Mancat Monday: A PeeWars Dangit, That Didn’t Work Either

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Well phooey, I guess we can say that my new meds regimen didn’t work, or if it did then it went on strike.  I’ve been having the no funs again.

I went 2 weeks and 5 days without fighting the PeeWars and since I had passed the 2 week mark we were all pretty optimistic.  That all changed last Thursday morning around 3AM. My Mom heard me digging in the litter box and I have been going every 5-10 minutes since.  It sure wears a kitty out.

I’m still taking my meds and my Dad has been giving me fluids twice each day.  Hopefully it will stop soon, likely late Wednesday or early Thursday since the PeeWars tend to last a full week.  We sure were hopeful, but sadly this may be as good as it gets.

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57 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: A PeeWars Dangit, That Didn’t Work Either

  1. easy rider

    Oh nooo…. I hope so much it’s better soon and there are not so much pee-war battles for you… I cross my paws that the meds and the fluid are strong enough to win that pee-wars…

  2. Fuzzy Tales

    Brian, we’re sorry the pee wars have started again. Have your humans considered a second opinion on treatment, from either another clinic or even another vet at the same clinic?


  3. marg

    Oh No Brian, we don’t like to hear this. So so sorry. We so hope you can get over that darn pee war. We sure send tons of purrs to ya.

  4. Sammy

    Brian my friend I imagine it is totally exhausting and frustrating fighting those pee-wars. What a shame the latest treatment didn’t take care of things! We continue to send purrs and POTP your way………and will until you are victorious in the pee-war battle!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Tamago

    Oh, Brian, I’m so sorry the med didn’t work for you. You look really tired from pee wars. I hope you win the war and feel better. Purrs for you xoxo

  6. CatonsvilleCats

    We may be repeating ourselves (meow meow) but did your Dad and Mom try putting cosequin in your food? I buy the cosequin for cats capsules at Amazon and mix into the food once a day and it seems to help keep the sterile cystitis under control – that, and making the food a soupy mess…

  7. Caren Gittleman

    Brian we feel just awful that you have to keep going through this. We are so sorry. There are kitty treats that have cranberry in them (I can’t think of the name)….do you think they would help? They said on the package (for a cat’s urinary health)…wish I could think of the name but you have a smart Dad and I bet he can Google to find them. Please feel better soon! xoxo

  8. hannahandlucy

    We feel so sorry for you battling those pee wars Brian and were hoping that you were going to get some respite from them. We are sending lots of purrs to you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Sue Brandes

    So sorry Brian. Was hoping the meds would do the trick for you. Big hugs and purrs.

  10. Bev Green

    Oh Brian we are so sorry you have been at the pee wars again..we so wish we could find the answers for you..we send you all our POTP and hope..really hope this goes must be super exhausting and hitting your immune system sweetie 🙁 huge but gentle hugs Fozziemum xxx

  11. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Aww Brian, we sure are sorry to hear this. We wish there was something we could do for you in addition to purring and praying… but alas, we will continue to do so! Sending lots of love

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….pizz on de pee warz….itza bass terd like a burd iz…..sorree dood…

    N az stoooooopid az thiz soundz….may bee purrhaps de fluids yur takin iz two much fluidz ??

    we dunno…. but purrhaps once a day wood bee better at de two week intervalz ??? az all wayz, blessings frum R pal frank ♥♥♥

  13. Pat Hatt

    Ugg, sucks when nothing works at all. Did they ever check to see if it was a nerve thing, not sure how they check that in cats. But I know when one has nerve issues sometimes it makes them think they have to pee when they don`t.

  14. Fur Everywhere

    Poor Brian! We are sorry you are struggling with the Pee Wars again. There has to be more someone can do to help. Please do not give up hope. We hope you feel lots better soon!

  15. thecatguy

    🙁 I was hoping this would all be over and done with. We’ll keep purring that healing happens soon. Hang in there. Purrs for steady, routine pees.

  16. stay hurt

    We been following this on FB and we had ta come over and say how sorry we is that you are having so much trouble. This truly sucks. You is the best and don’t deserves one bad thing ever let alone all this crud! Xoxo hang in the buddy.

  17. Katie Isabella

    Brian, as I said on Face Book, I would truly do anything if I could only make that go away. I am so sorry that you are going through it again, Buddy.

  18. Dezi and Lexi

    Oh Brian…NO!!! We just hate dat you have to go fwu this again. We was purrayin’ so hawd dat da new meds wuld work as good as sissy’s awe. Weez’ll keep purrayin’ and believin’ sumfin’ will give and yous can get sum welief soon.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  19. LP

    Ahh, Brian! That sucks! We were so hoping those wars had ended. We are sending you lots of love.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. The OP Pack

    Oh boy, that is just too bad. But don’t give up – keep getting that nice vet guy to come up with some creative ideas. We hope this war can end for good and soon.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  21. Pretinha

    Oh querido Brian eu lamento muito em ler isso, sei como é sofrido a guerra do xixi,
    mas não perca a esperança talvez o vet ajuste a dosagem do remédio ou prescreva
    algum outro remédio que vai fazer um bom efeito em você.
    Não percam o ânimo meus amigos!

  22. Cathy Keisha

    There’s gotta be a way. You can’t live like this and have a good quality of life. Sadly, I’m throwing up again too. We thought I was all better too.

  23. McGuffy's Reader

    I am so worried about you. It sounds like urge incontinence. I wish there were something to relax your system, so you could empty and not feel so frantic. You are in my prayers. ~xo~

  24. Penelope

    Oh Brian! Yous poor guy! Mes is stressed from the trip to Calgary and mes has had a herpes flare up, mes hoping mes can ger over it as fast as yous does your pee wars.

  25. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Stew-pid Cystitis Brian!!!!!!!
    LadyMumm wnet brain dead an asked what Anti Innflammatory yur on fur thee condishun? Wee iss so wurried ’bout you; yur one of our bestest furendss an wee want you to bee happy an healthee!
    Sendin purrss an purrayerss…
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum =^,.^=

  26. Maggie

    So sorry to hear this, dear Brian and family.
    Hoping someone finds a solution to end the wars.
    Meanwhile, thinking of you.

  27. Debby

    Brian I am so sorry you are having these urinary problems.

    My husband has similar problems, so my heart goes out to you.

    By the way,


  28. Clooney

    Oh Brian, we are crossing our paws and purring for you to feel better ASAP and for the pee wars to be gone for good!

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