T.G.I.F. There Goes


Before I get on with my T.G.I.F., we want to say Happy Anniversary to our Mom and Dad.  They have been married for 44 years and we hope they have a very special day!

Friday, Friday, Friday, where have you been Friday?  We’ve been waiting for you.  Where have you been Friday?  Oh that Friday can sure seem elusive sometimes, but it usually is pretty dependable and shows up each and every week.

Earlier today we were having a photo session with the Mom.  For those new to our blog, the Dad is our typist and the Mom is the official photographer for Team Brian.  Anyways, everyone was gathered for the photo session, except me.  I was a few whiskers short of a good nap and didn’t want to participate at the moment.  The Mom was pretty purrsistant and kept trying to get a photo of me.

That’s my T.G.I.F. for today…There Goes Its Flashy!  But, I knew it was coming so I already had a plan.

Brian's Home. Adopt cats, we deserve it! See, I was prepared for when that flashy thing went off.  I won the flashy battle this time around, but I also know the Mom doesn’t give up easily.

Tomorrow is Sister Saturday so stop by and have a visit with Sister Gracie.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Mickey's Musings
8 years ago

Hahaha! Good one Brian :)
We wish your folks a very Happy 44th Anniversary!
That is a pawsome milestone :)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

easy rider
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary!!! Your pawrents are a super team and I love that your daddy is your writer and the mom is the artist behind the cam :o)

8 years ago

Happy anniversary to your humans! Wow, 44 years is longer than my human wants to admit she has been alive, MOL! Seriously, that is really awesome.

8 years ago

A very Happy Anniversary to the Mom and Dad. Hope they do something fun today. That is such a good way to avoid the camera Brian. We love to sleep like that too. You all have a wonderful day.

8 years ago

Happy anniversary to your mum and dad, Brian!
You did a good job from hiding from the flashy box.

The Daily Pip
8 years ago

Wishing your parents a very happy anniversary. Hope they do something fun to celebrate. Cheers to 44 more years!

McGuffy's Reader
8 years ago

Happy, happy anniversary! That is a wonderful statement of loyalty and commitment to love and each other.
And you share it with your fur family. ❤

Sue Brandes
Sue Brandes
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad.

The Poupounette Gang
8 years ago

That’s a pretty cute picture, Brian!

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

The Chans

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Happy Anniversary to your pawrents!
Love how you thwarted the camera! hee ee

8 years ago

Congratulations to your Mom and Dad Brian…….that’s a major milestone indeed. Tell them they should go out somewhere SPECIAL to celebrate tonight! I love your photo – that’s what I do when Mom starts trying to get me to cooperate for a photo……sometimes she gives up and goes away……..sometimes NOT! Happy snoozing.

Love, Sammy

Nicki and Derry (Fuzzy Tales)
Nicki and Derry (Fuzzy Tales)
8 years ago

Ha, great plan, Brian! We’re glad you didn’t let your mom disturb your nap with the flash.

Happy anniversary to your humans! Forty-four years…wow, that’s a long time for humans to stay together, very atypical today. We wish them a joy-full, wonder-full day! Purrs and peace.

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
8 years ago

Oh Brian! Tell your Mom and Dad happy anniversary from me and Katie. Many more and HAPPY ones! What a wonderful thing. I am so hoary for all of you to be such a loving close family. <3

Pat Hatt
8 years ago

Good flashy thing avoidance technique. Hope they have a happy anniversary!

Ellen Pilch
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your folks! That is a long time. I just wrote Happy Birthday on Facebook- sorry about that, I guess it should have been anniversary. You look so cute covering your eyes.

Kitty Cat Chronicles
8 years ago

That is such an adorable photo of you, Brian! And a good way to block the flashy! Hope your mom and dad have a wonderful anniversary!

Guido the Italian Kitty

Catzowey AND more Catzowey! Cuz 44 years izza amazing wonnerful milestone. Happy terrificat Anniversary wishes to da Momma & Poppa from me and my staff.

Cathy Keisha
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your peeps, Brian. They do a wonderful job on your blog and for cats everywhere. You look so cute today with your paw over your eyes.

8 years ago

A very happy anniversary to your pawrents Brian. WE hope they have a great day.
AND we love the photo of you! Well played Brian, well played.

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
8 years ago

dood…..a most happee annie fur sarry two yur mom & dad…44 iza awesum numberz……we wish em another 44…. anda yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ~~~~ hope mom getz dad a swell dress shirt and dad getz mom a 2016 Porsche…leatherz seetz & converta bullz top :) ♥♥♥♥

heerz two a gulf menhaden { this ree lee IZ a fish !! } kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Colehaus Cats
8 years ago

Your photo is purrfect and adorable! Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

8 years ago

Your photo is adorable with your paws over your eyes! Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

8 years ago

Happy Happy 44th to your wonderful pawrents…they are the bestest for sure. Are you all gonna share your stinky goodness with them?
Hey guess what it has been so cool here mom just opened up our new windows today that now have screens on them and I got so many whiffs and heard birdies.
Mom took so many photos the battery had to be recharged
Hugs madi your bfff

8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!!!!

8 years ago

Happy 44th anniversary to your Mama and Dad! We hope they spend many more happy years together :)
That is a very sweet photo of you covering your face Brian :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Hobo Hudson
8 years ago

Brian, Happy Anniversary to your parents! You look cute trying to avoid the camera.

Fur Everywhere
8 years ago

We wish your humans the happiest of anniversaries today!! <3

Quill & Greyson
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your day was great!!

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

ooooh, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the mom and dad!!!

Deziz World
8 years ago

Oh Brian Happy Anniversary to your mommy and daddy. Dat’s a long time and really makes us smile. Almost as much as seein’ you hide from da flashy box. MOL Hope da day is purrfect fur all. And dat your mommy gets a dinner out and ya’ll get da take home cat sack leftovers. MOL

Luv ya’


8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad – 44 years is impressive:) I hate those flashy bulbs too Brian:)

The OP Pack
8 years ago

That’s a great photo, Brian – we bet it gave your Mom a good laugh. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad and many more to come.

Woos – Ciara and Lightning

caren gittleman
8 years ago

Wowza!!!! 44 years!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!!!! Wishing you both yet another 44 happy years together! Love to you both! Happy Anniversary!!

8 years ago

Happy anniversary to your mom & dad!! They make a wonderful team!

That’s such a cute picture of you!

8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to you awesome Mom and Dad, Brian! :)

The Island Cats
8 years ago

Oh Brian, we don’t blame you for covering your eyes. That flash is so bright!

Happy Anniversary to your peeps! 44 years is amazing!

Sailor Edgar
8 years ago

Congratulations to your Mom & Dad…hope they had a great anniversary!

Jan K
8 years ago

Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! They make a great blog team for you!

8 years ago

I love that photo of you, Brian.
And Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad.