Tabby Tuesday: I Can Stand Tall for a Fun View

tabby tuesday simon - Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Hello everyone, it’s Tabby Tuesday and I thought I’d show you my tall pose!  There is, as it turns out, a whole lot to see out the front window.  Today though, there are birdies dancing up on the gutters and even though I don’t recognize the tune they might want to dance with me.  No, maybe not, but they sure are an entertaining bunch.  I was here watching them for a long, long time.

In other news, I’ve adjusted darn good to not being in the bedroom and being out with everyone full time.  Poor Sister Seal hasn’t adjusted at all so she is now wearing a calming collar to see if that helps.  I’ve been eating with the others and even help to clean up some leftovers.  The menu is different out in the main house so I’ve got to check out everything.  Sister Seal is being hand fed by the Dad.  I’ve sure been trying to encourage Sister Seal to come on out and get with the program.  She does come out nightly for the Red Dot Hunt.

Besides patience and love, do you have any suggestions that might help out a beautiful scaredy cat like Sister Seal?  Nope, she won’t touch calming treats. I’m going to go check on her again so I’ll catch up with you soon.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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6 years ago

I think just time, and a lot of reassurance from the humans, will help Seal. Boodie was once a very shy cat but now when visitors come over, she doesn’t even bother hiding. Of course, she is 16 now, and that took some years! But getting over the really shy part didn’t take anywhere near that long. Binga helped, since the two of them were pals right away.

Mickey's Musings
6 years ago

What a pawsome shot of that fabulous body Simon.
We like those markings 🙂
As for Seal, we are not sure what to suggest.
Lots of support and time maybe.
That she likes the red dot is encouraging.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

The Dash Kitten Crew
6 years ago

Time and encouragement. Let her know that she’s not doing anything wrong. The paling collars are great but outs had no quick release so we had it on Harvey very VERY loose. Feliiway diffuser, can work. Another thing is something like lavender. We have a diffuser (out of cat paw reach) that uses natural lavender, We also have a Scentsy diffuser that uses blends of oil. They haven called Calm which is good and oddly enough the kids sleepy time one ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ is great for calming nerves. Rescue Remedy might help. A few drops in the daily water bowl,… Read more »

Fur Everywhere
6 years ago

We are so glad you are adjusting well, Simon. You are very sweet to be concerned about Seal. Lita is pretty skittish (jumps at noises, jumps if you pet her while she’s asleep, etc.). The Sentry calming collars helped her some. We can’t use them anymore due to her asthma, but they made her smell nice, and she seemed calmer with them. There’s also Feliway spray. You could try to spray that on places Seal likes to hang out. Does Seal like treats? You could give her treats whenever she comes out to join the party. Anything positive you can… Read more »

6 years ago

Poor Seal, hopefully she will get used to things out there in the house. She is probably just feeling very insecure and will find a spot just for herself. I have found that cats do adjust very well, but it just takes time sometimes. Sending you purrs Seal. You all have a great day.

Angel Sammy and Teddy
6 years ago

Simon you look GREAT standing tall – it’s a nice yoga pose too (!!). I think some of us kitties are just more SHY than other kitties – Angel Sammy was shy until his last couple of years. He let other humans pet him and didn’t hide when the doorbell rang…..but most of his life he was fearful of those he didn’t know. He DID always hang out with Mom and Dad though so not as shy as Seal is. Purrrrhaps TIME will help………glad she plays red dot!

Hugs, Teddy

6 years ago

I’m sure sure sister will learn all the good things and she becomes a super member of Brian’s fabulous crew :o)

Ellen Pilch
6 years ago

Sorry Seal is not happy, I hope the collar works.

Sailor Edgar
6 years ago

That’s an impressive stand-up Brother Simon! I hope Sister Seal adjusts eventually.

Eastside Cats
6 years ago

Simon, that is really an impressive photo of you!
As for Seal, I wonder if she needs a place to climb up to, to look down on the rest of the clowder.

6 years ago

You are such a handsome, long, floofy boy, Simon! Bear’s length tends to get him in trouble because he can’t resist the urge to get into things he shouldn’t – and being long means he can reach a lot. Poor Seal. I wish I had some advice. The only thing I can think of is to try to get Seal and the others to get so involved in playing or treats that they don’t notice each others’ presence – and only associate good things with each other. Sounds like you’re already doing that though – between red dot time and… Read more »

Mollie Hunt
6 years ago

I’m all for patience and love. That SS comes out for the red dot is promising. I think sometimes in our desire to see our kitties happy, we try too hard and only disorient them more by doing many new things they may not understand.
Simon, you ate very tall!
Love and best.

Madi and Mom
6 years ago

Simon….OMCs that is a fine area to practice your Neighborhood watch stance.
Purrs for Sister Seal we have never tried to introduce other kitties to one another so we are not help
Hugs madi and mom

caren gittleman
6 years ago

We are so sorry about Sister Seal and wish we had suggestions, I am sure that others do. I LOVE that “tall” photo!

