T.G.I.F. Tongue Glue

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Okay, you’ve all seen that the diets are here and there is getting to be less kibble out n’ about.  Most of that has to do with Sister Gracie being on a diet.  However, I could afford to lose a little weight too, seriously.

But every once in a while there will be a stray piece of kibble that makes it into the living room.  Of course, if that’s the case, we would be obligated to eat it, would we not? How does the Dad plan on keeping that from happening?  Well, of course, he puts Tongue Glue In Fibers!!!

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it!
See, that tongue sticks right the the fibers in the carpet. Okay, okay, not really, but it does make a good T.G.I.F. Besides, stray kibble would never make it all the way from the kitchen to the living room!

Oh, I know one of my Sisters has my pirate hat, and they don’t intend on giving it back, at least not for Meow Like a Pirate Day. Who do you think has my pirate Hat?

Have a fun Friday everyone! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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33 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. Tongue Glue

  1. Flynn

    I am glad your tongue isn’t really stuck to the fibers! I thought you had your mouth open ready just in case a piece of kibble came bouncing along and bounced right in.

  2. Bev Green

    MOL MOL Brian this had us laughing..we get that too here..and yes that stray kibble never gets far from the point of origin MOL…i bet Precious has your hat! paw pats Dinnermintz xx

  3. Tamago

    Haha, of course, you’ve got to rescue stray kibbles 🙂 That’s a very cute picture of you. Glad your tongue is not really glued in the fibers.
    Maybe Sister Sascha has the hat…because she would look gorgeous in it 🙂

  4. Raven

    Nice tongue Brian! I prefer to lick my fur. As for that missing hat, your sisters are probably conspiring to keep it from you. There’s no telling who has it.

  5. mariodacat

    M says I waste a lot of my kibble and then complaiin cuz I’m still hungry. She thinks I put it in my mouth and one accidentally drops out cuz I have no toothies. Then it gets all wet and I refuse to eat it. M says she can’t win. it is going to be very hard to keep me on maintenance since I’m not on the diet food. he he – meanwhile I’ll keep asking for food and make her feel guilty.

  6. Mark's Mews

    We dont lick the carpets here (Iza does the butt-scootch on it). I do lick TBTs hair often lately. Im not sure why. We are betting Sister Sascha has yer hat… ~ MARLEY

  7. Dezi and Lexi

    Tung glue? Now dat duz sound like a purroblem Brian. MOL Ifin yous lookin’ fur stway kibble, just head on over to our place. Me knocks quite a bit outta meez plate, in da livin’ room me might add. Sissy usually comes by to sweep it up but sumtimes me beats hers to it. MOL Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Katie Isabella

    I could NOT get the blog to let me and mommy leave a comment but now, we tried again. Brian, you look handsome no matter what you do.

  9. The OP Pack

    We hate those darn diets too – too many green beans in our kibble.

    We think one of those ferals has your pirate hat.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

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