T.G.I.F. TidyCat Gang – A Mini #Littervention Giveaway from @TidyCats #TidyInsider #Ad

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Here’s your chance to spruce up your home with a mini-Littervention compliments of the meowvelous folks at Tidy Cats.  We will be giving away one (1) mini-Littervention to a lucky U.S. winner.  What is a Litterventions?  Quite simply, it’s a litter box area refresh.  As a #TidyInsider we were thrilled to receive a mini-Littervention of our own.  Honestly, our litter areas were kind of blah, but we never realized it until our Littervention items arrived.  Thanks Tidy Cats for helping us out!  By the way, my T.G.I.F. for today is TidyCat Gang Is Fantastic!

Our biggest litter challenge was litter tracking and disposal.  If you’re a multi-cat household you know how much litter can be tracked from the litter areas to other parts of the house.  Then, the constant scooping and disposal is a never ending battle.

Let me show you a few “before” photos of a few of our litter areas.  You’ll be able to see that we were pretty much standardized on that blah look.  Nothing fancy, but often messy.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderThis is an older jumbo litter box that has been around for a while.  It’s big, but a few of us do find it a challenge climbing in and out of it.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderThis is one of our favorites, yes, it is smaller, but it’s the right fit.  Some of you might recognize the NVR Miss Litter Box.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderThis is another plain old litter area but this one happens to be in the Sister Precious Suite.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderThis one is another litter area belonging to Sister Precious.  There’s usually little on the floor, but we made Dad sweep it up.

Now that we’ve been Litterventionized, not only do our litter areas look better, they’re also a lot more functional.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderThis is the same area where the old jumbo litter box was.  We like this redo a lot and some of us, not to mention any names, are not afraid to go in the corner any more.

#LitterVention #TidyInsiderThis is the area that was across from the jumbo litter box.  By the way, we love those new mats.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderSister precious is very happy with her redo in litter area #1 although she can’t figure out why the litter isn’t scattering all over the floor.

#Littervention #TidyInsiderFinally, Sister Precious was really thrilled with the redo of her other litter area.  It looks quite nice, she has choices, and the litter doesn’t get all over the carpet!

You will likely notice the wonderful litter mats in the after photos. The mats are the catLitter Trapper by iPrimio.   Let me tell you, these mats are promoted as “The Best New Cat Mat” and, in my opinion, they deserve that title!


They are actually parts to the mat with holes in the top that allow the little to fall through.  The top part lifts up for easy removal of the collected litter.  These mats are also waterproof, repells urine and are easily cleanable.  Has all the litter tracking disappeared?  No, but almost all of it has!

littergenieYou will also see the Litter Genie Disposal System in our litter areas.  These things are not only convenient for the scooping process, they also eliminate odors with the special liner bags.  The Litter Genie is quick and easy to use and very simple to change out when full.

breezeWe’re also giving the Breeze Litter System by Tidy Cats a try.  The Breeze Litter System uses pellets, a special litter box, and tray liners to collect the urine and eliminate the urine odors.  We’re still in the suggested transition phase so the jury is still out on these but it’s quite the nice system.

You will also see our most favorite litter box, the NVR Miss Litter Box, which is always quite popular for obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to check out Tidy Cats on their social media channels at: https://facebook.com/tidycats and https://twitter.com/TidyCats.

Okay, now you can win a mini-Littervention (U.S. families only). Tell me about your biggest litter box challenge in your comment.  The selected winner will need to answer a series of questions so that  Tidy Cats can customized your mini-Littervention to your needs.  Your mini-Littervention could include items such as a new scoop, litter box, toys to keep kitty entertained and a storage bin to keep things organized (valued at round $200US).  Once I select the winner I will email you some questions that we need answered so that we can customize your mini-Littervention for you.  You can enter until Sunday, June19, 2016 at 12:00 Noon, EST. Best of luck!

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Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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32 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. TidyCat Gang – A Mini #Littervention Giveaway from @TidyCats #TidyInsider #Ad

  1. Marg

    That all looks terrific. Since we won the Litter last time, we will stay out of this one. Looks like some great stuff. You all have a great day and hope you are staying cool.

