Sister Saturday with Sweet Sascha and Sweet Ande has Gone

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!
It’s Lion Cut Season! It happened to me again, yes it did.  I should have known that something was up when I was the only one that didn’t get breakfast Friday morning. Also, there wasn’t any munchies out Thursday night either.

Bright and early Friday morning I found myself in the PTU headed to the Vet.  I knew what if was for too because I was feeling just fine and it wasn’t my annual check up time. Truth be told though, even though I felt obligated to protest, I really didn’t mind it that much.  I am a much happier kitty when I get my Lion Cut, no fuss, no muss, and no nasty mats.

You can see I still have my pretty mane, but I’m not quite ready to show you the rest of me yet.  Mom says my tail poof is really cute though.  I’m just going to wait a bit and then I’ll show you what a blond lion looks like.  Okay?

Then, yesterday we got some really sad news from Marg at Marg’s Animals.  The sweetest woofie Ande has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Ande, Forever

Ande loved her Mom and the Mom loved her so very much.  Ande loved all of the kitties, and the kitties loved spending time with Ande.  Run free sweetie, you touched many a heart.  Please stop by and visit Marg HERE.

Oh, Sister Kit asked me to tell you that she is doing the selfie thing tomorrow.  See you all soon! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Harvey Button
9 years ago

If you feel more comfortable then its got to be a good thing! Well done for being brave and beautiful!!


Sassenach MacConney (Sass, Lou and Chevy)

You are a beautiful kitty. Being more comfortable is a good thing, too!

9 years ago

Thanks so much for the shout out for Ande, it is sooooooo lonely here with out her.
Sister Sascha, we cannot wait to see your whole hair cut. I bet you are just too cute and you know that you are our favorite, Sorry Brian.
You all have a great day.

9 years ago

Bummer with your summer hairdo, does it make you so mad, you roar like a lion? Sorry to hear about your dog friend. Seems like a very nice pup.

easy rider
9 years ago

I like your lion cut, that’s the hir style for efurry catwalk :o)
I’m so sad for Ande… that’s a hard month for so much peeps&pets… sigh…

9 years ago

We love your lion cut Sascha and bet you feel more comfortable.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

You are so beautiful any which way!

Pat Hatt
9 years ago

Being comfy is the best, even if one has to go to that nasty vet place to do it

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

We look forward to seeing your new hair style and we are so, so sad about Ande…

Kitties Blue
9 years ago

Looking forward to seeing your new “do” Sascha. Mom’s wondering if floofy Giulietta would like a lion cut. She doesn’t really get matted; though, so maybe not. Tell Kit we will look forward to seeing her tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Katie Isabella
9 years ago

Sister Sascha, you are gorgeous regardless. And the lion cut makes all the short furs like cut velvet! Think of all the petting you’ll get because you will e so velvety. We hope you’ll show us.

I am aware about sweet Ande and we all know how heartbreaking losing a family member is. My mom and I send all our love right now to Marg.

Ellen Pilch
9 years ago

So sad about Ande. You look very pretty, my Snowball wasn’t so lucky, they cute too much around her head and she looks funny now.

Laila and Minchie
9 years ago

We can’t wait to see your lion cut, Sister Sascha! It’s our favorite cut.

We just can’t believe Ande ran off to the bridge. So sad for Mom Marg and all the kitties and Smoke and Joe.

Sailor Edgar
9 years ago

I’m sure you look adorable, Sister Sascha, and most likely you really need a lion cut in hot weather.

Sad news about Ande!

Mark's Mews
9 years ago

We never get those Lion Cuts. Ours are all short to start with.

Marty the Manx
9 years ago

Oh we can’t wait to see your full lion cut Sascha! You always look beautiful! We were so sad for Marg 🙁 We visited her today already.

The OP Pack
The OP Pack
9 years ago

Sweet Sister Sascha, we are sure you are still as beautiful as ever even with the lion(lioness) cut. Sometimes comfort is much more important. We have seen Zoolatry’s Zoey many times with her lion cut and she looks so cute.

