep! ~Maxwell

Sherri-Ellen T-D.
9 years ago

Precious Sisters Gracie n Dolly n Zoe!!!
Dey lookz comfy cozy n yer da BEST Brother EBER Brian!
~~~head rubz~~~ Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0x0x0

9 years ago

Well, Brian. You may not have gotten a spot on the bench, but I think the couch is better anyway.

9 years ago

Those tired girls are taking up all the room Brian.

Cathy Keisha
9 years ago

Well dang! I hope you had some bench time later. I think TW needs new glasses. She read that as you wanted to check out the BEACH! MOL!

Caren Gittleman
9 years ago

We are soooo glad that it is Friday too! We haven’t seen the photo yet because I haven’t been over to my other email yet because I have been crazy busy driving Lenny around xoxo

The Island Cats
9 years ago

Uh oh! Looks like you’re a little late there, Brian!

9 years ago

I think it’s an excellent idea that you let the girls have the bench.

Katnip Lounge
9 years ago

It’s a line-up of lovely ladies! The mens here are in HEAVEN.

Harvey Button
9 years ago

You look so relaxed there! It made us smile.

Happy week-end guys. AND no we are not giving up!

Deztinee High
9 years ago

Now dat is just too purrecious. Glad yous fawt better than to disturb them. MOL Hope yous all hav a pawsum weekend.

Luv ya’