  2. CatonsvilleCats

    I have three biggest litter issues. Tracking, of course (my boxes are in the basement but the room they’re in is always covered with tracked litter), peeing over the side (I have high sided boxes similar to the nice white one you have and I have one cat who has the habit of peeing standing up so if she doesn’t turn around before starting, I have a mess), and the difficulty of scraping the clumped litter off the bottom and out of the corners of the boxes (so they never seem clean!). I have three cats and two big boxes, and everybody seems happy to use them luckily, these problems are mostly just for the human…
    Thank you for letting me whine about my litter issues! Happy Friday to Brian and sisters!

  3. Hannah and Lucy

    We have one tray between us and use Fullers Earth Clumping Cat Litter – the litter does as it says and clumps – Mum loves it as she scoops and and removes it from the tray and only needs to brush the floor where some small pieces have escaped. She buys the clumping cat litter and disposes of the clumps before she just sweeps any dry pieces back into the litter try. Apart from anything else she loves the price as two large bags only cost £6.00 for the two. If anyone in the UK is interested we can let you have details of them – the litter is purchased at Wilkinsons at Beaumont Leys, Leicestershire. The litter is disposed of each week and a clean tray filled with fresh Fullers Earth.

  4. Pat Hatt

    The mats would be great to have indeed. The pellet litter would never work here though, Cassie refuses to use anything else. Stubborn as can be, held it for 2 days once while trying other litter that Orlin came with.

  5. KB

    Sometimes our dogs wish that there were such a thing as “doggie litter” but I prefer taking them outside myself! I hope your post helps some of the kitty owners out there!

  6. Katherine

    Several issues we have are tracking, liter being very dusty and odor control! Well, one kitty does not cover well ?

  7. Sailor Edgar

    It all looks very, ummm, tidy! 🙂 We use the regular TidyCat litter (red label). The Scotsman in me balks at the extra cost of the lightweight stuff. 🙂

  8. Fur Everywhere

    The biggest litter box challenge we face around here is that Carmine LOVES to sling litter *all over the bathroom floor!* He digs and digs and digs in his box to make sure everything is covered, but while he is doing this, he slings a lot of litter onto the floor, too!

  9. Ellen Pilch

    This is a great giveaway. My biggest challenge is dealing with 8 boxes/day. I should actually have 14 boxes, but that would take a lot of space.

  10. Kayley

    My biggest challenge is that my cat loves to jump in the litter box and burst out as if she’s in the middle of a hunt, which spreads cat litter everywhere.

  11. Cathy Keisha

    Everything looks great in your litter areas now. TW would love one of those Litter Genies so she wouldn’t have to keep bringing those little poo bags out to the Rufuse Room. Some night she’s gonna get caught out in the hall with her cat pajamas.

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood !!! what an awesum give a way….best fishes two everee one in de contest….hope everee one haza total lee awesum week oh end & itz knot hotter N de bad place with flames ~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  13. Elle

    My biggest litter box challenge is definitely litter being knocked out of the box and being tracked on the floor.

  14. Colehaus Cats

    Wow, that tracking mat looks intriguing. That’s our challenge… and fun, because who doesn’t like litter on the floor? Mom and Dad opinions not counted. MOL!

  15. Flynn

    Your litter areas look very nice and tidy. My mum says I scat enough litter for 10 cats. When I poop I leap out and run as if my tail was on fire. My favourite though is to come indoors with wet paws and walk through the litter so it sticks to my feet. It’s amazing how far I can spread it like that.

  16. diane

    We love how deep a few of these boxes are. We have messy kicking-cats here and those super high sides would be helpful.

  17. Rachel

    My biggest litter box challenge is litter tracking all over my house. I have mats down to catch it but my cat still seems to find a way too bring it with him.

  18. Emma

    That is some sophisticated cat bathroom equipment! Dogs are so easy, just take us anywhere outside. My kitties have their box in a special space so we dogs can’t get to it and I doubt this would fit. Nice giveaway, though. Mom has always been a Tidy Cat fan.

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