Thankful Thursday: 2504 and I Rest My Paws for More

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! Dang, I had better give my paws some rest!  Seriously, I’ve been doing a lot of paw tappin’ here.  I missed a milestone, yes I did.  You see, Sunday was my 2500th post, on this blog and today makes 2504.  As of Sunday, we have had 94,866 comments from all of you.

For those of you who are new to our blog, I had two other totally home grown blogs before this one. Unfortunately, they were hijacked by the evil ones.  We almost gave it up, but instead we started on Blogger and then transitioned to WordPress.  We’re still having some blogging challenges, but we’re learning along the way.  We’re hopefully learning how to make our blog load quicker for you, on your computers and on your mobile devices. We’re also learning what to do when the evil spammers attack and take us down for a while.  Dang, it shouldn’t be so complicated.

But, I’m thankful for all of you that come here to see what we’re up too and how we’re doing.  We try to get around to visit you too.  Even if we don’t always comment, we check up on you and we are following around 500 blogs now.  I am really super thankful for each of you and for your support of our projects through the years.

As always, remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Fuzzy Tales
7 years ago

Wow, that’s a LOT of posts, Brian! Congratulations to you and your bipeds, and we wish you another 2500/04 and more!!!

Maggie from Stillness at Cherith

No wonder you are tuckered out.
That is a lot of blog posts!
the kitty brats

Sometimes, Cats Herd You

2500 is a huge milestone, concatulations! We can’t wait to see what the next 2500 bring.

easy rider
7 years ago

concats!!!! that’s a lot of feline wisdom you shared with me and blogville… and I bet if it is dark outside we can see your glowing paws, right?

7 years ago

Congrats on all those posts Brian. We sure are glad that you are blogging. We enjoy coming over here to see what is going on at your house. You all have a wonderful day.

7 years ago

Wow your paws must be sore; congrats on the big milestone.

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
7 years ago

Sweet Brian, you are worth waiting for! If I don;t see you as sometimes you don’t see me, I am OK as I know you love all of us out here. xoxox

Pat Hatt
7 years ago

You have 423 posts up on us. 2500 is a ton, congrats indeed. Here’s to 10,004.

Caren Gittleman
7 years ago

2500+ POSTS WOWZA!!!!! OMC OMC OMC that is a TON!!!!

Well done you and we love you!

7 years ago

CONCATS Brian! That’s pretty impressive! I’m not even close to that … hee hee and if the typist don’t start making some effort at transposing here soon, I’m going to do something drastic!

We love youz!

Ann Staub
7 years ago

That is paw-mazing Brian – concatulations!

7 years ago

Uau! Suas patas devem estar fumegando com todo esse trabalho blog, parabéns pelos 2504 posts.

The OP Pack
The OP Pack
7 years ago

Congrats on the big 2504!!! We are so happy we finally found you. We love visiting all the time.

Woos – Ciara and Lightning.

7 years ago

Brian you have worked you little paws and daggers down to nubs by now.
Sending paw kisses
hugs madi and WTG good buddy. We are sure glad we found your blog
madi and mom

Austin Towers
7 years ago

I can’t even imagine that many posts!! ConCats to you and your sisters, Brian. We sure do love you xxxx

Kitties Blue
7 years ago

Brian, congratulations to you, your fursibs and Dad Terry. 2,500 posts boggles our mind. Our mom has told us that it will never happen with us ’cause she’s too old, and we got a late start. We appreciate having you as followers as well as all the hard work you have put into blogging and helping kitties. Here’s to 2,500 more. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
7 years ago

dood…..hole lee mackerull ina soot….thatz a bunch oh awesum statz !!! conga ratz 🙂 we will try R best ta be commint number 100,000…like how kewl wood THAT be huh !!

7 years ago

That is so funny, Mom just noticed today our comments are at 52K something. Crazy! So glad you keep putting your paws to the keyboard! Get them some rest now.

Random Felines
7 years ago

that’s a lot of good work!!!

Deziz World
7 years ago

MeeeeOW Brian dat’s a lot of blog posts. We only have 2000 afur we ketch up. MOL Concats and weez so glad you stuck wiff it. We can’t magine our lives wiffout y’all in it. You all are such good furiends, not only to us, but to all da bloggers. So here’s to many more years of you and your furmilies joy and sharin’ life wiff us.

Luv ya’

Dezi, Lexi and mommy Audra

Savannah's Paw Tracks
7 years ago

Blogville would never be the same again without Brian’s Home. Love you all

7 years ago

That is truly a major milestone! We haven’t looked at our stats in like FOREVER but we’re nowhere near that prolific (yet!). Concatulations – we just love your blog and you!

Hugs, Sammy

Dip and Elliot
7 years ago

WOW 2500 posts! That is amazing. Congrats, you must love blogging 🙂
It shows too, we always enjoy every post you do.
Dip and Elliot x

7 years ago

Concats on 2504 posts Brian!! That is a lot of posts and a lot of comments.

Sailor Edgar
7 years ago

Congratulations on that milestone, Brian. I’m glad you and Katie have blogs…it sound too “exciting” for me at my advanced age! 🙂 Sorry to be late…we did a bunch of human stuff today (e.g., Christmas cards).

Hobo Hudson
7 years ago

I could tell you and also your sisters were hard workers the first time I saw your blog. Congratulations!

Ellen Pilch
Ellen Pilch
7 years ago

Congratulations! That is a LOT of posts- here’s to many, many more.

Cathy Keisha
7 years ago

Whoa! Concats on that BIG number! I’ll never get there. Wait, you regularly read 500 blogs? *faints* Thank you for making my little blog one of them.

The Island Cats
7 years ago

Wow! 2500 posts?!? That’s pawsome! Congrats!

Fraidy Cats!
7 years ago

yoW! you’ve had very busy paws, Brian! concats! at the rate we are going, it will take us 25 squillion years to reach that milestone 😀 we do love visiting and all you do to promote kitty adoptions. Thank you for being our friend!

pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie

7 years ago

Congratulations on your milestone! And I agree, I don’t know why these hackers want to mess with us cat bloggers!

Quill & Greyson
7 years ago

Congrats to you all!! What a great accomplishment! We love reading your posts everyday! Keep up the great work Brian and family!

7 years ago

You are amazing! You do so much. After reading you follow 500 blogs, we’re so exhausted, we need a nap. ZZZZZ

7 years ago

Hi Brian, WOW – you clocked up some AMAZING numbers buddy!
I am going to follow your paw print and start following more pals blogs too.
So sorry about your spammer issues. GGrrr.
Thank you for always joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
Look forward to reading your post this week too. *waves paw* :=o)