The Poupounette Gang
6 years ago

That looks like fun, Simon! We’re sorry that Seal is having such a hard time adjusting to the change in routine. Aside from putting pace some very special alone time with her during the day, we don’t really have any new and different suggestions.

The Chans

The Swiss Cats
6 years ago

Beautiful pose, Simon, you’re gorgeous ! As it’s said above, time, patience, and love will help Sister Seal. We’re glad you’re here to help her with your dad. Purrs

The Island Cats
6 years ago

You are tall, Simon! We’re glad you’re doing well out of the bedroom. But poor Seal. We send her lots of purrs that she adjusts like you.

The OP Pack
6 years ago

Look at that handsome physique!!! We try to dance with the birds all the time, but Mom says our style of dance is more like a chase and catch dance:(

No ideas for Sister Seal, except maybe lots more red dot time.

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Pat Hatt
6 years ago

You sure look to be taking it all in. We’ve only had one scardey cat and 13 years later she is still in the basement lol we’re no help.

Crystal Stewart
6 years ago

You look great nice and tall/ Why wouldn’t the birdies want to dance with you. you’re so handsome. Sorry about Sister seal hope she adjusts and calms down.

William's Kith & Kin
6 years ago

Simon, we bet you’re tall enough to get on rides at the nearest amusement park! We’re sorry to hear about Seal–and unfortunately we have no answers. Maybe if your dad or mom held her while doing a slow tour of the house?

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
6 years ago

I AM happy about the red dot time. That is encouraging. And some special bonding/love time, just she and mom or dad for a while.

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
6 years ago

dood….we knead ta talk bout that hole burd song izzue…..troo lee….N we r sorree we canna help any with sisturr seal tho cod noez we wood like two….if ewe can bee leeve thiz…..cuzin dai$y terned 14 thiz yeer N haz onlee a loud contact with three peepulz in all that time…..trooth ~~~~~~
sum timez her hided sew well knot even boomer new wear she waz ~~~~~ ♥♥

McGuffy's Reader
6 years ago

Sister Seal. It is difficult. Give the collar time, and change it on time, too. They lose their calming pheromones. You may want to discuss oral medication with your vet, too. We have had a couple of ferals who never lost that fear. You do what you have to do, for them. HUGS.

Mary McNeil
Mary McNeil
6 years ago

Good that Sister Seal is coming out for Red Dot Time – that is something to build on . Purrayers.

6 years ago

Mee-you Brofur simon yur long like mee!! Yur furss are beeuteefull. LadyMum sayss yur a ‘reel looker’!!
As fur Sisfur SEAL mee usess Bach’ss Rescue Remedy….LadyMum rubss it inn mee earss an it calmss mee down ALOT! And wee have Feliway Diffuser all so.
Not sure what else to suggest…..mee iss sendin sum POTP to SEAL so shee feelss better!!!
**paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Deziz World
6 years ago

Hey Simon, you sure are lookin’ handsum. We’re so sorry to hear ;bout sisfur Seal./ Those calmin’ treats are just pawful. Mommy tried givin’ ’em to both Dezi and me. I’s was stupid enuff to actually put one in mine’s mouth. Yuck, sphht, I’s couldn’t spit that thing out quick enuff. I’s drank furever. I’s think I’s can still taste dat nasty thing. We’ll be sendin’ lots of purrayers fur sisfur Seal. Mommy says da bestest thing ya’ can do, is help her build her confidence. Lots of inneractive play while da other kitties are chillin’, and forcin’ her to… Read more »

6 years ago

You have a long stretch!
I’ve seen some info that those Feliway diffusers don’t really help, and since they’re fairly pricey you might wan t to skip that. Maybe playing more with Seal will help. Whenever we watch that Jackson Galaxy show, he always uses play and treat to help kitties feel more confident and that they own their space.

Da DB Boyz
6 years ago

Those birdies always taunt us too!!!
Jakey, Arty & Rosy

6 years ago

Looking good, Simon! That sure is a nice photo of you, all stretched out like that. We think your dad and mom are doing the right things to help poor Sister Seal to gain confidence. We bet she’ll gain it in time. We will keep our paws crossed that it happens soon!

6 years ago

You are a confident curious fellow. We had a cat similar to Seal. Sadly she never fully adjusted to life with us and spent a lot of her life in hiding in our house. She had been abused as a small kitty and we think that is why she lived in fear. It is sad, but there is only so much one can do.

Three Chatty Cats
6 years ago

Poor Seal, I hope she comes out of her shell – in her own time of course. And how nice of you to clean up after the others at mealtime!

Kitties Blue
6 years ago

Feliway or Jackson Galaxy’s dress relieving spray .Takes the calming collar a few days to work. Hope Seal can settle in with everyone else. Simon you are a cutie patootie! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

Cathy Keisha
6 years ago

Whoa! You’ve gotten big. No tips for shy cats. Maybe she’ll get along with Precious? Prolly not. Being part of a colony she should be used to other cats.