Sister Saturday with Zoe the Bargain Hunter

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I’ll admit it, I’m late to the game, the bargain hunting game that is.  Often times one of my sisters, and sometimes even Brian, help my Mom read the paper on Sunday. Sorting out the colorful ads seems to be an important task and now I think I get it. Look at all these pretty things, they are nice and slick and amazingly comfy.  I could get used to this shopping thing.  I wonder if Brain will loan me his credit card?  Nah, I didn’t think so either.

Okay, maybe I don’t totally understand these ads.  The one for World Market says 25% Off and 30% Off, but it doesn’t say off of what.  Does that really mean if you buy something and it is 25% Off that they chop 1/4 of it off?  I don’t think that would be very useful at all. I know I sure wouldn’t want to buy some cat food and get 30% less of it. Well, the ads are pretty comfy anyways, even if part of me is 50% Off.

Tomorrow is Sunday again so maybe I’ll hop back up on the couch and help Mom with the ads again.  Maybe she’ll explain the fascination to me.  Okay, snack time it is so I’ll catch ya soon. Have a fun Saturday everyone and remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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8 years ago

My human does most of her shopping online, but before she hits the buy button, she always searches for online coupons!

The Florida Furkids
8 years ago

We wonder about stuff like that too. At least the ads are comfy!
The Florida Furkids

8 years ago

Good job Sister Zoe, reading those ads. You just never know when you are going to find a good deal.
Hope you made it through the storm all right. We still have electric so we are pretty good. Lots of ice and now it is snowing. So just where is Spring.
Hope you all are doing alright.

Pat Hatt
8 years ago

Ah, but what if it is 30% off and on sale? Can something be off and on at the same time?

easy rider
8 years ago

Zoe could you give my momma some bargain hunter lessons please? she could really need it,… and my daddy’s wallet too :o) Have a super caturday!

8 years ago

My kitties love to read the Sunday paper with Mom. They make a total mess out of it, but they have fun.

8 years ago

Zoe você está aprendendo rápido, mais um domingo e você vai ser a nova especialista
da casa em separar as ofertas de domingo!

8 years ago

Good luck finding some bargains! My Mom clips out grocery store coupons but pretty much does all her other shopping online. I do, however, help Dad read the Sunday paper every week……I keep all the sections he’s read nice and warm for him where he puts them on the floor. It’s the least I can do!

Hugs, Sammy

McGuffy's Reader
8 years ago

Zoe, George would have that paper scattered from hither to yon! XO

Sailor Edgar
8 years ago

Oh, Zoe, I’ve always been a little off! Oh, wait…never mind! 🙂

Our Gracie likes to sit on the newspaper while we are eating breakfast.

8 years ago

Zoe let’s go on a shopping spree. Golly what a pretty photo.
Yes we have about 1 ” of sleet/freezing rain on the ground and it has been snowing lightly. Might be a while before this mess thaws.
Hugs madi your bfff

8 years ago

Sister Zoe you are brilliant and beautiful and one smart shopper!

8 years ago

I bet you girls and your brother love to shop for cat treats – can never get enough of those.

Kitties Blue
8 years ago

Did you find any good deals on cat food or treats? We like to help with the Sunday paper as well, mostly with the crossword. Hope to see one of you for selfies tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

Excellent points, Zoe! Our human remembers when some coupons never expired. Now it seems like you only have a week or two to redeem them. Whatever any of those words mean! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey kitties

Mickey's Musings
8 years ago

We are not good with percents either.
We do agree that ads are comfy to lay on though 🙂
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

8 years ago

Those percentages are confusing me too. I do the same as you and lie on the ads. They are best for that.

Ellen Pilch
Ellen Pilch
8 years ago

Very good point, why would we want to buy something if the store takes 30 % of it. You look adorable, as always.

Deziz World
8 years ago

Oh Zoe how cute you look. We don’t fink we wuld like 30 % less noms eever. Dusn’t sound like much oof a bargain to us. Stay warm and y’all have a gweat weekend.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

MOL, you cracked us up over the “50% off”! Heee!

Austin Towers
8 years ago

Trouble with those ads is there is nowhere you can click on “buy”!

caren gittleman
8 years ago

Zoe, you have too much time on your paws MOL

8 years ago

Zoe, I think you should just focus on finding the adds and pointing out what you like. Let your humans do the paying and the math. I like helping dad with the sports section.

Layla Morgan Wilde
8 years ago

Well, we’d say you’re 100% adorable!

Dennis the Vizsla
8 years ago

hello zoe its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wunder if saya wood like bargin hunting i no she likes bug hunting!!! hay wurld market!!! wen saya first kaym home mama and dada bawt a buntch of karpet runners frum their so we cud all keep owr futting on the tile floors but then saya diskoverd it wuz fun to grab the korners of the karpets and pull and tear and now they ar all rolled up in the garadj and we slip and slide on the tile floors ennyway isnt that silly??? ok bye

Nerissa's Life
8 years ago

Oh, I TOTALLY agree. These ads can be very deceiving things. Like if you buy a nip mouse for 25% off, does that mean that it comes without ears and a tail? ‘Cause if it does, that’s just a biff bag, for sure. MOUSES!


Katie Kat and Lil Bear

Nana’s (Katiez’ Mom’s) Kitty BiBi thinks ads are too slick… She has to scratch them up before she sits on them. Glad your ads are comfier. Sounds like the sale ads are furry strange. We would not likes a can with only parts of da foods in it either!

Purrz from Lil Bear
Who thinks that cans should just has chicken in them.

8 years ago

Those ads can be very confusing, right Zoe?

We love Cost Plus World Market, but there aren’t any around here.

Savannah's Paw Tracks
8 years ago

yeah well, those Peep discount ads are pretty ‘liberal’ in what they mean; na’mean Zoe?

Cathy Keisha
8 years ago

You are funny today Zoe. Did I see 30% off SNACKS? That’s like treats, right?

Mark's Mews
8 years ago

While we sure like ta help TBT read the daily newspaper by sitting on the parts he shouldnt read, we do love to look at coupons. Not that there are many fer OUR foods, but we like the ones fer chicken what we might get some of as TBT eats it.

8 years ago

Comfy is good, especially on Caturday! Enjoy!

Jan K
8 years ago

Some cats are so good at holding down the newspapers and ads! It’s one of Sam’s favorite things to do as well. 🙂

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal

Hope you find some giood bargains !