Mancat Monday: Days of Mine and Toesies

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Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it!
I thought I would start out the new week with a bit of toesie for you! Even though it is a new week, it’s hard to believe that we are already in the last week of January. Fur sure flies when you’re having fun.

That bad winter storm Jonas was no fun at all for a lot of our friends and we sure hope everyone is safe and able to dig out quickly.  We actually got pretty lucky here where we live in Greenville, SC.

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it!
As you can see, we did get some snow, probably around two inches worth.  If you look real close through the opening in the trees you can see our lake where the ducks and the geese hang out.  I’ll bet that water is plenty cold but it very seldom freezes over. We had a period of freezing rain before the snow started and the roads were pretty bad, or so we hear. About three miles away from us to the northeast it was pretty bad with the ice, and lots of trees and power lines came tumbling down.  That’s what I mean by being lucky, those few miles helped us out bunches.

Dad went out Friday evening to try and shovel the white stuff from the feral feeding station, but it was mostly ice so he didn’t have a whole lot of luck.  Yes, we do have a snow shovel that hangs around just in case we ever need it.  If you were wondering, the ferals did show up to eat, although they were on their schedule and not ours. Zelda’s kittens, who are growing up, spent the majority of the time in the heated house and came out to eat when they felt the need.

I don’t know about you, but we can bring on spring and warm any old time now. Blooming season is much more fun.  Have a safe and snuggly week everyone and we’ll be back tomorrow for the #OptToAdopt Blog Hop.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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37 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: Days of Mine and Toesies

  1. Marg

    So glad that you made it through the storm in good shape. We did too. But it sure wasn’t fun. Love seeing those handsome toes of your Brian. Brian, we sure thank you for all your support for our Mom.

  2. Sammy

    Gosh you look comfy in your “tree house” Brian……..I intend to do a lot of napping today too – we’re still house bound from all the snow but we don’t mind…….we’re snug as bugs in a rug!

    Love, Sammy

  3. hannahandlucy

    We saw the snow pictures on the TV and thought about all our friends – glad you didn’t get the snow or your Dad could have been digging you all out for ages.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Sailor Edgar

    Glad to hear that the storm mostly missed you. Ron has relatives in Arlington, VA, and as of yesterday evening they had plenty of snow, but still had power. Even when it isn’t cold, power outages can be a big problem if they last long enough. When the remains of Hurricane Ike went through here, we had no power for nine days.

    I imagine plenty of female kitties are really enjoying your photo. 🙂 I’m plenty old enough to recognize the movie reference!

  5. Fur Everywhere

    We are glad that you all stayed safe and warm during the storm. When your humans decide to go out, please tell them to be careful, okay? The feral kitties are very lucky to have humans to provide them with a heated house! We are glad they have you all to care about them. <3

  6. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we noe de ferals iz buzzed happee they haz yur mom & dad lookin out for
    & over them…high paws & headbonx TWO yur mom & dad for doin sew ♥♥♥

  7. Kitties Blue

    Brian, a double dangle with precious toesies always makes Mom smile. We were very lucky with the storm as well. Predicted for us 18+ inches. Actual amount of snow 13 inches. Unfortunately, the snow melts some during the day, then the temp dips into the teens and low 20s at night and everything freezes. We also want spring. Glad to hear the ferals are keeping warm. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Deziz World

    Oh Meow Brian sorry y’all got snow AND ice. Dat’s yucky fur sure. Altho’ weez glad da ferals were able to get to warmth and food. Fanks fur takin’ such good care of them. Weez glad y’all are safe and no worse fur da wear. And yous toesies are adowable. Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. The OP Pack

    We are happy you were lucky enough to miss the worst of Jonas but the little bit of snow makes everything look so pretty. We hope the feral kitties come out to eat and then go get warm again.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  10. Dip and Elliot

    And very lovely toesies they are!
    Glad you didn’t get much snow and the feral cats were okay. I bet they really appreciated the heated house in that weather. How kind you are 🙂
    Dip and Elliot x

  11. LP

    The snow looks very pretty and it must be nice to know it won’t stay too long! 🙂 Your toesies look lovely Brian 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. Katie Isabella

    We had about 5 inches Wednesday and the promised horrid snow for Friday/Saturday never got here. I hope the ferals will be alright. Brian, my mom has a thing for kitties toesies…watch out

  13. KB

    I’m glad that you were spared the worst of it and that you stayed warm! I agree – I’m ready for springtime. Unfortunately, that’s still a long way from now up in the mountains!

  14. Cathy Keisha

    It’s best just to stay warm in that cup, Brian. We had over 26 inches of the white stuff. Today there was some melting so tomorrow walking is gonna be trecherous.

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