Easy Sunday with a Selfie from Sister Dolly

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! Let me tell you, Sister Dolly knows how to do an Easy and she always takes it most seriously!

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! Of course she is pretty darn good at the selfie thing too and never minds showing off her beautiful eyes.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! Join the Hop Here


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8 years ago

Dolly, you are a rock star today!

8 years ago

Sister Dolly, that sure looks like a great Easy, that you have going on there. And what a great selfie. You have such pretty furs. You all have a great day.

easy rider
8 years ago

no wonder with such beautiful eyes… I bet all your visitors sing the awww-song today Dolly :o)

8 years ago

I am glad sister Dolly woke up from her Easy to take that lovely selfie.

Pat Hatt
8 years ago

You sure can show of those eyes indeed, bright as can be at your easy sea.

Mickey's Musings
8 years ago

Dolly, you are such a pretty kitty 🙂
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

BJ Bangs
8 years ago

Dolly, you indeed look like a princess! Happy Sunday!

Sailor Edgar
8 years ago

Beautiful eyes, indeed! We’ll let you get back to your easy, Sister Dolly. 🙂

Right now it is sunny here, but cold!

The Florida Furkids
8 years ago

Lovely!!! Enjoy your EASY Sunday!

The Florida Furkids

8 years ago

Dolly, you really do Easy well. Easy Sundays are the best!

Your selfie is beautiful with those wide green eyes and beautiful fur!

8 years ago

Dolly that is a stunning selfie and ohhhhhhhhhhhh those eyes
Hugs madi your bfff

Ellen Pilch
8 years ago

Dolly is truly a doll, so beautiful. Have a nice easy Sunday.

Lou Belcher
8 years ago

Sister Dolly does take a beautiful selfie.

Have a great day.

hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

8 years ago

Dolly, you sure did a great job today with your selfie! Now go enjoy your easy, okay? 🙂

Dragonheart, Merlin, and Devi

Great photos! You do have beautiful eyes, Dolly. 🙂

Fraidy Cats!
8 years ago

Dolly, you look so cute getting your easy on and your selfie is just beautiful! Enjoy your day!

pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

The OP Pack
The OP Pack
8 years ago

Sister Dolly, it is so “easy” to get lost in those dreamy eyes you have.

Happy Sunday.

Woos – Ciara and Lightning

8 years ago

Sister Dolly is a gorgeous girl! She’s obviously been getting her beauty sleep.
Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

8 years ago

And what gorgeous eyes she has!

Bell Fur Zoo
8 years ago

She is absolutely stunning!!

Bell Fur Zoo

Little Binky and Granny

Your selfie is breathtaking, sister Dolly. I think your secret lies in the beauty sleep 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Week 🙂 <3

The Swiss Cats
8 years ago

What a cute sleepy selfie ! Purrs

Savannah's Paw Tracks
8 years ago

Dolly your eyes are simply stunning. “nuff said, good job!

Austin Towers
8 years ago

Sister Dolly is VERY pretty!! Be still my beating heart!!! x0x0x0x

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

Our Domino gives Dolly a big kiss!

8 years ago

Menina você é bonita mesmo!!!

8 years ago

That’s a fantastic selfie, Sister Dolly! You are such a gorgeous girl!

Sherriellen T-D.
8 years ago

Sisfur Dolly you make mee LadyMum *swoon* with deelite when shee seess you!!! An mee agrees; yur thee most beeuteefull gurl….
***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

The Daily Pip
8 years ago

Hi pretty Dolly! You look lovely today.

The Island Cats
8 years ago

Oh Dolly! What a beautiful selfie!

caren gittleman
8 years ago

OMG I am smitten with those eyes!!! Too bad she and Cody couldn’t have kittens together, they would have AMAZING eyes!!

Cathy Keisha
8 years ago

Whoa! Maybe I should offer you a job photographing myselfie.

8 years ago

Sister Dolly is incredible. What an easy. She looks sound asleep. And then her eyes are so gorgeous in her selfie!

8 years ago

Dolly you’re just too gorgeous,xx Speedy

8 years ago

What a beautiful shot of her, and those eyes! Gorgeous!

Nerissa's Life
8 years ago

Oh my mouses, she DOES have pretty eyes, for sure.


Harvey, Miranda, Silver, and Dusty

We are late but not lettiing our Kitties Blue friends down. Happy last Sunday Dolly!