Sister Saturday Independence Day with Sister Zoe

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Hello everyone, tis me Zoe. It’s Independence Day here in the United States and I want to which all of you a happy and safe 4th of July.  My Mom helped me pick out a special tiara for today and I like it lots, thanks Mom.

I know Brian told y’all this, but it really is one of the noisiest holidays ever, especially where we live.  Those firework things are legal here and they are for sale on just about every corner, even a few blocks from our house.  However, let’s not confuse legal with being courteous.  We will hear those boomy things going off until about 3:00 in the morning.  There’s nothing courteous or polite about that at all, in face, it’s downright rude.

Under the bed gets a bit crowed for this holiday, but what are you supposed to do.  An army of kitties will be there to protect the dust bunnies.  We’re big fans of being independent, but we’re not big fans of being rude.  We do worry about the feral kitties, especially the kittens, who have not yet experienced noise like this.

We hope our U.S. pals have a safe, enjoyable and somewhat quite holiday.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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40 thoughts on “Sister Saturday Independence Day with Sister Zoe

  1. Summer

    It’s the opposite here – fireworks are TOTALLY illegal where we live! Of course that does not mean that people don’t go outside the city to get them – so my human is staying close to me this weekend to make sure I am okay.

  2. orbit

    Thank goodness it’s only this one night of the year (well, and sometimes New Years Eve as well, I guess). Happy fourth, Zoe!

  3. Tamago

    Some humans already started fireworks last night around here. We are hoping it’s gonna rain so that the big boomers will be cancelled!
    You look beautiful in your tiara, Zoe 🙂 Happy holiday!

  4. Sammy

    Hi Zoe! Happy July 4th! I love your tiara……and like you all, I’ll be under the bed with the dust bunnies waiting for the fireworks to HUSH before I’ll be going to sleep tonight too! Stay safe….

    Love, Sammy

  5. easy rider

    Happy 4th of july, have a wonderful independence day weekend o) I hope the loud noises are over soon and no one has to celebrate UTB :o)
    easy rider

  6. Annie

    We hope you have a happy 4th! Zoe, you look so pretty in that tiara! That is such a lovely picture of you. We hate that your neighbors are so inconsiderate and you guys have to deal with all that noise. Hopefully, the ferals will be okay.

  7. Sailor Edgar

    You look especially beautious in your tiara, Sister Zoe!

    We don’t plan to get anywhere near fireworks or firecrakers. The city of Dayton did its main fireworks display yesterday, and we had some noise from that.

  8. The OP Pack

    Sister Zoe, you look very patriotic and regal in your special tiara. Fireworks are illegal in our city except for public displays. But that doesn’t stop the stupid peeps from having them anyway. They were starting already last night resulting in a rough night for Ciara:( Hopefully they will be going to the public shows tonight and leave us in peaceful quiet.

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  9. Katie Isabella

    Know what you mean beautiful Sister Zoe. Here too! The County line is just half an acre from my house and the city ordinance don’t apply to them…so we suffer, me and mom, as well. xoxo

  10. Mariodacat

    oh boy, I forl sorry for you and your fursibs. Fireworks is illegal here, but people shoot them off anyway…but usually stop by11:00 pm. So I only have too put up with the unit 11:00 or so. That is long enough tho and I am under the bed too.

  11. Dezi and Lexi

    Sweet bootyful zoe, we agwee. So many peeps awe so rude when it comes to annoyin’ udders. And we too worry ’bout all da kitties outside and hope they can steer clear of any mean nasty hoomans wantin’ to hurt them and da noise. Hope y’all have a gweat and safe holiday.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. ShaynaCat

    Love the tiara, Zoe! I so agree with you about the fireworks – have no clue why folks can’t just use the ones with pretty lights that don’t make all that pawful noise. Glad the dust bunnies will be well- guarded – stay safe, & Happy July 4! 🙂

  13. Fraidy Cats!

    Zoe, we love your tiara, it is purrfect for you 🙂 we are so sorry it is so noisy for you on the fourth 🙁 we hope you all can find a safe place to hide and ride it all out and we hope the feral cats and kittens will be safe. Happy Independence Day! purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, HOllie

  14. Cathy Keisha

    I can only imagine how bad it is down there. It used to be bad here but they cracked down on people going to NC to buy the stuff. Happy 4th!

  15. Clooney

    Zoe we love your special tiara, how pretty! Happy 4th of July to you all, and purrs to all you kitties and to your ferals for when all the noise starts, hope all will be ok.

  16. KB

    It is terrible and downright rude that it’s okay to make booms all night long. In our neck of the woods, people shoot rifles on a regular basis. So, one person is having fun with his big gun and messes up the days of hundreds of other people within earshot. How can that possibly be okay?

    Anyway, I love your tiara, Zoe. I wish you all a calm and safe night.

  17. Penelope

    Wes won’t hear any here this year, there is a ban because of the fire danger, But wes sure wes will hear some rifle fire when it gets dark – it happens at New Years too as the rural folks makes lots of noise with guns!
    Stay safe

  18. Sweet Purrfections

    The firecrackers are terrible here, too. Our neighbors right across the street shoot them off and Mom Paula usually sees the paper from them every morning. Truffle has become scared of them and spends the evening under the bed. Brulee is doing okay.

    Happy Independence Day from Truffle and Brulee. We hope you don’t have to endure too many of those annoying firecrackers today.

  19. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Mee-you Zoe seereeusslee firwekss til 3 inn thee morning?!?!? Tha tiss beyond rude it iss down rite meen an nastee….
    An yess to fink of thee feral katss an their kittss scared out oftheir furs!!PICKERELL!!!! That iss rotten….
    On thee other paw; you do look stunning in yur 4th of July attire! Happy 4th…hopefully it is quieter there….
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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