Easy Sunday and a Too Close Selfie

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Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! I’ve got a pretty good Easy going on right here on the chase part of the couch.  I just got finished spending some lap time with my Mom, that’s why I’m smiling happy.  I didn’t quite get the selfie I wanted though.

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! See what I mean?  It’s might just have to be my “nose knows” selfie!  I probably shouldn’t try to take a selfie when I’m tired.  Enjoy your day everyone and I’ll see you at the hop!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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7 years ago

You DO look really happy in your selfie, though, Brian!

7 years ago

We think that is a pretty good selfie, Brian. Great looking nose. You all have a fantastic day.

7 years ago

Selfies are always tough to get, but yours came out nice I think.

7 years ago

Enjoy your time on the couch Brian – don’t let your sisters try to take your special spot.

Mr Puddy
7 years ago

Look soon comfy , Brain
Enjoy your Sunday =^x^=

7 years ago

you look so happy and cozy

Sailor Edgar
7 years ago

Noses are important to kitties. 🙂 Hope you all have a great Easy…love the bendy paws!

Pat Hatt
7 years ago

Maybe the flashy box got a little too nosey with the selfie haha

7 years ago

Brian, you look precious & happy in your Easy shot. We here love sleepy selfies!

Madi and Mom
7 years ago

Brian…you meowed very true words
Madi your bffff

Kitties Blue
7 years ago

Well, you are definitely not the only one to have a sleepy selfie today. So did Lisbet and Sammy, and we bet there will be others. You do look precious sleeping. Have a great easy, Brian. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

7 years ago

Oh I think snoozy selfies are great – we’re relaxed, dreamin’ sweet dreams, having our “EASY” on and what better selfie is there than that?!?!?! ENjoy!

Hugs, Sammy

7 years ago

Awwwwwww what a snuggle bug you are. Wish I could teleport on over and hang out at your place and catch up on some good zzzzzs.

Erin the cat (Princess)

Hi Brian, a great Big Easy Selfie, top marks. I definitely agree about doing things when tired, never turn out good for me, except napping! purrs ERin

Ellen Pilch
7 years ago

I think you look great.

Austin Towers
7 years ago

I think that’s a pretty fine selfie, Brian!!!

Golden Woofs: Sugar
7 years ago

Enjoy your relaxing Sunday. Golden Woofs SUGAR

7 years ago

Love your nose knows selfie, Brian! And you look very happy in the first photo 🙂 It must have been a really good lap time!

The Swiss Cats
7 years ago

We love your close-up selfie ! You look so relaxed in the first photo : happy Sunday ! Purrs

7 years ago

That is a nice selfie Brian, and you do look very relaxed taking your easy.

The Florida Furkids
7 years ago

We think it’s a super selfie!!!

The Florida Furkids

7 years ago

We all think you look super handsome Brian.
Happy Sunday Selfies.
Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx

Emma and Buster
7 years ago

Selfies are not that easy to do as one might expect. We love your selfie though.

Jeanne Foguth
7 years ago

Great Sunday Selfie, Brian! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

The Daily Pip
7 years ago

You are looking as handsome as ever! Happy Sunday

Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too

You looks furry happy, Brian! Your mom must has a purrfect lap. Purrz, Katie Kitty Too

7 years ago

Eu não consigo resistir a um nariz de gatinho! Beijo! hihihi

Kitty Cat Chronicles
7 years ago

We like your selfie, Brian! It’s very up close and personal! And cute!

The Island Cats
7 years ago

But we think your selfie is great, Brian!

7 years ago

That’s a super sleepy selfie, Brian. And you’re right … selfies are difficult to take when you’re a little drowsy. 🙂

Cathy Keisha
7 years ago

Are you a Mommy’s boy? I love my Pop. You are smiling from ear to ear.

Lola and Lexy
7 years ago

Looking good, Brian! Looking good!

mariodacat roever
7 years ago

That is a great selfie pal. You really are a handsome dude pal. Very handsome.

Mark's Mews
7 years ago

That was a REAL close flashy Brian! We hope it dint mess up yer night vision fer long…

McGuffy's Reader
7 years ago

You make The Easy look, well…easy! XO

caren gittleman
7 years ago

Awww spending time with my mom makes ME smile too! Love, Cody

Nerissa's Life
7 years ago

I’m thinking your nose knows it’s a cute nose, for sure. MOUSES!


Little Binky and Granny

Oh, but we love nose selfies, Brian, now we can tickle it… because I am almost in your nose 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 <3

7 years ago

Brian you look pretty comfy there,xx Speedy

Harvey, Miranda, Silver, and Dusty

Sometimes Mum thinks she has a keeper but it ends up a blurrr GRRRRR