Sister Saturday with Tabby Gracie

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Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!
Hush Brian, I’m trying to have a chat here.  For some reason every time I sit like this Brian starts giggling.  I think he’s just being silly.  If he keeps it up a little whappy-paw he might find.

Hey, I was a little upset with Brian for not telling you the rest of the story about the Kitten Action Team ladies.  Sure, we all recognized Sandy’s voice since she is the head of Kitten Action Team, and I was there too.  But, what Brian didn’t tell you is that I recognized the second voice.

The second voice belonged to Ann.  So why did I recognize her voice right off? Well, Ann was my Foster Mom when I was at Kitten Action Team.  Yes, I got to see the special Foster Mom that took such good care of me.  When I was with Ann I was also recovering from surgery from a dog attack.  Oh, my name wasn’t Gracie back then, it was Smokey.  Hey, it was very special to see my very special Foster Mom once again.  That probably doesn’t happen all that often.  Thanks Ann for taking such good care of me.

Speaking of special, I hope you all have a very special Saturday and have lots of fun. Sister Dolly is already trying to take her selfie for tomorrow so stop by and give her a shout.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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34 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Tabby Gracie

  1. Bev Green

    Gracie you look so not listen to Brian laughing 🙂 boys are silly MOL….i know my foster mum well..because she is MY mum MOL…and same with Cleo..but mum would love to know how all her fosters were doing over the years…she remembers them so well 🙂 so happy you met up with yours Gracie 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

  2. Emma

    That would be so special to see the people from your past. We are hoping to stop at Bailie’s breeder on our way to BlogPaws. It will be fun to see if she recognizes her breeder and the other dogs who still live there.

  3. marg

    Oh Gracie, that is so great that you got to see Ann and that Ann got to see you. I bet that was great fun for all. You all have a great day and maybe we will stay a little dry.

  4. Hilary

    Oh Gracie… don’t let giggling Brian get to you… He just is jealous that you have such a cute belly… Oh man, do I want to kiss it! How wonderful that you got to see Ann…. I wonder if the Lucy would remember her foster mom, jane?

  5. easy rider

    I’ll second that, thanks to your Ann, that she was there for you as you were Smokey once … boys always laugh at girls, that’s probably their way to say ” I like you ” :o)

  6. Sailor Edgar

    It must be a rare treat for a kitty to see a foster parent again. Our Gracie didn’t really have a foster parent. Her name at the shelter was Fergie…maybe because she has a lot of reddish brown fur. Good to see you again, Sister Gracie…hope you don’t have to give Brian any whaps. 🙂

  7. Ellen Pilch

    Gracie, I didn’t know you had such a rough start to life. I am glad you have a wonderful forever home now. That is sweet that you recognized Ann’s voice.

  8. Pat Hatt

    haha he’s just jealous that he can’t sit that way. Always great to see wonderful humans again and not have to run under the bed from the scary ones

  9. Madi

    Gracie…I don’t have a brother but I do have a dad and I’m here to tell you the mens can be purrty silly
    hugs madi your bfff

  10. Raven

    Brian is just admiring your gorgeous belly!
    It’s wonderful that you were able to reunite with your foster mom. I bet she was happy to see you thriving in your forever home.

  11. Maggie

    Gracie, how awful that you were attacked. I’m glad you got a lot of loving care to heal you and send you to such a wonderful forever home.
    I think you look beautiful- if you’ve got a floofy belly you should flaunt it!

  12. Flynn

    That was nice to see your foster mum again Gracie. Don’t take any notice of Brian giggling at you. I often sit like that too, and it is very comfy.

  13. Ann Staub

    Very special indeed Gracie! I bet there are lots of foster moms out there who wish they could see their kitties again some day! PS – I think you look adorable sitting like that 😉

  14. Katie Isabella

    Gracie, mommy said she would lay her head right down on that awesome tummy if you would let her.

  15. KB

    Oh Gracie – we all thank Ann for taking such good care of you and nursing you back to health. She’s a hero.

  16. Cathy Keisha

    Whoa! How cool is that! I used to see the lady who rescued me every time I went to the vet cos she did grooming there but then we changed vets cos they were terrible. Tell Brian I’m sending healing purrz that he beats the Pee Wars again.

  17. Dezi and Lexi

    Oh Gracie you awe so bootyful. We just luv yous tummy mawkins. Weez not know why Brian wuld laff cuz youus just gawjus. Maybe hims jealous. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  18. Clooney

    Oh Gracie, how special that you got to see Ann again, we are so happy she was your foster Mom and took such good care of you.

  19. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Mee-you Sisfur Gracie mee reememburrss mee Foster Mumma Nikki…shee tooked such good care of mee an mee fursibss when wee was so sick an allmost died…..
    Yur Foster Mumma Ann soundss allott like Mumma nikki…takin care of us thru thee darkest timess…
    As fur thee way yur sittin iss a Yogie pose…mew mew mew…Brian doess not maybee know thiss 😉
    **paw kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

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