Sister Saturday with a Precious Drone Opinion

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Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it! Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.  Me?  I’m hanging in there.  But the Dad was curious as to what I thought of that drone thing flying around.  Well, that mystery is solved.  A super raspberry to that flying drone thing.  Honestly, if it gets too close again it won’t be flying away.

Anyways, don’t you think I look good on red?  This is a big plastic box with a red lid.  This box is one of many that hold our Christmas decorations.  During the off season the Christmas decorations live upstairs with me.  I guess that makes me keeper of the season.  There are several boxes like this, and the Dad has some towels on some and a few beds on some, just for me.  But sometimes I just like laying on the hard plastic lid.

You kitties know what I’m talking about, we know what is comfy for the mood we’re in at the time.  Sometimes humans don’t get it, they seem to think soft and flluffy should always be what we need to lay on.  Nope, not always.  We know what we want and when we want it.  Don’t you agree?

Okay, now that I’ve expressed my opinion on the drone, I’m ready for a snoozy.  Have a fun Saturday everyone!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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33 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with a Precious Drone Opinion

  1. Mark's Mews

    We have never seen a drone here. The neighbors would have shot it down. That’s one reason we stay in our yard… Our neighbors are sort of crazy.

  2. Marg

    I would think that drone would be kind of scary but it looks like you don’t mind. Great raspberry Precious. We love to nap on things like your red container. You all have a great day.

  3. easy rider

    oh that means you are the guard of the christmas decorations… and no grinch nor an elf of the shelf can steal efurrything without getting a cattoo :o) the mama always begged for a drone, but my dad and her father gave her a big NO!…. she is dangerous and mischiefous even without such a flying thing :o)

  4. Katie Isabella

    DRONES! If I ever am able to get ahold of one if it is too low, I will. Precious, you look beautiful.

  5. Deziz World

    Oh Precious you are just so gawjus and purreshus. We think you oughtta get dat drone fur sure. Knock it clear down. MOL And of course we think you look bootyful against any color. Big hugs fur all of ya’. Have a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  6. Joan Ryan (KitKat)

    You look so beautiful Sister Precious on your red box lid. Pretty soon it will be time to get those ornaments out of the box. Maybe you can help with that.
    Hugs sweet one.

  7. Kitties Blue

    Well, Precious! We continue to be curious about that drone thingie. We know our mom is thinking about getting Dad one for Christmas. Should we be trying to discourage her? Enjoy your snoozy. Red is your color! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. The Poupounette Gang

    Keeper of the Season sounds rather grand, Precious! We are glad you are doing OK and cross paws for the status quo to be maintained.

    We have never seen a drone, but probably would share your feelings.

    The Chans

  9. Annie

    Precious, you’re so cute giving a raspberry. Pierrot loves uncomfortable things: dining room table, books, a speaker, the remote. You look very pretty on red!

  10. Sherri-Ellen TD.

    If there was a drone inn mee place mee wood *WHAP* it down ASAP Precious!!!
    An yur rite wee katss do not need cushy an softie all thee time!
    Inn fact, Mee likess thee older flannel an faux Sherpaw blanket rather than thee soft Veelurr one…
    Mee iss aftur all a MANKAT mew mew mew……
    Wishin efurryone a grate weekend.
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

  11. The Dash Kitten Crew

    PRECIOUS!!! We always smile when we see you. Yes, we do the same, Mum demands we lie on fluffy blankies – NAH, not always – right?

    You look wonderful. Tell you Dad i’ts good to see you on the blog 🙂

  12. William's Kith & Kin

    We have tiny drones here–we call them bees! We can’t figure out where they’re coming from but Izzy’s on top of it. He already got one today.

    And yes, we all think you look wonderful on the red box lid!

  13. Cathy Keisha

    I certainly agree Precious. Don’t tell me you Dad has one of those drones too. Pop has a drone and a helicopter. I like to chase them after they crash land cos he’s pretty awful at driving them.

  14. mariodacart

    Oh Precious, it is so good to see you again. Now a Drone thingy – I’ve never seen one. But the only things I like to see flying are birdies. I don’t think I’d like a Drone either.

  15. Nellie

    Precious! Mes with yous totally! When mes lived in Calgary, my Human brother ALEX has a drone and he used to fly it in the apartment. It kind of scared mes, but Ninja wanted to trys to catch it!!!
    Thanks for coming to the debate guys! And yous knows who won!!! The Rump and The Hill did not get even ONE vote (Kong did though!)

  16. Spitty the Kitty

    If my Human ever brings a drone into MY house, I will be giving it a whapping it will never forget. I’m glad yours is GONE! You look very pretties against that red lid. When it gets warm here, soft and fluffy completely loses its appeal and I go for hard surfaces only! XOXOXO

  17. da tabbies o trout towne

    therz R gorgeouz gal pal…ya noe we couldna let a caturday with precious post pazz uz bye !!!! we iz buzzed happee ewe R doin sew well…N ya noe; if yur mom & dad give ya any…trubull….. { noe pizza pies & foot ball & toyz & stuff like that } they in tern due KNOT get ax cezz ta de Christmas goodz …..ya noe ~~~ ♥♥♥ heerz two a most awesum week ~~~ ♥♥♥

  18. jmuhj

    We. Loathe. Drones.

    And you look marvelous on your perch, Precious! It’s nice that your dad is caring and intelligent and gives you options on the surface choices. We’re absolutely worth the best!

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