T.G.I.F. True Goodness – A Dedication to Sugar

The Moment See BeautifulToday we are participating in This Moment See Beautiful Blog Hop to honor our dear departed friend Sugar the Golden Retriever, who departed for the Rainbow Bridge on March 16th. That was truly a sad day for many of us, but none of our sadness can compare to that of Mom Rosalyn and Dad Ron. They brought us all that happy Golden Smile through Sugar’s blog and we are so thankful that they shared that wonderful life with all of us.

Here’s one more photo from our archives. This photo was taken by Glogirly at the 2013 BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta. Such a happy time with Dad Terry, Flat Brian and the ever beautiful Sugar.

My T.G.I.F. for today is True Goodness Is Forever.

Sugar, Dad Terry and Flat BrianThank you Sugar for your Golden Smile and the blessing of the wonderful smiles you gave to so many. We couldn’t have had a better gift.

32 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. True Goodness – A Dedication to Sugar

  1. Summer

    My human remembers meeting Sugar at BlogPaws in Las Vegas. The funny thing is, we live in the same city! It’s a big city, though, and we are on opposite sides of it from Sugar’s human.

  2. Annie

    This is a loving tribute to Sugar. I love “True Goodness Is Forever”. She looks so beautiful and happy in the picture.

  3. Oz the Terrier

    Oh, we remember when that photo was taken. That was the first time we met you, and Sugar and so many blog friends. This was a Beautiful post for sweet Sugar.

  4. Madi and Mom

    Oh my goodness Brian …Flat Brian and Dad photo with our Golden girl is splendid….Sugar was happy and giving one of her million dollar smiles that day
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Jan K

    Your Dad was so lucky to get to meet Sugar! We wish we had gotten that chance as well, but we always missed each other at conferences. We are so sad for her family, and will always remember Sugar’s golden smiles.

  6. KB

    I love your TGIF. I’m so sad that she’s gone but you’re right that her goodness will live on forever.

  7. Terra Toby

    True Goodness Is Forever – I will think of that whenever I hear TGIF now – it will make me think of my heart dog Kasey and of course Sweet Sugar.

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