We too were very sorry to hear about Ande. We knew she was having some problems, and sometimes the love we have for our pets means we do what is best for them and not for the humans. Soft woos and gentle hugs to Marg and all her furries.

Woos – Ciara and Lightning

9 years ago

I was so sad to hear about Ande yesterday. 🙁 Sascha, I think you like the result of the lion cut – just not the process! I’d be a little annoyed about missing out on my treats and breakfast too.

9 years ago

I’m glad you’re feeling great in your lion cut. I’ve heard of something called a Teddy Bear cut where they leave all your body fur about 1 inch long and you get to keep your tail floof. Mom thought I might look gook in that and it would help decrease my hairballs, but she didn’t want to take me to a groomer because I often get sick when I’m stressed.

Sad news about Ande, because he was a special woofie and loved kitties.

Spitty the Kitty
9 years ago

Sister Sascha–You are a TEASE! I don’t *want* to wait to see you in all your Lion Queen glory! Make that nekkid picture soon, y’hear!?

Yes, we were very sorry to hear abut sweet Ande who was a dear, even if she was a woofie. We know she was a loving and well-beloved doggy and we sent our purrs and purrayers to her lovely Mom, Marg. XOXOXO

Savannah's Paw Tracks
9 years ago

*whew wiping forehead with paw* I wouldn’t have recognized you Sascha without your glorious poofy mane to show off your stunning blue eyes

The Poupounette Gang
9 years ago

Sascha, e are sure you look simply wonderful with your lion cut!

We were so very saddened to hear about Ande crossing the Bridge. She truly was a very special woofie, and everyone wil miss her.

The Chans (and Tommy too)

9 years ago

Sasha é muito bom trocar o visual, meninas gostam disso certo?
Vamos esperar para ver todo o seu charme de leão loiro.

Lamento sobre Ande.

Caren Gittleman
9 years ago

Our hearts broke when we heard the awful news. It is sooo sad

Cathy Keisha
9 years ago

C’mon Sascha, I wanna see it now! Got the sads over Ande. I can’t wait to see Sister Kit.

Dezi and Lexi
9 years ago

Aaaaaw Sascha dat’s gweat dat you feel better. And weez not mind waitin’ to see yous gawjusness. It’ll be worff it. 🙂 Hope yous have a gweat Caturday.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

9 years ago

Mes can’t wait to sees yous in your lion cut! Yous always looks so regal! And wes sad beyond belief about Ande. She reminded us so much of our sister Bob. Wes sending Marg our Love and Strength.

Austin Towers
9 years ago

Sascha, I know you feel loads more comfortable without all that floof!!

It is so very sad about Ande!! xx

9 years ago

I bet you make a beautiful lion Sascha. I am very sad that Ande was called to the Bridge.

9 years ago

So sorry to hear about Ande.

Sasha is one cool cat!

9 years ago

We can’t wait to see the debut of the “Blond Lion” or should we say “Lioness”?!

Katnip Lounge
9 years ago

We’ll be nekkid right along with you next Wednesday! We like our loin cuts, too…they’re just so…freeing!

xx Maui & TJ

Katnip Lounge
9 years ago

LION, not loin! MOL MOL

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

That’s a purrfect look for summer! Just catching up doing a sad and busy time. Darn, you’re not going to Blogpaws? You’re in my thoughts.

Kitty Cat Chronicles
9 years ago

We can’t wait to see your lion cut, Sascha! You always look so cute!!!

Jan K
9 years ago

We can’t wait to see your lion cut, Sascha, we bet you look adorable.

Sherri-Ellen T-D.
9 years ago

Sisfur Sascha wee finkss yur gorgeeuss with or without furrs!! An you has a luvley purr-sonalitee allso!
Wee heerd ’bout Ande doggie today an wee went to meow with Lady Marg…so berry berry sad…..
**nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxx