Sister Saturday: You’re looking swell Dolly

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Guess what? It’s me Dolly! Oh, you already figured that out? Darn.  In case you were wondering, the experts call me a dilute calico, and you can kind of tell that by my furs, that’s why I wanted to give you a close up today.  My darker furs almost have a blue tint to them, which I do like.  But as you can see, I do have a variety of color in my furs.

Guess what else?  Larry the Leprechaun said he really did like my green eyes.  That made me smile too, especially since Mom and Dad tell me I have the prettiest green eyes.  Like most kitties, my eyesight is pretty good too, and sometimes I really get the peeps guessing.

Let me ask you, did you ever pick out a spot on the floor and sit there and stare at it, just to make the peeps wonder what in the world you’re looking at???  That’s a pretty fun game and I was doing it just the other day.  Dad would come over and look…nothing.  I wouldn’t budge, I’d stare some more.  Dad couldn’t stand it, he would come back and look again. Dad wasn’t catching on too quick so I eventually gave him a break and went to look out the back window.  By the way, it works equally well when I sit and stare out the window.  The Dad eventually comes and looks to see what I’m looking at…again.  Silly Dad!

It is the season where there’s lots going on in the back yard, kitties, birdies and squirrels, oh my!  Even the geese from the lake have been over for a visit.  Busy, busy, busy, a kitties fun is never done.  Speaking of fun, have a fun weekend and a fantastic Saturday.  I’ll see you soon.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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6 years ago

Sometimes it’s so easy to make the humans crazy!

6 years ago

Dolly, you do have very pretty furs. Dolly, our Two Two does the same thing to the Mom. It is great fun, isn’t it.

6 years ago

No matter what the technical name is for your furs, they are beautiful.

6 years ago

Hello Dolly! I do think you have some beautiful coloring in your fur AND those eyes are amazing – such a super shade of green. YES I love playing the “I can see it but you can’t” game with BOTH of my parents. It’s even more fun if you stare for a while then make your eyes REAL BIG and put your ears back – – – they think you’re watching some kind of scary thing that they can’t see! Bwaaahaahahaha

Happy Caturday!
Hugs, Sammy

Pat Hatt
6 years ago

haha that is fun to do indeed. Just stare at the wall, nothing at all and for it the humans will fall.

easy rider
6 years ago

I know that game and I love it… the staff is always on alert because they fear the upcoming weim-bomb when I stare at something lol.
Have a super caturday Dolly!

Sailor Edgar
6 years ago

You are indeed a beauteous kitty with impressive furs and eyes.

I suspect that when one of our kitties is looking out the patio door, but nothing is there, they are waiting for something (probably a bird) to reappear.

Just Cats
Just Cats
6 years ago

Such a pretty girl.

6 years ago

Dolly your eyes are gorgeous and your furs divine!
Hugs madi your bfff

6 years ago

You are a lovely tortie girl, Dolly. I guess that’s redundant, because all torties are girls…
The stare-at-nothing trick always works here too. Happy weekend!

6 years ago

Staring at something that is not there is fun. I’ll tell you what is better though. When my dad goes to his poker night he doesn’t get home until 2am and mum is home on her own with me. When it is very quiet I suddenly stare at the door and sometimes even floof my tail a bit. That really scares her!

6 years ago

Dolly, you really are a very beautiful girlcat. I love both your furs and your eyes.

Silly Dad! Fun to trick him like that.

The OP Pack
6 years ago

You’re looking swell, Dolly, and we can tell for sure!!! We love those green eyes too. Angel Phantom was called a dilute black although as a younger pup he had jet black furs:)

Woos – Ciara and Lightning

The Florida Furkids
6 years ago

We like to stare at a spot up high on the wall…..drives Mom crazy.

The Florida Furkids

Katie Isabella
6 years ago

Dolly, you are truly breathtaking! You are.

caren gittleman
6 years ago

Dolly you are GORGEOUS! A true stunner! Your fur, your eyes, just stunning! Tell Dad when you are staring inside, cats can see spirits………….maybe outside too! xoox

prancer pie
6 years ago

And you’re certainly glowin, Dolly!
(our Mommy has an earworm, now)

Deziz World
6 years ago

You have bootyful green eyes Dolly. And yous furs are just as gawjus as you are. And yes, me luvs to play dat stare game with mommy. She can’t stand it either and always has to come and look. MOL Sumtimes our pawrents can be silly can’t they.\

Fank you all fur all your luv and support.

Luv ya’


Mickey's Musings
6 years ago

Dolly, you are such a lovely,pretty girl 🙂
We giggled at you teasing your Dad too!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Cathy Keisha
6 years ago

Grat game Dolly with the pretty eyes. When I stare, TW usually takes a pic of what I’ve staring at cos we have orbs in the condo and once in a while I’ll be staring at one. TW isn’t sure if it’s Nicky or Autumn.

Sherriellen T-D
6 years ago

Mew mew mew Sisfur Dolly mee doess that too LadyMum all so!!! Shee will sit an watch mee starin an then shee staress at thee spot an then back to mee an it iss fun to watch her goin a bit daft…mew mew mew…..
An may mee say yur lookin berry purrty today?!
**nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

Ellen Pilch
Ellen Pilch
6 years ago

Your eyes are beautiful Dolly- everything about you is beautiful.

The Island Cats
6 years ago

Dolly, you have the most beautiful green eyes!

Kitties Blue
6 years ago

Dolly, you are indeed a lovely lady with your green eyes and long furs. Though Calista Jo is also a dilute, she has short furs and is very jealous of you. Hope to see you or one of your fursibs for selfies tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth snd Calista Jo

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

You are indeed a beautiful dilute calico! I’ve always loved the softer colors on dilutes, probably why I love my gray kitties, because grey is dilute black! (learned that a while ago, blew my mind, lol)
the kitties here always get me with the staring thing too. But usually it leads us to a spider or some other bug, so we always always look!

6 years ago

Dolly, you are so very pretty and have beautiful eyes.
The bird t.v. here is ok, but I wish I had as many entertaining critters in my back yard as you do.

Mark's Mews
6 years ago

You DO have the prettiest green eyes! About the staring… WE just look around randomly, an it drives TBT NUTS! MOL!

The Swiss Cats
6 years ago

Staring at nothing is so much fun ! It drives the humans crazy MOL ! Purrs

6 years ago

You’re looking swell, Dolly! I can tell, Dolly! You’re still glowin, you’re still crowin, you’re still . . . going strong!! Our mama thinks you are really beautiful! And keep driving your Dad crazy with all that zombie staring, Dolly! Afterall, it’s your job! 😉

the critters in the cottage xo