Here’s an update about Brian

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Hello everyone, Dad Terry here again with an update about Brian.  The good news is no surgery. The Dr did an ultrasound and didn’t see anything there and nothing unusual.  So, if it was a stone he may have passed it.  Brian was nice enough to pee for them so they did an analysis.  There was no blood in his urine but there were some crystals.  The Dr. feels that he should now resolve his problem himself in a couple of days.  Honestly, he looked terrific this morning and if he weren’t going to the litter box contantly you wouldn’t know that anything was wrong with him.

Brian will now be on an Rx diet, which is always a concern with so many cats.  Can they eat it or not?  And what about Zoe’s diabetes?  Her Dr wants her to have dry food available when we’re not home so that she can eat if she needs to self regulate her insulin levels.  I doubt if a urinary specific diet would be good for her.

Anyone know of any non-Rx urinary food (wet or dry) that might be okay?

I am going to post this to Facebook and the blog may post it as well, so if you see a duplicate later on that’s is why.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful messages of support.  I wish I could thank each of you personally but the number of messages has been overwhelming.  Please know that we all appreciate your love and support so very much!

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40 thoughts on “Here’s an update about Brian

  1. Simba

    There is some good news in that. The main thing with urinary specific diets is pH and ask content – should not be bad for any cat. They just don’t like the taste as much.

  2. Pat Hatt

    We use the urinary so from the vet and both eat it with no issues, knock on wood, 10 cats at the other sea, some with issues, they all eat it and are fine. So seems to do the trick.

  3. The Poupounette Gang

    We are so glad to hear that Brian’s problem is likely to resolve itself. It’s a hard issue about feeding, isn’t it? We are crossing our paws that you find a workable solution.

    The Chans

  4. Kwee Cats and Art

    We keep you guys in our thoughts, purrs and prayers. We are so glad for this good news. We have no suggestions on food – but we do send all of you love and hugs. We will keep your whole wonderful family in our hearts and purr prayers.

  5. Idaho PugRanch

    My goodness, we did not know that Brian was also not feeling well. It has been a rough go across blogville for pets and peeps too. We will keep our pug paws crossed for Brian and Zoe.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel the birthday girl

    Pee es
    Hazel wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes

  6. Cathy Keisha

    Chizzy had this problem years ago. He was given Hill’s dry food and told no fish and low ash food. We gave him some Friskies Special Diet wet food. I think all the rules have changed since then. Sending Brian more healing purrz.

  7. Flynn

    That is very good news that Brian won’t need surgery. I will continue to purr for him, and mum sends him love and good thoughts.

  8. Fuzzy Tales

    So, so happy for the good news! I emailed you and included my all-time favourite vet-written link re: urinary tract problems, prescription diets, etc.

    Purrs from Nicki and Derry and all the best from me.


  9. Sailor Edgar

    Glad that Brian does not need surgery! Sorry, don’t have any information oabout those foods. Still sending good vibes from us and purrs from the kitties for Brian, Zoe, and Terry too!

  10. Marg

    So so glad to hear this news. We just know the new food will help him and he will start eating it . You all have a good week end.

  11. Georgia and Julie

    We are delighted that Brian is feeling and doing so much better!
    WE love when the POTP works 🙂
    Purrs for an easy feeding solution.
    Hugs to everyone!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. KB

    I’m glad that Brian is improving on his own. We’ve faced similar issues with our dogs – where they’ve needed very specialized foods that didn’t seem compatible with each other (like Brian needing Rx food but Zoe needing regular food out all the time). We ended up consulting a veterinary service that specializes in pet diets. Their expert veterinarian figured things out for us although her solution did involve us homecooking one dog’s meals. If you feel like you need some extra advice, you might give the service a try ( – and then look under “nutrition consults”).

    We’re thinking of Brian.

  13. Annie

    This is great news about Brian! I’m so happy to hear it. I saw what Simba’s mom wrote. I just recently took Annie to the vet for her annual. It was a new vet since we’ve moved so I told her all about Annie’s history with the bladder stones she had a few years ago. The vet said that the prescription food for that is perfectly ok for others to eat. I’m not completely sure, however, if that also applies to diabetic kitties. Also, I’m not sure of all the brands of prescription diets for urinary problems but I know there are at least two: Hills and Royal Canin. I hope there will be a good and easy option for you to help both Brian and Zoe that all the other kitties can safely eat too. (Hopefully, your vet will know the answer to this.)

  14. mr puddy

    Good news , Brain 🙂
    and guess what ? I used to have crystals in pee too. but I got no idea about Rx diet.
    But I do eat Royal Canin SO urinary since 2011. And I totally fine till now. Just in case , you are interested, You can check out in this post

    And I have The alternative recipes for you as well. I will send you on FB.

    For Zoe, I guess I only send purrs for her cause mom got no idea about kitty ‘s diabetes


  15. Scylla,

    Brain, I am so very happy you are better. I know I complain a lot about my prescription food, but it truly isn’t that bad and the y/d food has given Socks a new lease on life.

    Love of Sweetie and so glad you are better.

  16. The OP Pack

    Just seeing this now and we are all doing the happy dance for Brian and not needing surgery. We know nothing about kitty foods but we see you have some good suggestions above. Hugs to Brian.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

    OH thank goodness no surgery! Hope he’s 100% soon!
    My Leo had issues with crystals in the first year we had him. The vet, rather off handedly, mentioned that fish causes them or makes them worse. That seemed kind of important to me! So I checked it out and have been diligent about feeding him food with no fish, not even fish oil and he has never had a repeat of crystals or blockages or blood in the urine. I don’t know if that would be enough for Brian, but it has worked well for us. (thank goodness the other kitties love the non fishy food too!)

  18. Mags Corner

    Oh, my goodness! Things just keep happening to some of you sweeties. We are sorry to hear about sweet Brian and we hope his issues are very soon a thing of the past, we are glad he does not need surgery. We do not know of any food to help you out but you can be assured that we are sending purrs and prayers for sweet Zoe, sweet Brian and for you all as you embark on this new journey getting everyone feeling and doing better. Hugs and nose kisses

  19. Vicki Cook

    Hi Brian’s Dad, When Boyzie had crystals I used UT Support by Pet Naturals of Vermont. I crushed the tablets and put it in his regular food. He was briefly on Hill Rx food, but is now back on his regular diet.

  20. Marty the Manx

    Thanks so very very much on the update!!!!! Have kept Brian and Zoe in my prayers every night and this is fantastic news. Sorry we haven’t been around much, have had problems with my shoulder that have required some extensive testing and intervention, and Mazie has had surgery for possible cancer. Sending luvs and continued healing karma your way!
    Marty’s Mom

  21. Jan K

    We’re so glad Brian is getting better. I wish we could help on the food, but haven’t had to deal with that issue for quite a while now. Hope you get it figured out.

  22. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Guud greef Mum fergot to commint here!
    Me n Mum wudnered if dere iz an ‘all purr-puss’ kibble what all can eatz dere?? Mum sayz to ask da Vet ’bout Royal Canin brand n see if dere iz sumfin dey make dat wuud werk fer Brain n Zoe….
    Yer such a guud Dad Misstur Terry; just like me Mum 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  23. diane

    Great news about Brian.

    We buy Purinia UR (hard food) for our cat that had the same situation as Brian 3 years ago. Our other 2 senior cats love it as well. We have to get it at the vets in a 16lb bag. They all still eat can food as well, and we have not had a problem since…..knocking on wood here.

  24. diane

    Great to get the updates straight from sweet Precious. At 11 she’s a young one by our standards. We have (2) age 11 and 1-age 13 – and 2 senior humans too:) LOL

  25. Connie

    like you I had one cat who was diabetic, and I actually had two cats on urinary food. Doing research I learned the best food for my boys with urinary crystals was also the best food for my diabetic cat and is the best food for cats in general.. a diet high in animal based ingredients and with little or no plant based ingredients. You want to keep the carb count very low, and the moisture count very high.

    Janet and Binky as well as Lisa Pierson DVM have charts on which foods are appropriate for cats. The best food for them is raw, but since you haven’t listen to me in that regard before, know that I put several diabetic cats on a pate type food of turkey and giblets (make sure there is no rice in the formula) and have gotten them off insulin. When doing a food change, it is important to either reduce insulin or monitor it closely so you can reduce it. I have a feeling you aren’t home testing either since you are allowing her access to dry food – which is pretty much akin to giving a human diabetic candy and donuts. I have gotten a half dozen cats off insulin all together, and many other people have as well with a simple diet change.

    This food which is good for diabetic cats is also good for cats that have urinary crystals because it is high in moisture which helps keep the cats flushed out. Most rx foods have dl-methionine which acidifies the urine which keeps the crystals from forming. They have to use quite a bit of it to counter act all the alkalizing plants in the food they are selling you. Some rx foods simply increase the sodium content in the food to increase hydration, which keeps the cat peeing frequently in hopes that they will not block. Since we do not know what the long term effect on high sodium in a cat is, we have no idea what these types of diets will do. “they” say it is safe, but then again their studies to say this food work only last a few weeks to months.. I simply do not trust that. DL-methionine is also a lower quality of the amino acid methionine. L-methionine is superior but it is more expensive. You can buy your own methionine and administer it yourself but you run the risk of going too far and making the cat’s urine too acidic and risk oxolate stones and other problems… which is why doing it naturally with meat is safer. A lot of cats who suffer with crystals are okay on a otc canned diet. Some need to keep their plant content down by only feeding pate foods and not chunked or shredded..

    I’ve been where you are. I found going raw made a huge difference in the life and health of my cats. I know going against the advice of your vet is difficult, but they are not versed in nutrition, just as your own doctor isn’t. Your doctor, however, would send you to a nutritionist if you have questions about your diet where as a vet relies on the ‘science’ the pet food company who provides him the food and gives him a great deal of financial support. Most continuing education classes on nutrition for vets are put on by big pet food..

    anyway, when you are ready, I’m happy to answer any questions and give advice and let you know what I did. You can also check out and

  26. Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

    ah-HAH. We knew COnnie would have tons of helpful answers! We are soooo very glad Brian doesn’t need surgery! We’ve been lurkign til Mom had the time to come comment today, so we’ve been keeping up (just stealthily – MOL!).

  27. Esme

    This is great news for Brian. As for Zoe, I hope that her diabetes can be regulated. Your Dad has a large heart and a lot of patience.

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