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Friday, my friend, my pal, where ya been?  We’ve been on the lookout for you and we were hopeful that you would bring some treats with you.  Oh well, we’re happy to see you anyways!

Hey, there were lots of nice comments about me hiding from taking my meds.  Thanks everyone, but it really is mostly a game, and I’m very good at it.  Actually, if it goes on too long Dad will say “Brian stop” and I usually just park it and wait to be picked up.  Although sometimes I don’t MOL!

There is something else that y’all probably do though, other than hiding from the meds. That would be either hiding from or not cooperating with the flashy box human.  Sister Gracie has it all figured out today and that’s my T.G.I.F.:

Today Gracie Isn’t Flashing!!!

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it!
Gracie was sitting on the couch when Mom thought she saw a good photo op. Sister Gracie thought otherwise and stuck her face in between the cushions right before the flashy beast woke up.  Gracie 1, Flashy Beast 0!  It can be done!

Hey, speaking of Sister Gracie, she’ll be here tomorrow for Sister Saturday.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Harvey Button
7 years ago

ROFL!! OH Gracie – a good one there * high paw * Mum is sat here grinning.

7 years ago

Gracie, that was an awesome trick! That is something that Sparkle would have done to annoy my human! Me, I’m a big ham. I love being the center of attention.

Little Binky and Granny

That’s the way we do it, Gracie…and like it…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

7 years ago

Good job Gracie. What a great way to hide from the camera. We are going to try that too. You all stay dry today.

easy rider
7 years ago

well done Gracie… think the flashy beast needs a while to come over that defeat :o)

7 years ago

Great idea Gracie – we applaud you for hiding your lovely face from the photographer – you’ll have to charge a fee if they insist on a photo shoot!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

7 years ago

We play those games you play with your meds when it comes to being called inside from the yard. Sometimes we refuse, but as soon as Mom starts coming outside, we know we better get moving and listen to her.

7 years ago

Hihihi Menina bonita!

7 years ago

It’s funny to see them play “camera shy”. You did good Gracie:)

Pat Hatt
7 years ago

haha Gracie showed the flashy box who’s boss. keep on running and keeping the humans on their toes.

Sailor Edgar
7 years ago

Well played, Sister Gracie! Do let us see some photos of you, though. 🙂

7 years ago


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Gracie, that was ingenious!

Kitty Cat Chronicles
7 years ago

Nice job beating that flashy box, Gracie!!! You are a hero to us all! Have a great weekend

Ann Staub
7 years ago

Good job Gracie! You showed that flashy thing who’s boss!

The Poupounette Gang
7 years ago

That’s very funny, Gracie!

We are pretty good about #1 taking photos of us, especially if she doesn’t use the flash.

Happy Friday!

The Chans

Katie Kat and Lil Bear

Brian, you have the most fun playing pill keep away… -Katie Kat.

Love that idea to hide from Flashy Box! Wow… me try that one too. -Lil Bear who not like Flashy Box neether.

Guero gotted all hims greenies for surgery! Mom and Silvia are soo thankful.
Surgery may take place on Monday. Right now Guero taking Prozasin.

The OP Pack
7 years ago

We have to think you do enjoy those games with Dad, Brian, but at least you know when enough is enough:) Sister Gracie – that was a great move!!!

Woos – Ciara and Lightning

Cascadian Nomads Bethany Clochars

Gracie and Amelia may be long lost relatives because she is very good at outwitting any photo ops as well. Nice going in avoiding that flashy box so comfortably though.

Sherri Ellen TD
7 years ago

Mew mew mew well dun Sisfur Gracie! You got it inn one!!! Iss fun to out smart thee Hu’manss isn’t it?? 😉
**Hi-5’sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Dip and Elliot
7 years ago

What? Friday brings treats? – we will be on the lookout from now on 😀
We have learned a valuable lesson from you Gracie, hehe.
Dip and Elliot x

Ellen Pilch
Ellen Pilch
7 years ago

How do kitties know just when to turn their head?

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
7 years ago

Sister Gracie, that is the best flashy beast avoidance I have e=ver seen!

Colehaus Cats
7 years ago

Oh, you go, Sister Gracie! You found out how to win over that flashy thing!

Deziz World
7 years ago

MOL Way to go Gracie. We too do dat sumtimes. You know, we luv bein’ in da spotlight and all, but sumtimes, enuff is enuff right? Da humans just don’t seem to get da message. MOL Hope you all have a gweat weekend.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
7 years ago

dood….we think we mizzed de medisin post….hay, any time ya wanna hide out at trout towne; feel free…..yur dad will never find ya !!! frank lee…. we R selves due knot even noe wear trout towne iz ! 🙂

heerz two a jewel tetra N jawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Fur Everywhere
7 years ago

Brian, I go and hide under the dresser any time I think it’s pill time (and I think that a lot, MOL). But it is not a game for me – I will stay under there for a long time – until I think the Mom has given up. She never does, though, and I always get my pills.

Gracie, I like to turn away from the camera, too. The Mom has a hard time getting photos of me because I do not like to cooperate with the flashy box, MOL!


7 years ago

Well done Gracie! That is the sort of thing Eric would have done.

The Swiss Cats
7 years ago

Well done Gracie ! Very smart move ! Purrs

Caren Gittleman
7 years ago

OMC Gracie made me LAUGH and I soooooooo needed it! Too funny! this is a a classic! I also love how you said Brian eventually “parks it” so cute!

Mickey's Musings
7 years ago

Well done Gracie 🙂
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

7 years ago

Gracie, you’re my hero. I usually close my eyes or turn my head but putting in your face in the pillows is brilliant!

7 years ago

Good timing Gracie. Those flashy boxes can be so annoying.

Cathy Keisha
7 years ago

That’s a good one, Gracie. I try to turn my head or my back if I can. TW is glad cameras don’t still use film.

The Island Cats
7 years ago

MOL! That was a good move, Gracie!

Mark's Mews
7 years ago

We are sure not as good as you, Brian, about “stop” to accept meds! We just keep hiding.

Laila and Minchie
7 years ago

MOL! Great move, Sister Gracie!

Kitties Blue
7 years ago

Good job, Gracie. We’ll need to remember that trick! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo