Sister Saturday with Gracie and the Outsmarting of the Dad

sister saturday gracie 12162017Hello everyone, it’s Sister Saturday and it is sure getting closer to Christmas. I’ve been spending my share of the time under the Christmas Tree. I do like being under there, but It’s also a good place to hide from the Medicine Man. It doesn’t always work out though. The other day, just before medicine time I went way back under the Christmas Tree and curled up on the tree skirt. I was in a place where I couldn’t be had, or so I thought. That darn Medicine Man just pulled the whole tree skirt out from under the tree and I got an unexpected ride, and my medicine too.

Oh well. Today I want to tell you about a minor victory. You all probably remember that I love my food. It’s not really my fault since the medicines I take to control my asthma makes me hungry. You all probably remember too that the diet thing hasn’t worked out too well for me. Well, the Dad had a bright idea. Since I’m afraid of the big bathroom, and always have been, he decided to place most of the food back in the big bathroom. I learned something important, courage is a great thing. I found the food all the way back in the big bathroom and have been helping myself at my leisure. I outsmarted the Dad this time!!!

Did I happen to mention that Christmas is coming? Oh, I did? I wrote Santa a letter this year and I only had one thing on my list…a food basket MOL! I hope you all have a fun Saturday and whatever you do, don’t get on the naughty list, that would not be a good thing!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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28 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Gracie and the Outsmarting of the Dad

  1. Marg

    Nice going Gracie. Our LG can find food no matter where it is and she needs to diet so badly. So we understand the Dad’s frustration. You all have a super Saturday.

  2. Angel Sammy and Teddy

    Way to go Gracie!!! WOO HOO!!! Amazing how BRAVE we can be when it comes to food isn’t it? As for your Dad outsmarting YOU with the tree skirt ride and resulting meds – you know – those meds aren’t so bad compared to endless good food in the big bathroom right? Right!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Debby

    Kitties DO have a way of outsmarting us at times. Sorry she has to take medicine. But glad to see Gracie is healthy enough to still desire food.

    Have a great day!

    Debby in AZ

  4. The OP Pack

    You are a very smart girl, Sister Gracie. But we think you should take your medicine so you feel good all the time. As for the food, we would always love to find more in our bowls too:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Marv

    Tee! Hee! Your Dad thought he outsmarted you…but you outsmarted him!
    Rock on!
    My Mommy says I may have to go on a diet soon…she says I am getting a belly!

  6. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Mew mew mew a food basket!! Sisfur Gracie yur so funny …an sweet….an cute…
    An full of courage all so to go inn to thee bIG bathroom. Mee an LadyMum sorta laffed about you tryin to outsmart yur Pappaw . Trust mee; thee Hu’manss can fink like us!!! 😉
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

  7. Tamago

    LOL you did outsmart your dad. Good job! But medicine man is quite good, too 🙂
    You look extra beautiful and dreamy, Sister Gracie. I bet Santa will bring you a big basket of food!

  8. Jan K

    It sounds like you and the Medicine Man are now even, Gracie! 🙂
    Now, we wonder what Santa is going to do about that Christmas wish?

  9. Raven

    You’ve had an adventurous few days. First, your Dad outsmarts you with the tree skirt trick, but you ended up getting a fun ride. Then you surprised Dad by mustering your inner courageous cat and venturing into the big bathroom for food.

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