Sister Saturday with Sascha: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

sister saturday with sascha - Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!
Yes, it’s Sister Saturday and I must stop letting Brother Brian pick out my post titles. That’s not overly funny Brian.  Oh, I’ll get even with him, but that will have to be later.  Right now, it appears as though I’m suppose to tell you about my summer vacation.  That’s easy, I didn’t have one.

I did do something though.  Let me set the scene for you.  It was getting close to bedtime on Thursday evening and instead of our pre-bedtime snack we all got a full blown meal.  Okay, that was all well and good and most of us ate a fair amount.  Then, instead of having some food put down for the overnight hours, the bowls were not only empty, they were gone.  Friends, I’ve seen this happen before.

You know what that means, one of us, or at least one of us, is headed to the Vet.  Whoever could it be.  I had the same thing that Simon and Seal had but that was a few weeks ago.  Everyone else seemed okay.  It’s got to not be a wellness checkup, there would be no reason to go without food if that was the case.  So, we all spend the night worrying and wondering about it.

Finally, early in the morning the mystery was solved.  It was me!  Turns out I was going in for my summer season lion cut.  I should have know.  I have to go to sleep so the Vet can do it, otherwise we’d have a Vet with only one hand.  So, that explains the lack of food.  No wonder the others didn’t look too happy with me on Thursday morning.

Anyways, the photo up above is the last of my longer furs for Summer.  I’m much happier to have those icky mats gone, they were starting to pull and hurt a bit. There you have it, my Summer Vacation.  See you soon friends!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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6 years ago

What a bummer that you have to be sedated for your lion cut, Sascha – but at least it is over with.

6 years ago

Well, we bet you feel better now Sascha, after your summer vacation. Nothing better than a good hair cut. Hope all of are staying cool enough. Hope this ‘hot’ leaves soon. Have a good day.

Mickey's Musings
6 years ago

We bet you were not too crazy about having to go to the Vet.
But now that the grooming is over, you will feel better and now you can eat!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Angel Sammy and Teddy
6 years ago

Well vacations can be to all kinds of places including the “hair salon” !! I’m sure you feel better with your summer cut Sascha – enjoy!!

Hugs, Teddy

Pat Hatt
6 years ago

I think you need a summer vacation from your summer vacation. But good no mats are left.

Madi and Mom
6 years ago

I’d probably need to be sedated too have my furs stolen too. I hope your sibs didn’t give you too hard a time for making them miss overnight feedings
Hugs madi your bfff

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
6 years ago

Yup. Admiral used to get mats out of nowhere despite her daily brushing and combing. They do hurt. Once mommy read that she was careful to take Admiral to get them shaved out.

Sailor Edgar
6 years ago

You will probably enjoy your summer more with the lion cut.

McGuffy's Reader
6 years ago

We are happy no one is sick, and that you have your cool summer cut! XO

Ellen Pilch
6 years ago

I am sure you will feel cooler when it is done .

6 years ago

Sorry you had to go to the vet, Sascha, and that you all had your food pulled overnight! We bet your lion cut looks great (and feels nice for the summer)!

Laila and Minchie
6 years ago

That beautiful lion cut is definitely worth having the food bowls picked up overnight.

Deziz World
6 years ago

Oh Sascha, we’re sorry you had to go without some nomes, and then go to da VET. But we know how much you purrfur your shorter furs. big hugs

Luv ya’

Dezi and Raena

Mary Kirkland
6 years ago

I bet you’re happier now too. Such a beautiful kitty.

6 years ago

So sorry sweet Sascha that you were the one going to have something done. But we bet you will be so much cooler with the lion cut. You are beautiful with or with out the lion cut. Hugs and nose kisses

Memories of Eric and Flynn

Call it a spa day and it will make you feel better about it, Sascha.

Fraidy Cats!
6 years ago

your description about how you’d handle your trimming without sedation made us mol, Sascha. we bet you’ll be cool and comfy now to enjoy the rest of summer 🙂

pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

caren gittleman
6 years ago

oh Sister Sascha they sure tricked you didn’t they? xoxo

Erin the Cat, Princess

You took it like a trooper, and at least now you’ll be the coolest Sister in town, and still the prettiest!

6 years ago

Agora é desfrutar do verão, certo Sasha?
Cafunés para você, menina bonita!

Little Binky and Granny

I think you feel much better when you have your hair done, Sascha. All ladies do?Pawkisses for a Happy Haircut?❤?

The Swiss Cats
6 years ago

We’re sorry you have to be sedated for getting your haircut, but we’re sure you’re feeling better and cooler now. Purrs

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

There is nothing like a summer cut to make you feel frisky

Sherri-Ellen T-D.
6 years ago

Funny Brofur Brian…wee REELLY thott you went on a holyday Sisifur Sascha, mew mew mew….
Mee iss glad you gotted yur Summer Lion hair cut an feel better (sum holyday that was!)
***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxx

Eastside Cats
6 years ago

Sascha, we cannot wait to see your new do! Think of it as a spa day, girlfriend!

6 years ago

We know too well about the pre-vet process! Though I didn’t guess it was for your fur cut 🙂 Glad you got your lion cut so you feel nice and cool for summer!

Lola The Rescued Cat
6 years ago

Awww, Sascha! We’re so sorry you have to go to sleep to get your Lion cut. We bet you look just adorable.

6 years ago

Sorry about the worry but I’m glad that you have a cool cut for the rest of the summer!

The OP Pack
6 years ago

Misty says maybe that’s not such a bad thing to be put to sleep for a spa treatment – after her experience with the Woo Blaster:) We bet you look just as beautiful with your summer cut.

Woos – Lightning and Misty

Maxwell Faraday & Allie

Oh but THAT’s not the evil V-E-T …that’s a fashion makeover!

The Island Cats
6 years ago

Well, we’re glad you like getting a haircut, Sascha.

Cathy Keisha
6 years ago

Way to go, Sascha! A vet with one hand is a good vet. MOL! Bummer about the no food thing though. We had an angora in the back who had such mats, her whole side of fur peeled off. TW tried to cut it so more wouldn’t pull but than Aunt Randy came and took her to the no-kill shelter she worked at.

emma and buster
6 years ago

We’d love to see your summer ‘do.

Jan K
6 years ago

Phew, we are so glad no one was going to the vet because they were sick! We are glad you feeling better with your new cut, Sister Sascha!

Stephanie @Big Dog Mom

I wanted to see the after cut. I’m sorry you have to be sedated to cut your hair, but I guess that makes sense. It is not a routine thing for a cat to go through. I’m sure you are as adorable with short hair!

6 years ago

I hope you’re doing better little one! You’re just too sweet <3